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The Southern Comforts Series: 3-Book Bundle
by Garett Groves

Get a dose of southern hospitality with the complete 3-book Southern Comforts series of May/December romances!

In the small, southern town of Beauclaire, North Carolina, one family-owned bar brings three different couples together in ways none of them could’ve imagined. They share next to nothing in common — except for the town in which they live.

The Southern Comforts Series Bundle includes all three novels in the lighthearted, funny May/December romance series readers describe as “unique and fabulous.” If you like cute, witty, and laugh-out-loud romance novels then you'll love Garett Grove's bestselling series.

500+ pages. 130+ 5-star reviews. Join the 5,000+ readers who have downloaded these books and fallen for the men of Beauclaire!

Buy the box set to get three books you won't be able to put down!

"This first book in a new series by Garett Groves is sweet, poignant, smoking hot, and has the bite of a quality shot of whiskey. It made me want to read it slowly and savor every page." - Patricia’s 5-Star Review of On the Rocks

"Loved this second book — even better than the first in the series! I love enemies to lovers stories, and this one was sassy, sweet, and very heartfelt. Mike and Kai's journey felt very genuine and relatable." - J. Lynn’s 5-Star Review of Shaken & Stirred

“This is well done, fun, exciting, tender and interesting. Terrific characters, and you may need a tissue. The end is lovely. I love Garett's books; always romantic and a hot, sexy treat.” - D. Hart’s 5-Star Review of Straight Up Trouble
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Allen Hale Jr. wasn’t the first number I tried for help. It’s been years since I’ve even thought of him. But he answered on the first ring, and hours later we’re still talking like we’re sixteen again, goofing off after the big game.

I don’t doubt his sincerity when he offers to help. His big heart shines clearly through, even at my most jaded. I don’t think twice about ditching the big city and moving back to the... more
Lost With You: A Gay Romance Novel
by Rachel Kane

“That plane crash saved my life..."

Eli: I thought a weekend in a remote mountain cabin would help me recover from how badly coming out to my family had gone, but I didn’t expect my pilot and wilderness guide to be so hot I can barely stand it. Jake is everything I’m not--confident, skillful...and straight. But when engine trouble sends our plane crashing into the trees a million miles from nowhere, Jake becomes the only thing standing between me and certain death.

It’s hard enough to trust my survival to a complete stranger--but it’s even harder to resist the urge to watch him bathing in... more