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Wildcat: A Thomas Ironcutter Novel
by David Achord

Thomas Ironcutter is a hard drinking, cigar smoking, ex-homicide detective. A prime suspect in his wife's murder, Thomas spends his days working as a private investigator, all the while waiting on the inevitable knock on the door.

Now he is about to investigate the most important case of his life. A case that will drag him into a world of corruption, blackmail and murder.

In this high octane thriller, Ironcutter will need all his years of experience as he faces off against drug traffickers, the FBI and possibly his wife’s killer.
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Mustang: A Thomas Ironcutter Novel
by David Achord

Thomas Ironcutter is finally getting his life back together after being falsely accused of murdering his wife. He has a new love interest and finds himself happier than he's ever been. One day, a friend asks a favor from him; talk to a lady about the seemingly accidental death of her nephew. His ensuing investigation uncovers the murder of several homeless men. There is a serial killer loose in Nashville and when Thomas discovers who it is, all hell breaks loose.

Corpse at the Carnival (The Inspector Littlejohn Mysteries)
by George Bellairs

“One of the subtlest and wittiest practitioners of the simon-pure British detective story” New York Times It is holiday time in Douglas, and the town is alive with the local carnival. As the carnival sweeps down the promenade an elderly man, who is peacefully gazing out to sea quietly dies. He is found with a knife-thrust his back. He is, at first, merely an anonymous victim, known casually by a few locals as Uncle Fred.

Superintendent Littlejohn, calling to visit his old friend, the Rev Caesar Kinrade, Archdeacon of Man, on his way home from a police conference in Dublin, is asked by his... more
Swann's Last Song: A Henry Swann Mystery
by Charles Salzberg

Skip tracer Henry Swann cares little about anything but money, so when a beautiful Upper East Side woman shows up in his office and hires him to find her missing husband, he smiles and takes the cash. But when this seemingly simple missing-person case turns into homicide, Swann finds himself trapped in a complex web of connections and multiple identities that takes him out of New York City and across two continents.

Praise for SWANN’S LAST SONG …

“Swann’s got the smarts and hard-boiled cynicism of Sam Spade, but he’s also got a wicked sense of humor that keeps things cool even when the action... more
Meredith & Hodge Series: Books 1 - 3: Meredith & Hodge Box Set 1 (Meredith & Hodge Novels)
by Marcia Turner

Meredith & Hodge Series - books 1 -3

John Meredith & Patsy Hodge are a detective duo who are excellent in their jobs but often secretive and conflicted in both their working and personal relationship. However, nothing gets in the way of them solving a case.
Discover them and their world in this three book box set, containing over 1300 pages of murder, mystery, twists and turns and find out why over 60,000 readers have downloaded M K Turner’s popular series.

Misplaced Loyalty – Assisted suicide or euthanasia? Meredith calls it murder!
Ill Conceived – Why is an apparently innocent... more
Clutching at Straws (Jake Diamond Mystery Book 2)
by J.L. Abramo

The follow-up to the award-winning Catching Water in a Net…

Lefty Wright had it all figured. In fact he was doing the math as he crawled into the deserted house through the kitchen window. Get to the bedroom, crack open the wall safe, grab the envelope, fifteen minutes. One thousand dollars a minute. Nice score.

What Lefty neglected to factor in were the unknowns. And when the police nab him red-handed and discover the dead body of a prominent Criminal Courts Judge stuffed beneath the bed, Lefty finds himself charged with first degree murder with no shoes, no one believing in his... more
by Michael Ridpath

He woke up to discover he had killed the only woman he ever loved. She discovered it was her grandmother.

Alastair is a doctor in his eighties, living in a cottage by a loch in Scotland. He wakes up in hospital having fallen and hit his head, inducing almost total amnesia. A young family friend, Clemence, is brought in to help rekindle his memory. In his cottage Clemence finds a manuscript. The first line shocks her:

It was a warm, still night and the cry of a tawny owl swirled through the birch trees by the loch, when I killed the only woman I have ever loved.

She reads the short prologue:... more
A Deadly Bluff: A Dana Madison Mystery
by Kathleen Concannon

The USA TODAY bestseller,* A DEADLY BLUFF, is an absorbing literary crime novel.
A body.
A sacred national park.
It's classified...

Park Ranger Dana Madison isn’t a homicide detective anymore, or is she? Singled out by the President to investigate a string of mysterious deaths in the country’s national parks, Madison has no idea why she was selected, or why she’s leading an unlikely cast of characters in a frantic search for answers.

When the chase leads her deep into the Rocky Mountains, Madison discovers potential motives that shock her. Is there a link to Native-American tribes as... more
The Binding: A Lamb and Lavagnino Mystery (Lamb & Lavagnino)
by E. Z. Rinsky

Fans of Marisha Pessl and Christopher Moore will be captivated by the twists and turns of E.Z. Rinsky's second chilling noir mystery When a U.S. Senator offers to have private investigator Frank Lamb’s criminal record wiped clean in return for retrieving a set of old books, he jumps at the opportunity. In the five years since his last paying job he’s been an international fugitive, separated from his daughter Sadie. He’s willing to do anything to return to normal life. But once Frank and his old partner, Courtney Lavagnino, get to work, it becomes clear that the job is far more treacherous... more
What She Saw (DI Rosen Book 2)
by Mark Roberts

A kidnapped child. A coded message. A burning car... A nine-year-old boy crawls from a burning car and is left fighting for his life. Young children go missing in the dead of night. Something sinister is at work on this London estate. Then DCI David Rosen and his team find a sinister eye carved into the site of the wreckage. Nearby, mysterious markings are etched onto the wall. Every second counts. Can Rosen and his team crack the code in time? Or will these children stay missing for ever? What people are saying about WHAT SHE SAW: 'Solidly believable world with intriguing and eyebrow... more
Lover Man: An Artie Deemer Mystery
by Dallas Murphy

The widely acclaimed, Edgar Award finalist hailed by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the best novels of the year.

Artie Deemer lives off his dog Jellyroll, the most famous canine in the country, star of movies, TV, and dog-food advertising. Artie hangs around the apartment, smoking a little pot, listening to jazz, trying to keep the world away. But then his ex-lover, Billie Burke, is murdered and he receives a note from her: “I’m dead, darling. Get out of your chair and look in the ice tray.” And so begins the wild, unpredictable ride. Artie becomes a reluctant sleuth, dodging hoods,... more