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DIY Protein Bar Cookbook: 30 Exciting Homemade Protein Bars Recipes
by Gordon Rock

The synonym for a protein bar is convenience. These colorful and nutritional treats are a brilliant replacement for your protein requirement. You can easily carry them around at work or on any adventurous trip and boost your energy levels from time to time. The existence of protein bars have made life easier for professionals on the run or those striving to lose weight but cannot control their brimming hunger pangs.

This DIY protein bar cookbook is designed to provide you with super easy DIY protein bar recipes that you can store in airtight containers and they will last up to weeks and in a few cases maybe even months. These homemade protein bars are a great way to stay healthy and keep a tight check on your weight, all the while keeping you full.

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Delicious, Healthy Granola and Granola Bars!: Granola Bars and More
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Homemade granola can be healthy, tasty and delicious. When buying it in the store it is usually high in sugar and saturated fats and oils. Making your own granola is quick and easy. You can control the quality of the ingredients and the amount of sugar that you put in. Now is the time to start to eat healthier while enjoying making your own granola.

In this book, you will:

• Learn how to make granola bars and granola
• Discover different varieties of granola you can make
• Save money while doing it
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by S. L. Watson

Included in this southern collection of 500 recipes are a huge variety of sweet and savory sauces, marinades, condiments and gravies. Recipes include barbecue sauces, meat and vegetable marinades, gravies, savory sauces for beef, pork, poultry, lamb, fish, seafood, potatoes, rice, vegetables and pasta. Also included are numerous recipes for home style gravies, condiments, salsas and relishes. Family favorite dessert sauces for cakes, yogurt, doughnuts, ice cream, cookies, pancakes and waffles.

You can easily buy any condiment you can dream of in the grocery store. I like freshly made... more
Authentic Japanese Food Cookbook: Delicious Japanese Dishes from Popular Japanese Restaurants in Japan
by Daniel Humphreys

If you love the taste of Japanese food and would love to make your own homemade Japanese dishes from the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to travel all of the way to Japan in order to do so. You can do it easily with the help of this book.

This book contains everything you will love about Japanese food. Not only will you learn how to make this food from scratch within your own home, but you are going to discover 25 of the most delicious Japanese dishes from some of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Japan today.

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