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The Tom Blake Thrillers: A Triple Book Box Set
by Adrian Wills

The first three thrillers in the hugely popular Tom Blake series – Deep Sleepers, The Armageddon Virus and The Viper’s Strike.
Tom Blake operates alone, hunting terrorists for a top secret government agency with only his pride and his hurt for company.
But it wasn’t always that way.
The military engineered his death while he was running a black ops mission in the mountains of Afghanistan.
Now he’s a ghost with his history erased, a man with nothing left to lose and an asset the government will ultimately deny.
Cool, tough and with a specialist set of skills that make him a deadly adversary, Tom Blake is the ultimate hero in a terrifying modern world.
With more than 600 action-packed pages, and 200+ five star reviews, discover why everyone’s talking about Blake.

The Tom Blake Thrillers - easy to read, but impossible to put down.

“Awesome read full of twists and turns. Once you pick it up you can't put it down.”

If you enjoy Lee Child, Vince Flynn, JB Turner, Stephen Leather, Chris Ryan or Mark Dawson, try the Tom Blake thrillers.

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Scorpion Down: A Dan Roy Thriller: Dan Roy Series Book 7
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They tortured her. Left her for her dead. That was their first mistake.
But they didn't know what she was fighting for. That was their second mistake.
The Scorpion doesn't give a third chance.

Revenge runs in her blood like fire. There will be no reprieve.

A brutal conspiracy looms, stretching from the Middle East, Russia, to the heart of the American intelligence. The enemy is well prepared to strike a blow from which the world will not recover. Dan Roy stands in their way, and he has to fight against the one woman whose kills are legendary. A woman he once loved. Can he kill her? It is... more
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The most dangerous man in the world is the one with nothing to live for.

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That changes when a girl disappears.The police think she's the victim of a serial killer, but John has another theory. One that turns out to be far more terrifying...

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- Amazon Best Selling Author, Boyd Craven about Black Flag Rising

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Or Everything...

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His father, a Boston Brahmin Billionaire, taught him how to hate. His English Aristocrat mother taught him he didn’t belong. And when his only friend and childhood sweetheart, Marni, wanted to teach him how to love, he walked away from her, knowing all he would ever be good at was killing, and... more
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by Vince Milam

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Welcome to the world of Case Lee, retired Delta Force operator. Stuck nose-deep in the muck and mire of a trillion-dollar deal, espionage maneuvering, and shadow games.

Case ignores sound advice to let other high-powered players handle the situation. With his family in danger, he takes matters into his own hands. And affords his enemies the opportunity to discover something. You... more
The Saul Marshall Thrillers: Books 1-3: (The Saul Marshall Thrillers Boxset)
by Richard Davis

The CONTROVERSIAL thriller series taking the charts by storm. All the MENACE of Gone Girl. All the MUSCLE of Jack Reacher.
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‘The most chilling book that I've read in many, many years.’ – Henrik Bosman

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The Fulcrum: A Rex Dalton Thriller
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March 11, 2004. The Madrid train bombings kill 193 innocent civilians.

What the terrorists didn’t know was on that fateful day they also succeeded in creating their worst nightmare.

No one knew who he was, what he looked like, where he came from, nor who he worked for. He was a sniper who could take a target out from eight-hundred yards to a mile. He could kill with a long gun, short gun, or no gun. He was lethal with edged weapons, explosives, poisons, or no weapon at all. Targets could be executed from afar or die with his breath in their faces.

Among his enemies he has many names: El... more
Trigger Point (The Gabriel Wolfe Thrillers Book 1)
by Andy Maslen

“Deadlier than Bond, more human than Reacher

From British thriller author, Andy Maslen, the series of books James Patterson fans are calling "unputdownable", "amazing", "more believable than Reacher".

Gabriel Wolfe is ex-SAS and burdened by guilt over the loss of a comrade in battle. Contacted by an old flame from Swedish Special Forces, he must take up arms again in a desperate bid to keep his country safe.

Read Book One - Trigger Point - now for just 99p.

Trigger Point is the first novel in the Gabriel Wolfe thriller series. It follows Gabriel from the SAS into civvy street and then the... more