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Lifestyle Business Playbook: Create Your Online Empire to Enjoy True Passive Income, Lifetime Profits, and Real Fulfillment (Lifestyle Design Success Book 1)
by Marta Magdalena

What If You Could Create a Business That REALLY Transforms Your Life?

Please note- this book is NOT for the lazy or “get rich quick” junkies looking for shortcuts by gaming the system.

However, if you want to create a legitimate online business that is:


-is aligned with your ideal lifestyle

-helps other people while making you feel fulfilled

-turns your passion and expertise into semi-passive income

Then- READ ON because you've come to the right place. 

You see, you already HAVE something you can turn into an online business that you love.

And this is exactly what this Playbook is all about. It is designed to help you unleash that “something” so that you can create a sustainable online business you can run from your laptop. A business that is based on your strengths and unique skills, not on the latest “guru” trick or outdated tactics.

Here Is Exactly What You Will Discover Inside:

-a little-known method to unleash unstoppable motivation and “bullet-proof” mindset (so that you never feel stuck again)

-unconventional ways to pick up a winning niche for your online business

-how to deal with setbacks, haters and other business obstacles (and how to turn them into motivation)

-simple mindset shifts to get rid of limiting beliefs and money blocks

-a case study from a mentee – how to stay focused and productive to grow your business (even if you are still working in a full-time job)

-simple ways to pick a business model if you are an introvert /or an extrovert

-how to pick a business model and a marketing channel that is right for you, your niche and vision (so that you don’t waste your time building a following of people who don’t buy)

-the #1 mistake people make on social media (because of that they can’t monetize their audience)

-how to determine whether you should be selling physical products or digital products

-exactly what kind of digital products you can offer

-the secrets to hiring people to help you grow your biz (and why doing it too early can hurt your business)

-creative ways to start a lifestyle business if you are a writer or designer

-how to add more revenue to your business by promoting other people’s products

-how to set up a marketing system you fully control (so that you can scale and automate)

-how one product can be turned into 4 streams of semi-passive, royalty income

+ BONUS – 7 Expert Interviews (in Audio) to help you dive deeper into different business models discussed in the book (follow the instructions inside to access the interviews)

What You Will NOT Find Inside the Lifestyle Business Playbook:

-indoctrination into methods that will not serve you

-pitches for courses and tools you don’t need anyway

-feel good fluff

-outdated material to make you spin your wheels

Oh and I am not one of those “make money online” gurus who make all their money selling you the dream of starting a business.

I run a publishing/media company in health and wellness niche (which is my main business) and this book is my way to give back to the entrepreneur community.

I did not write it to become a celebrity entrepreneur, to pontificate, to brag about my success or to brainwash you to join some “system” or follow my agenda. Nor did I write it to make a quick buck.

I wrote it to give you the tools and mindsets you need to design the life and online career you love.

So, If you’re ready to put in the work and create a business that transforms your life while creating a life of freedom, passion and abundance, scroll up the page and order your copy today.

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