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Trackers: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series
by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Ripped from the headlines, the explosive new Trackers series is a hard-hitting and realistic depiction of what a North Korean EMP attack might look like at a time when the threat has never been more real.

The end of the world is just the beginning of the hunt...

Estes Park Police Chief Marcus Colton and tracker Sam 'Raven' Spears have never liked one another, but when a young girl goes missing in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colton hires Spears to help find her. Their search ends after a night of devastating horror. When word reaches Estes Park that the nation has been hit by a coordinated electromagnetic pulse attack, Colton and Spears are forced to work together again. But they quickly realize they aren't just tracking a killer--they are tracking a madman. As the United States descends into chaos, the hunters become the hunted.

Halfway across the country, Senator Charlize Montgomery awakes to find the nation's capital has gone dark. Forced to set off on foot, she treks across a city that has woken to a new world, and as the night progresses, she learns the EMP attack was just the beginning...

From former Homeland Security Disaster Mitigation Officer and USA Today bestselling author Nicholas Sansbury Smith, comes another harrowing story of survival in a post-apocalyptic world that readers and critics are hailing as one of the best post-apocalyptic books of 2017.
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Five days ago North Korea detonated three nuclear warheads over the United States, triggering an electromagnetic pulse that crippled the country. A second attack destroyed the nerve center of America in a nuclear blast that flattened the nation's capitol. As the government falls apart in the aftermath, the survivors must decide how far they will go to save the ones they love.

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One month after the North Korean attack, the United States continues to fall into anarchy. In Estes Park, Colorado, Police Chief Marcus Colton and tracker Sam 'Raven' Spears work tirelessly to defend their hometown. But after a brutal coordinated attack, they realize it will take much more than roadblocks and a volunteer militia to protect their borders and keep their families safe.

Defense Secretary Charlize Montgomery has been reunited with her son, but his... more
Trackers 4: The Damned (A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series)
by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

The fourth and final installment in the bestselling Trackers saga... Will Raven, Colton, and Charlize prevent the United States from collapse? One thing is certain--they won't be able to save everyone. Not with their humanity still intact.

From former Homeland Security Disaster Mitigation Officer and USA Today bestselling author Nicholas Sansbury Smith, comes another harrowing story of survival in a post-apocalyptic world that readers and critics are hailing as one of the best post-apocalyptic books of 2017. more
Dark Space Universe (Book 3): The Last Stand
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Brimstone: V Plague Book 16
by Dirk Patton

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Opus Odyssey: A Survival and Preparedness Story (One Man's Opus Book 2)
by Boyd Craven III

Man's Best Friend
Almost a year after Rick walked back into Tina’s life, they find themselves at a virtual crossroads. It’s time for Rick to meet Tina’s family. Opus has healed from his gunshot, though he’s a little older and slightly slower.

Setting out to meet the parents becomes an epic adventure in Rick and Tina’s mind. Because of timing, they decide to road trip across the USA. Tina chronicles their experiences with a camera and Facebook Live videos, while interviewing Rick.

Cryptic and threatening messages keep turning up, bad luck follows the couple on their trek across the country.... more