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The Tom Blake Thrillers: A Triple Book Box Set
by Adrian Wills

The first three thrillers in the hugely popular Tom Blake series – Deep Sleepers, The Armageddon Virus and The Viper’s Strike.
Tom Blake operates alone, hunting terrorists for a top secret government agency with only his pride and his hurt for company.
But it wasn’t always that way.
The military engineered his death while he was running a black ops mission in the mountains of Afghanistan.
Now he’s a ghost with his history erased, a man with nothing left to lose and an asset the government will ultimately deny.
Cool, tough and with a specialist set of skills that make him a deadly adversary, Tom Blake is the ultimate hero in a terrifying modern world.
With more than 600 action-packed pages, and 200+ five star reviews, discover why everyone’s talking about Blake.

The Tom Blake Thrillers - easy to read, but impossible to put down.

“Awesome read full of twists and turns. Once you pick it up you can't put it down.”

If you enjoy Lee Child, Vince Flynn, JB Turner, Stephen Leather, Chris Ryan or Mark Dawson, try the Tom Blake thrillers.

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One gun. One bullet. One phone.

The most dangerous man in the world is the one with nothing to live for.

John Savagehears a voice in his head telling him to end it all. It's surprising he doesn't hear more voices, considering thehundreds of people he's killed in the name of democracy.

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Edge of Anarchy - An Action Thriller Novel (A Noah Wolf Novel, Thriller, Action, Mystery Book 11)
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The first contract she is given is for a high-ranking British official, but that turns out to have been only a test. The real contract comes afterward, and the entire team is shocked when they learn who the target is. Terrorism strikes close to home when Jenny is contracted to kill... more
The Bomber: A Jack Beckett Adventure
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Jack Beckett’s childhood friend is killed when a bomb explodes as she is getting out of a cab. Beckett is 30 feet away but survives…and he’s angry. He wants revenge. He wants to find the bomber and nothing will stop him. Join Beckett and FBI agent Riley O’Connor as they track down the mysterious group responsible. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed Jack Beckett adventure that you don’t want to miss.
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BOOKS 1-4IN THE #1 BESTSELLING OMEGA SERIES Books Included: Dawn of the Hunter (Book 1) Double Edged Blade (Book 2) The Storm (Book 3) The Hand of War (Book 4)
Ten years in the British SAS have turned Lacklan Walker into a supreme killing machine. That, and his twisted, dysfunctional family.

His father, a Boston Brahmin Billionaire, taught him how to hate. His English Aristocrat mother taught him he didn’t belong. And when his only friend and childhood sweetheart, Marni, wanted to teach him how to love, he walked away from her, knowing all he would ever be good at was killing, and war.

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Gabriel Wolfe and his partner, Eli Schochat have flown to Cambodia to assassinate an ex-Khmer Rouge warlord. By a freakish stroke of good fortune, Win Yah dodges the bullet that would have exploded his skull.

Wounded by a mine, Eli is captured, brutally beaten and taken into the forest to be executed. Gabriel must find her, evade recapture by the warlord’s heavily-armed gang, and get her to safety. Only then can he return to finish what Eli started.

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Sandfire (Caine: Rapid Fire Book 3)
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Before he was betrayed, Caine was still an assassin... In this explosive mission from his past, can he prevent war from consuming the Middle East?
Thomas Caine is back in action...
As the CIA's deadliest operative, Caine is tasked with eliminating America's most dangerous enemies. But Caine is a professional. His missions of death have rarely been personal. Until now.
A fellow operative is killed on an icy New Zealand mountain. A shipment of vital medicine disappears from a UN cargo container. And a CIA cargo plane is shot down in the vast Empty Quarter desert. These seemingly unrelated... more
Black Flag Rising: A James Jackson Thriller
by Jesse Russell

"Our porous Southern border, threats of terrorism and bureaucracy that is either turning a blind eye or complicit..The writing is tight, I loved the pacing and wish more people looked at the world with eyes as clear as these characters!"

- Amazon Best Selling Author, Boyd Craven about Black Flag Rising

A Race Against The Clock. A Wide Open Southern Border. A Secret Threat Against the World Series. What can a fallen ex-cop do about it? Perhaps nothing.

Or Everything...

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She's deadly, beautiful, and the first person the British government calls when things go wrong. Now, for the first time, read all three books in this collated collection and discover the bestselling thriller series that's exploded onto the scene. If you like adrenaline fuelled action, shocking twists, and heart-pounding thrill rides across the globe, these are the books for you!

A perfect read for fans of Lee Child, James Patterson, and Vince Flynn, fans are calling the series 'totally binge worthy' and 'impossible to put down.'

Grab your copy of the... more
Free Fall: A Thriller
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Free Fall is a gripping thriller with just a touch of sci fi. “...the ending is the best ending I have read in a long time. Do yourself a favor and read this book.” (5-star review). For ten years the terrorists had carefully planned. They thought that they had planned for everything. They didn’t plan on one small town sheriff, Mathew McKenna. Sheriff McKenna is visiting his niece when he suddenly finds himself in the middle of the worst terrorist attack in history. McKenna will need all his strength and courage to save his niece and the lives of those around him. If he fails, then millions... more