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This is Africa: A Dream Chaser's Odyssey
by Dashiel Douglas

The True Tale of 7 Countries, 4 Arrests, 3 Name Changes, 2 Escapes, 1 War, a Terrorist Attack and … an Entertainment Pimp.

For years, the call of Africa has echoed in Dashiel’s heart. Finally, he can deny it no longer. He and his wife decide to sell everything, pack up the kids, and follow his dream to Africa. But before the move, he realizes that emotionally he wants—no, needs—his father to understand his reasons for leaving. Just as he is about to broach the subject, his father launches into the story of his own dream, as a teenager in Jamaica, of becoming an American. His father’s fascinating tale of narrow escapes, love and war, and unwavering trust in the helping hand of the Universe becomes a guiding light for Dashiel on his journey in Africa . . . and in life.

This is Africa is an account of these symmetrical quests, sixty years apart, which Dashiel Douglas artfully interweaves into one uproarious, inspiring, and unforgettable story. Through his adventures in Africa, Dashiel not only quells his ever-searching heart—with the help of an assortment of outlandish characters and the side-splitting observations he makes along the way—but also unwittingly discovers the ultimate treasure of any journey.
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The long-awaited sequel to Susie Kelly's US Amazon Top 40 ranking memoir I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry

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With her husband Terry, Susie sets off for a holiday touring the game reserves, but what she finds far exceeds her expectations. In this, her seventh, travelogue, she takes readers from five star hotels to luxury tents in the wilderness, and to poverty in Nairobi's slums, describing a journey of joy, excitement, discovery, nostalgia, of new friendships and encounters... more
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The Girl from Oto (The Miramonde Series Book 1)
by Amy Maroney

Every painting tells a story.

The trick is in unlocking its secrets.

Discover the thrilling tale of a 16th-century female artist—and the scholar who risks everything to unearth her story.

Born during a time wracked by war and plague, Renaissance-era artist Mira grows up in a Pyrenees convent believing she is an orphan.

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I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry
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Readers will shed a tear at her losses and laugh at her predicaments in this sometimes hilarious, often heartbreaking, true story that gives a moving and often shocking insight in to the earlier life of the much-loved travel author famed for her humour and her honesty.

Susie recalls a 1950s childhood in post-war London's every shade of grey and the splendours of Africa as, with her glamorous mother and father, she boards a ship bound for exotic, technicolor Kenya. Then in its final decade as a colony, Kenya was peopled with larger-than-life characters who had helped to forge its identity.... more
Flying Asses Through Africa
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An amusing and politically incorrect look at aviation on the Dark Continent.

Charter flying for the Safari industry sees some very interesting people and not all of them act rationally. From time to time there is some strange behavior, some of it funny and some of it definitely not!

This text encompasses 150 short stories with everything from racism to nothing short of clinical stupidity. Little moments I am sure some people pray would be lost or forgotten - alas here they are.

As I wrote this I started to believe it to be more of an amateur study in behavioral thinking or maybe a lack of... more
The Derelict House: Elephants in my Garden
by Lesley Cripps Thomson

"Elephants breaking down walls, a hyena sharing a fire with the night guard to keep warm, hippos fighting, armless monkeys bringing their young to be admired by the author—this book is a kaleidoscope of wild animals, strange and often eccentric tourists, the trails and tribulations of running a poorly equipped lodge in a remote wilderness area, and the laughter and tears of working with and living alongside staff from a different background and culture.

Written with great compassion, this is Lesley Cripps Thomson’s story of how she forges a bond with staff who do not want to be told what to... more
by Heather Hackett

Amazon #1 Bestseller
This travel memoir will not tell you how to travel, or where to go. It will simply show you why you should.
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In the... more
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by Stephanie Rohrbach

Healing Rhinos and Other Souls tells the story of a much respected if unorthodox vet, a family man who loved and understood nature and all her creatures, a reluctant businessman, a somewhat exuberant driver, a humble person, a great storyteller and a wonderful friend to many.
For nearly fifty years Walter Eschenburg lived and worked as a pioneering wildlife vet in the South African bushveld with its many animals and a host of weird and wonderful people. After a childhood spent in a German castle during the Second World War, a harrowing escape from the Russian army and a sequence of bold... more