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Dead Lawyer on Aisle 11: Legal Thrillers (Michael Gresham Legal Thrillers Book 8)
by John Ellsworth


Michael Gresham is assigned to prosecuting the case against the at-large killer. When Michael's team has tried everything else to find the killer, they turn to twelve-year old Annie Gresham to create a criminal profile. Annie, the savant daughter of Michael Gresham, gathers together all the known evidence and begins mining the data. The killer moves closer and closer to the investigators. Now everyone is a potential target, especially those who are getting the closest to making an arrest. Annie creates a shocking profile of the killer, leaving the FBI agents skeptical of Michael Gresham. The noose slips around Michael and he struggles to arrest the killer before the FBI turns on him.

Michael is put on administrative leave. He retains Joy Heavens to come to his defense. Help comes from an unexpected source when Marcel Rainford returns from his work at Interpol and joins Michael's team.

In a shocking twist, the true identity of the killer becomes known--too late, for the jury meets and returns with its verdict. Marcel pulls out all the stops to obtain enough evidence to require a new trial. Video is purchased from an unexpected source and brought to court.

One day remains to file for a new trial and complete Michael's struggle to be free. Will the judge buy the shocking truth? Or is Michael's jail cell now his long-term home?

This book is the twenty-first of USA TODAY (December 15, 2016) bestselling author John Ellsworth. Pick up a copy today but be prepared to lock the windows and doors while you're curled up with this page-turner.

The legal thrillers are all standalones. If you missed book six, enough background about it will be provided in book seven that you don't miss anything. All books work this way.
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Attorney Michael Gresham has a new go-to person. Her name is Annie and she's twelve.

Annie is a savant. She can look at you and, like her idol, Sherlock Holmes, tell you where you're from, whether or not you're happily married, and where you went to school.

But now she must use her skills to discover who murdered her entire family, because it looks like the killer was actually looking for her. Annie must profile the killer before he kills her. It will take all of her brilliance and all of the lawyering skills of Michael Gresham. But will even that be enough?

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John Ellsworth is an Amazon featured author, with over a million books sold!

Michael Gresham has defended lots of criminals - but this one lives in his house. With each new death, this new young client looks more guilty by the second.

When the confessional turns in to the one confessing, life gets messy. Father Bjorn isn't supposed to have any secrets, but he does. His sins are brought to light and a mysterious killer is attacking victims left and right, with a very unusual method. Michael Gresham is called in on the case, as Father Bjorn is his priest. Michael and his wife buckle up for... more
Michael Gresham: The Lawyer (Michael Gresham Legal Thrillers Book 2)
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The Fifth Justice (Michael Gresham Legal Thrillers Book 10)
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She’s an outstanding lawyer, but Chloe suffers from personality problems. Her personality splits, and an alter personality takes over. There’s an accident. Chloe battles to regain her ability to think clearlyand survive. She must re-learn how to recognize faces. She struggles with her competing personalities. Michael Gresham is getting closer to finding her, but then there’s... more
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This legal thriller is the story of a very young lawyer in a small town who crosses the mob. They send a hit man after him. Trying to break free, he sues them and a courtroom drama ensues. Very quickly he learns you don’t sue the mob and go back to normal living. He is pursued relentlessly and runs west to the mountains of Arizona, where he seeks refuge with a Navajo shepherd. He sets up his office in a cabin while he pursues his case against the godfather.

The shepherd has many lessons for Thaddeus Murfee—lessons about... more
Chase, the Bad Baby: A Legal Thriller (Thaddeus Murfee Legal Thriller Series Book 4)
by John Ellsworth


Chase, the Bad Baby is a mixed legal thriller and a medical thriller about a baby that suffered a catastrophic brain injury at birth. His OB doctor was negligent and is named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by attorney Thaddeus Murfee and defended by attorney Morgana Bridgman.

The lawsuit in this courtroom drama is a deserving case with huge jury appeal, but there is one major problem. The hospital and doctor have forged nurses notes and medical records to make it appear there was no negligence.

Watch the bad baby jury trial from your front... more