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The Southern Comforts Series: 3-Book Bundle
by Garett Groves

Get a dose of southern hospitality with the complete 3-book Southern Comforts series of May/December romances!

In the small, southern town of Beauclaire, North Carolina, one family-owned bar brings three different couples together in ways none of them could’ve imagined. They share next to nothing in common — except for the town in which they live.

The Southern Comforts Series Bundle includes all three novels in the lighthearted, funny May/December romance series readers describe as “unique and fabulous.” If you like cute, witty, and laugh-out-loud romance novels then you'll love Garett Grove's bestselling series.

500+ pages. 130+ 5-star reviews. Join the 5,000+ readers who have downloaded these books and fallen for the men of Beauclaire!

Buy the box set to get three books you won't be able to put down!

"This first book in a new series by Garett Groves is sweet, poignant, smoking hot, and has the bite of a quality shot of whiskey. It made me want to read it slowly and savor every page." - Patricia’s 5-Star Review of On the Rocks

"Loved this second book — even better than the first in the series! I love enemies to lovers stories, and this one was sassy, sweet, and very heartfelt. Mike and Kai's journey felt very genuine and relatable." - J. Lynn’s 5-Star Review of Shaken & Stirred

“This is well done, fun, exciting, tender and interesting. Terrific characters, and you may need a tissue. The end is lovely. I love Garett's books; always romantic and a hot, sexy treat.” - D. Hart’s 5-Star Review of Straight Up Trouble
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He’s my best friend’s best man, and I hate him.
So... why do I keep wanting to kiss him?

Weddings used to be fun... but then I had to be a groomsman in one. Then two. And now ten. The last place I want to be right now is in this Nowhereville, Idaho small town for my friend’s wedding, still single, and still a groomsman, yet again. And even worse: the best man, Sebastian, makes my blood run hot.

Sebastian is a charming, energetic social butterfly--in other words, he’s exactly the opposite of me. I just got dumped by my ex-boyfriend, and right now what I want is time alone. The last thing I... more
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I knew being an omega would get me fired one day, I just never thought hiding it would be the excuse they needed. Irony, you suck.

For years I was their best employee, right up until their new alpha hire smelled me in heat. I could’ve kept my job by playing his game, but I’ve spent my whole life running from my biology. I have principles.

I also have bills. Which is the only reason my desperate search for a roommate ended with a grizzled alpha veteran, Stefan. Brooding and damaged from years of battle.

My biology and I are not on speaking terms now.

But who needs words when you live... more
by Sean Ashcroft

“I always wanted to try out being bisexual.”

After a messy divorce leaves him moving across the country to his aunt’s wildlife sanctuary, the last thing Ryan expects is to meet a friendly zoologist with a pretty smile… and a pet tiger. Worse, when his attempts to secure an important donation for the sanctuary end in volunteering for a weekend away, he’s left having to pretend to be Oscar’s boyfriend.

Ryan’s always been a little bi-curious, and now he’s all alone with a hot gay man he definitely feels a spark with.

When the inevitable happens and they fall into bed together, Ryan doesn’t... more
Ache (Men of Hidden Creek Book 3)
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"You're what makes me whole." Doctor Wes Monroe is just looking for another one-night stand. When he takes a stranger home from the bar, he never expects to see the man again--and definitely not at the hospital he calls home.

Kyle Harris is ready for a change. New town. New job. New person to mend his broken heart. After a lifetime of thinking he was straight, he never expected that person to be a man, let alone a very difficult man he has to work alongside every day.

Sparks and tempers fly as Wes and Kyle try to co-exist in the same workplace without giving in to the heat between them.... more
Road To Romance: A First Time Gay Enemies To Lovers Romance
by Peter Styles

I have two mortal enemies - Max Stephens and whoever decided opposites should attract.

He’s everything I despise. Perfect looks, easy charm. The world falls at his feet the second he flashes a smile. We started our jobs at the same time, but we’re up for the same promotion even though I stay all night while he leaves at five.

I’m pretty sure I’m in love with him.

I can’t explain it, other than possible brain damage. He’s everything I’m not. Everything I wish I could be. If I hadn’t lost my parents so young. If my whole life wasn’t about making my grandparents proud. If I still hadn’t come... more
Ashes (Men of Hidden Creek Book 1)
by HJ Welch

“It’s always been you.”

Kris Novak pours his heart and soul into his job at Hidden Creek’s only gay bar. When an arsonist burns the place to the ground, his whole life goes up in smoke and only his long-time crush can save him.

Firefighter Remi Washington never told anyone he’s bi, let alone acted on it. But when he temporarily offers his spare room to his best friend’s younger brother, he’s drawn to the twinky, beautiful Kris in a way he can’t ignore. How long before he gives in to this temptation?

Soon Kris stands accused of having started the fire and he has to fight with all his strength... more
Born Again Sinner
by Daryl Banner

"Cody Davis is gonna make a sinner out of me."
Yes, I know exactly who he is.
The wounded soldier at the end of Willow Street. Intimidating. Devastatingly handsome. Muscular body chiseled from stone. Deep dark eyes that dare you to come near. Attitude for days.

And I just became his caregiver.

Everyone warned me to stay away from him - including my father, the respected minister of our small town of Spruce. But clearly I'm too stubborn to heed good advice, especially when Cody Davis is as frustratingly attractive - and persistent - as they come.

As the preacher's son, I have strict morals I... more
Tease: Silver Lake Book 3
by Avery Ford

Trenton Lewis is not gay. He's not friends with Scottie Chambers. He's definitely not falling in love.

Trenton Lewis never set out to be the most popular guy around. He’s not afraid to take a stand, even if it sometimes feels like the whole town of Silver Lake is against him. It’s never bothered him to be an outsider, though. He’s managed to take care of the family business and the family home that’s been handed down to him, and he’s done it all on his own terms. The only thing missing is a family to share it with.

Scottie Chambers knows what he wants in life. And for the most part, he has... more
Eagle's Glen: 3 Book Box Set
by Grant C. Holland

The Complete Eagle’s Glen series box set.

Three novels weave the stories of three couples together in the small town of Eagle’s Glen, Minnesota. This box includes two short bonus stories, and one bonus chapter. All three books include steamy scenes and guaranteed happy endings.

Pet Shop Charlie - Fleeing New York, the east coast, and anything that reminds him of the
ashes of his marriage to Andrew, millionaire Jeremiah runs out of gas on a
rural road in southern Minnesota. While contemplating his fate, he’s
greeted by someone else down on his luck, an abandoned Samoyed who greets
him with a wet... more
Adore (Men of Hidden Creek Book 6)
by E. Davies

“I’m gonna go from twink to twunk.” Tired of hookups, Caspian Grey is hitting the gym, though he can’t decide who he’s trying to impress—the sexy gym owner, or his dating app buddy, Bi Unicorn. If he can pack on some muscles, maybe a man will finally overlook his quirks and hold onto him.

Matt Rowan owns a safe, welcoming gym, but his bank account and love life are equally empty. Matt is too shy to ask out members—even the intriguing new guy. If only he could talk himself into meeting Swishy Like Wine, who seems like a perfect fit for the hole in his heart.

When homophobic protesters harass... more