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by William Malmborg

His fantasy becomes their reality!

High school can be a difficult time for a teenager, especially toward the end where one has to start making the sudden transition into adulthood. For Jimmy Hawthorn it is even worse. Not only does he need to successfully make that transition, he has to do it while hiding the fact that he is the one responsible for kidnapping two fellow high school students, both of whom are hanging from their wrists in a secret underground fallout shelter he discovered behind an abandoned house on the outskirts of town.
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Daddy's Little Girl
by William Malmborg

Being the teenage daughter of a serial killer is fun—except when digging graves. Thankfully Misty has Bitsy to help her. Plus her daddy pays her with gift cards that she uses online to order things like books, video games, and new outfits to dress up Bitsy with, so really she can’t complain. Now if her daddy would just teach her how to drive, life would be perfect.

Tornadoes are Ramsey’s passion, but after getting too close to one during a chase, he may have to rethink his approach. He also is going to need a new car. And then there is the question of the girl he and his sister found... more
Santa Took Them
by William Malmborg

Christmas Eve 2005. Eight year old Michelle Harper is the only survivor in a horrific massacre that has left her four siblings decapitated, and her mother slowly dying as her innards ooze out onto the second floor landing, the words Santa Took Them written in blood on the bedroom wall.

Ten years later, having been released from a psychiatric hospital for children, Michelle disappears, her uncle and his girlfriend found hacked to death with a knife before being decapitated, the words Santa Took Them once again written in blood on the wall.

No one in Holly Brook, IL has forgotten the horror... more
by RWK Clark

Melvin finds himself harboring fantasies and psychotic thinking that leads him down a terribly violent path, where he leaves a trail of victims behind him.
Psychological Thriller New releases books 2018 more
Nikki's Secret: A Horror Thriller
by William Malmborg

His lie becomes her terror!

All Kimberly wanted was a fresh start, one that would allow her to finish college and move on with her life. Unfortunately, fate seems to have a different plan for her. Within days of moving into her new apartment, she begins getting mail for a girl named Nikki, and not just any mail, but items of a sexual nature. And then men start to show up, all of whom seem to think they will be having sex with Nikki. Pictures follow, along with threats. Someone is not happy with Nikki and will do whatever it takes to punish her.

Who is Nikki? What did she do to upset so many... more
My Sister's Ashes
by Rachel Hargrove

My brother-in-law said my sister committed suicide.
He said she had been distant and quiet.
He said life would never be the same.

And he was right.
Life got better.

After her sister's apparent suicide, Opal is thrust into the spotlight. The public can't get enough of a celebrity's death, especially one as scandalous as this. With book deals on the horizon and her sister's overpowering shadow gone, Opal finally has a chance to earn the life she deserves.

And the lover.

But as sister and brother-in-law grieve side-by-side and at night in each other's arms, questions begin to rise about what really... more
Crystal Creek
by William Malmborg

Crystal Creek. It has a pleasant ring to it, one that might create a charming visual of an idyllic small town that welcomes visitors to come view its beautiful mountain scenery, and hike along its wooded trails. Such a visual would be wrong. Crystal Creek is not a pleasant place. And it doesn’t host many visitors. In fact, the last two who ventured into town have disappeared. Vanished without a trace, the locals would say. But is that true? Or is that just want the locals want to believe? What is going on in Crystal Creek? And why? more
by Darcy Coates

Her disappearance wasn't an accident. Her rescue will be a mistake.

Twenty-two-year-old Eileen goes missing while hiking in the remote Ashlough Forest. Five days later, her camera is discovered washed downriver, containing bizarre photos taken after her disappearance.

Chris wants to believe his sister is still alive. When the police search is abandoned, he and four of his friends create their own search party to scour the mountain range. As they stray further from the hiking trails and the unsettling discoveries mount, they begin to believe they’re not alone in the forest… and that Eileen’s... more
Wildlife: Reckoning - A Dark Thriller
by Jeff Menapace

Life in the swamp just got wilder…

“The Swamp Massacre.” That’s what the media dubbed it. A family on a boat tour through the Florida Everglades. Abducted by the infamous Roy family. Forced to endure hell.

Five years later, an aspiring filmmaker and her friends are keen on making a documentary about the incident. To venture into the isolated wilds of the Everglades in hopes of capturing footage that will stun the world silent.

They’re going to get their wish. Unfortunately.

In this terrifying follow-up to the critically acclaimed Wildlife, Wildlife: Reckoning plunges us deeper into the... more
The Bad Games Series Box Set: Books 1-3
by Jeff Menapace

Over 1,300 combined Five-Star reviews. Optioned as feature films. And now in one ultimate box set (plus bonus content) at over 50% off versus buying the titles individually. Grab your copy of award-winning author Jeff Menapace's critically acclaimed Bad Games box set today and enjoy over 1,000 pages of pulse-pounding horror and suspense.

The Bad Games Box Set includes:

BAD GAMES - The terrifying bestseller that started it all. The Lambert Family is heading to Crescent Lake, a rural cabin community in western Pennsylvania, for an idyllic weekend getaway. Some... more
Wildlife - A Dark Thriller
by Jeff Menapace

A terrifying thriller from the bestselling author of Bad Games.

Deep in the Florida Everglades, a horrific accident ignites a deadly feud between two families.

Meanwhile, a young writer, his girlfriend and her family take a boat ride into the isolated wilds of the Everglades for research on a new book, only to become unwitting witnesses to a brutal crime.

Now, as night falls, forced to travel on foot, they must flee through the treacherous wilderness while avoiding the dangerous wildlife...and the far more lethal human predators that are hunting them.

What readers are saying about Wildlife:

... more