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Crimson Worlds Collection III: Crimson Worlds Books 7-9 (Crimson Worlds Collections Book 3)
by Jay Allan

Books 7-9 of Jay Allan's Crimson Worlds Series in One Discounted Collection

The Shadow Legions (Crimson Worlds 7)

The war with the First Imperium is over, and the shattered fleet is limping home. Erik Cain, and the rest of the high command, are grimly satisfied that humanity has been saved from the First Imperium. There is no joy, however, no elation at the “victory.” The losses this time were too heavy…too personal…to bear. They did what had to be done to drive back the enemy and save the human worlds from certain destruction. Now they are left to find a way to live with the gut wrenching sacrifices that victory had required.

They needed time for repairs, time to replace losses, time to learn how to go on in the aftermath of what had happened. But the fleet wasn’t heading for a rest…they were moving into another firestorm. A new menace is waiting for them, and it threatens to shatter the fragile alliance of the Earth powers and throw the powers into another desperate war…one that might be the final confrontation.

On world after world, mysterious forces are invading, taking control of the most vital colonies. The invaders are well-drilled powered infantry, veteran forces that quickly shatter the planetary militias and establish brutal occupation regimes.

Garret, Cain, and the leaders of the Alliance’s forces must face this new threat…an unknown enemy that is as well trained and equipped as the Marines themselves. Indeed, on some colony worlds rumors are already spreading that the invaders are the Marines themselves, that they have come to conquer, to rule…


Even Legends Die (Crimson Worlds 8)

Gavin Star, has made his bid for power. The clone soldiers of his Shadow Legions have seized dozens of colony worlds, imposing his brutal rule over millions. His plan is no less than to subjugate all mankind.

On Earth, Stark’s manipulations have brought the Powers to the brink of war, threatening the Treaty of Paris and its prohibition against terrestrial combat. For a century, man has restricted his conflicts to space, but now the Powers are sliding closer to the edge.

On a few colony worlds, the remnants of the Marine Corps struggle against Stark’s armies…the only hope of turning back the tide of destruction that threatens to engulf all mankind. They are outnumbered, but they will fight, standing grimly in the breach, holding back Stark’s dark legions. The Marines will give their all, fight with the last of their strength and resolve. But this time the cost will be too high to bear, too personal. Even Marines need their heroes, their legends. But even legends die.


The Fall (Crimson Worlds 9)

Erik Cain is the hero of the Marine Corps, a celebrated warrior who has led his grim veterans into countless battles. But now he has left the Corps, driven to madness by an overwhelming need for vengeance. He has sworn to kill Gavin Stark, the madman responsible for his mentor’s death and he is pursuing his prey across occupied space.

Meanwhile, on a dozen colony worlds, Marines land to face the forces of Stark’s Shadow Legions. They are supported by the Janissaries, longtime enemies now turned allies, but they are exhausted and outnumbered, facing a vastly superior enemy entrenched and waiting for them. But they are veterans, men and women who have battled the armies of the First Imperium and lived to tell the tale. They know what is at stake, and they are determined to prevail, even if none of them come back.

And on Earth, the economic collapse Stark engineered has shattered the Treaty of Paris and its century-long prohibition against terrestrial warfare. Millions are dead as the war between the Superpowers spreads across the Earth, a growing conflagration that could end in apocalyptic nuclear, chemical, and biological exchanges.

Will mankind live under the iron boot of Gavin Stark and his clone descendants forever? Or will Erik Cain and the Marines defeat him once and for all?
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Crimson Worlds Collection II: Crimson Worlds Books 4-6 (Crimson Worlds Collections Book 2)
by Jay Allan

Books 4-6 of Jay Allan's Bestselling Crimson Worlds Series in One Discounted Collection

The First Imperium (Crimson Worlds 4)

From the depths of space, a nightmare is coming.

The Alliance and its colonies have reached an uneasy peace, ending the destructive rebellion that had raged on a dozen worlds. No one expects the deal to last, and both sides are preparing for the next showdown.

But from another challenge is coming, a horror almost unimaginable, one that will endanger the very survival of mankind and force not just the Alliance and its colonies, but all of the Superpowers, to join forces... more
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The First Three Books of Jay Allan's Bestselling Crimson Worlds Series in One Discounted Collection

Marines (Crimson Worlds 1)

Erik Cain joined the Marines to get off death row. The deal was simple; enlist to fight in space and he would be pardoned for all his crimes.

In the 23rd Century, assault troops go to war wearing AI-assisted, nuclear-powered armor, but it is still warriors and blood that win battles. From one brutal campaign to the next, Erik and his comrades fight an increasingly desperate war over the resource rich colony worlds that have become vital to the economies of Earth's... more
Crimson Worlds Refugees: The First Trilogy
by Jay Allan

A desperate flight. And endless struggle.

Three hundred ships. Trapped. Relentlessly pursued by the genocidal Regent and its vast robot battlefleets.

Terrence Compton is one of Earth’s greatest admirals, a warrior almost without equal. He and his forces saved Earth from invasion by the cybernetic legions of the First Imperium’s insane computer Regent. But now he and his fleet are far from home, lost and cut off, with nowhere to flee but deeper into the darkness of uncharted space.

Compton and his fleet must find safety…and ultimately a new home. Their journey will take them deep into the heart... more
Winds of Vengeance (Crimson Worlds Refugees Book 4)
by Jay Allan

Earth Two. A new home for the survivors of the fleet, the men and women who battled against seemingly insurmountable odds to survive the assault of the First Imperium and to destroy the homicidal Regent, the artificial intelligence committed to their destruction.

They have prospered in the years since their arrival, adapting the technology of the First Imperium to build a new and prosperous republic. But as the fear of the First Imperium recedes, cracks have begun to appear, conflicts looming that threaten to destroy all they have worked to achieve.

There are rivalries between the clones... more
The Prisoner of Eldaron (Crimson Worlds Successors Book 2)
by Jay Allan

The Search for Erik Cain…

The Superpowers of Earth have fought their final war, leaving Earth a devastated ruin, populated only by scattered groups of survivors living in primitive squalor. Out in space, however, humanity moves forward, and the former colonies of Earth’s dead nations are now free from the yoke of the despotic governments that had long ruled over them. For many, it is their first taste of liberty. But a thousand free worlds, varying enormously in wealth and power, cannot long exist in peace, and soon they begin to fight, to seek to bend their neighbors to their wills.

Darius... more
Storm of Vengeance (Crimson Worlds Refugees Book 5)
by Jay Allan

The Refugees Fight On...

Earth Two is a world beset by dangers, inside and out. It’s genetic groupings, the cloned “Tanks,” the “Natural Borns” and the hybrid “Mules” exist uneasily, each wary of the others, even as they rally to face the deadly threat of the First Imperium’s robot warriors.

President Max Harmon and his inner circle have played an elaborate game of chess for twelve years, a deadly battle of wits with the genocidal alien Intelligence known as the Regent. They have moved fleets, spread deceptions, built decoy planets…all to hide Earth Two’s location, to protect it from the... more
Nightfall (Blood on the Stars Book 10)
by Jay Allan

Night is falling.

The unstoppable Hegemony invasion has reached the very heart of the Confederation. Battle after desperate battle has been fought, and each time, the Confeds have been pushed back, columns of battered and blasted ship retreating from system to system. Now, they prepare to grimly defend the capital world of Megara, the very center of the Confederation.

Tyler Barron prepares for what could be his final battle, a final desperate defense, one last chance to stem the tide of Hegemony conquest and subjugation. The fleet is ready, its exhausted crews prepared to fight with all the... more
MERCS (Crimson Worlds Successors Book 1)
by Jay Allan

Earth has been a scarred ruin for three decades, its scattered people struggling to endure amid the poisoned and radioactive wreckage of the final war between its despotic Superpowers. While the people of Earth fight to survive, out on the frontier, on a thousand worlds, mankind thrives and grows, building new civilizations and looking boldly to the future. But man has never been able to live in peace, and even Earth’s sad fate has failed to slow the call to war.

Most of the colonies lack the industry and economic power to sustain their own armies and navies, and they look to the mercenaries... more
Crimson Worlds Successors: The Complete Trilogy
by Jay Allan

Jay Allan’s Successors Trilogy

MERCS (Successors 1)

Earth has been a scarred ruin for 3 decades, its scattered people struggling to endure amid the poisoned and radioactive wreckage of the final war between its despotic Superpowers. But humanity survives, out on the frontier, growing and looking boldly to the future. But man has never been able to live in peace, and even Earth’s sad fate has failed to slow the call to war.

Lacking the resources to sustain their own armies and navies, the worlds look to the mercenaries of the Great Companies for aid, futuristic condottiere who contract... more
The Black Flag (Crimson Worlds Successors Book 3)
by Jay Allan

The Stunning Conclusion to the Crimson Worlds Successors Trilogy…
Over 900,000 Crimson World books sold!

The Black Flag

The Triumvirate. Three clones of Gavin Stark who survived their evil master’s destruction. Now they have cheated death again, downloading their minds into an alien intelligence, a relic of the First Imperium. For three decades they have worked, silently, diligently, preparing their forces for the day that would launch the final assault.

Vali, a secret planet, home of the Triumvirate. A hidden and haunted world covered entirely with factories and fortifications, worked by... more