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More Info Even Legends Die: Crimson Worlds 8
by Jay Allan

The final battle has begun.

Gavin Stark, the former head of Alliance Intelligence and the bitter nemesis of the Marine Corps, has made his bid for power. The manufactured clone soldiers of his Shadow Legions have seized control of dozens of colony worlds, imposing his brutal rule over millions of colonists. His plan is no less than to subjugate all mankind under his iron fist.

On Earth, Stark’s manipulations have brought the Superpowers to the brink of war, threatening the Treaty of Paris and its prohibition against terrestrial combat. For a century, man has restricted his conflicts to space,...
More Info The Shadow Legions: Crimson Worlds 7
by Jay Allan

A new threat, an unknown enemy in the shadows….

The war with the First Imperium is over, and the shattered Grand Fleet is limping home from the frontier. Erik Cain, Augustus Garret, and the rest of the high command are grimly satisfied that humanity has been saved from the First Imperium menace. There is no joy, however…no elation at the “victory.” The losses this time were too heavy…too personal…to bear. They did what had to be done to drive back the enemy and save the human worlds from certain destruction. Now they are left to find a way to live with the gut wrenching sacrifices that...
More Info The Cost of Victory: Crimson Worlds 2
by Jay Allan

The Third Frontier War is raging, and all across human-occupied space worlds are burning. Massive fleets struggle for dominance and kilometer-long war ships exchange thermonuclear barrages.

Battered in the early years of the war, the Western Alliance is resurgent. The brilliant Admiral Augustus Garret leads the Alliance fleet from victory to victory, taking the war to the very heart of the enemy empires. And on the ground, Colonel Erik Cain, hero of the Marine Corps, leads his crack troops again into combat, seeking the final battle.

But war is the province of more than soldiers in the line,...
More Info The Fall: Crimson Worlds 9
by Jay Allan

Vengeance or death…

Erik Cain is the hero of the Marine Corps, a celebrated warrior who has led his grim veterans into every war the Alliance and mankind have faced. But now he has left the Corps, driven to near madness by an overwhelming need for vengeance. He has sworn to kill Gavin Stark, the madman responsible for his mentor’s death and, with a small band of dedicated followers, he is pursuing his prey across occupied space.

Meanwhile, on a dozen colony worlds, Marines land to face the occupying forces of Stark’s Shadow Legions. They are supported by the Janissaries, their longtime...
More Info Between the Lies: A gripping psychological thriller

Between the lies the truth is hiding.

Jez has everything he ever wanted - the girl of his dreams and a perfect house in a fashionable part of town.

But when he finds an intruder breaking into their home while his girlfriend and her young daughter are asleep upstairs, something inside him snaps.

He’s not normally a violent man, but in a moment of madness he attacks the intruder and knocks him dead.

Alice insists he can get away with murder, and Jez will do anything to keep her happy … until she disappears without a trace and the truth about her past slowly starts to emerge.

Jez discovers she’...
More Info Shades of Pink (Lola Pink Mysteries Book 1)
by Gina LaManna

One awkward billionaire.
One failed psychic.
A tale as old as time...

Lola Pink
He schedules everything. And I mean everything.
I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I took this job. I thought it would be simple—pretend to be Mr. Dane Clark’s personal assistant, find the missing blueprints, and get out of the Clark Castle for good. But, somehow this socially awkward, tech-genius billionaire has wormed his way into my heart.
And even if we survive this mess, I’m not sure I want to leave.

Dane Clark
How do I put this?
So very pink. Bright and sunny and peppy. I mean,...
More Info Will Fain, U.S. Marshal, Book 2
by R. O. Lane

In this second book in the Will Fain, U.S. Marshal, series, Will finds a hidden Spanish treasure on his property. He and Isum Wood, his chief deputy, search out murderers and rapists in wild Texas frontier towns like San Saba, Lampasas, Gatesville and Comanche. They kill two murdering gamblers in Buffalo Gap, go on to the wildest of western towns, Fort Griffin, where Will's great thoroughbred stallion, Traveler, wins a stakes race, and then Will and Isum fight off a gang which wants to steal the race money. It's a great story of adventure on the west Texas frontier, but also a heartfelt...
More Info After We Break: a love story
by Katy Regnery

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From New York Times bestselling author Katy Regnery comes an unforgettable story about the power of first love...and the mercy of second chances.

She was the girl.
The only girl.
The only girl I ever wanted.
The only girl I ever loved.
The only girl I could ever love.

And I killed it.
I destroyed it.
I threw her love away.

For nine years, I've kept the memory of her locked in the deepest corner of my heart...all the while hating myself for what I did to her.
To us.

Now, without...
More Info Dirty Laundry (Get Dirty Book 2)
by Lauren Landish

I’ve got the best job in the world–get dirt on the hottest country star on the charts, Keith Perkins.
I’m supposed to learn all of his Dirty Laundry, his deepest and darkest secrets.
Without sleeping with him.
Easy enough, right?

I mean, just looking at him makes me wonder what those big, rough hands could do to me. With a voice that’s one part velvet and one part growl, it’s hard for me to sass him when he melts me into a puddle with a single look.

And when he sings?
All bets are off.
He owns the stage . . . and maybe some naughty parts of my body too.

But he’s notoriously single and...
More Info The Inadvertent Princess: Contemporary Christian Romance (Crowns & Courtships Book 2)
by Carol Moncado

Crowns & Courtships
Book 2: Royals of San Majoria

Anabelle Gregorson is happy. More or less. She works for her best friend at a yarn shop in Akushla, is raising her little sister after the death of their parents, and just met the most handsome man she ever set eyes on. And he seems to like her too.

Prince Kensington of San Majoria never expected his time in Eyjania to result in love. But from the moment he met little Gracie, and her big sister, he was smitten, even if she doesn’t know who he is. He kind of likes having someone enjoy spending time with him and not his titles.

When Anabelle...