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The Southern Comforts Series: 3-Book Bundle
by Garett Groves

Get a dose of southern hospitality with the complete 3-book Southern Comforts series of May/December romances!

In the small, southern town of Beauclaire, North Carolina, one family-owned bar brings three different couples together in ways none of them could’ve imagined. They share next to nothing in common — except for the town in which they live.

The Southern Comforts Series Bundle includes all three novels in the lighthearted, funny May/December romance series readers describe as “unique and fabulous.” If you like cute, witty, and laugh-out-loud romance novels then you'll love Garett Grove's bestselling series.

500+ pages. 130+ 5-star reviews. Join the 5,000+ readers who have downloaded these books and fallen for the men of Beauclaire!

Buy the box set to get three books you won't be able to put down!

"This first book in a new series by Garett Groves is sweet, poignant, smoking hot, and has the bite of a quality shot of whiskey. It made me want to read it slowly and savor every page." - Patricia’s 5-Star Review of On the Rocks

"Loved this second book — even better than the first in the series! I love enemies to lovers stories, and this one was sassy, sweet, and very heartfelt. Mike and Kai's journey felt very genuine and relatable." - J. Lynn’s 5-Star Review of Shaken & Stirred

“This is well done, fun, exciting, tender and interesting. Terrific characters, and you may need a tissue. The end is lovely. I love Garett's books; always romantic and a hot, sexy treat.” - D. Hart’s 5-Star Review of Straight Up Trouble
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We’re still just best friends.
…Even though we’re sharing a bed.

Is it weird to want to sleep with your best friend? Max has always been there for me. He’s rescued me when I partied too hard and saved me from bad situations more times than I can count. And it’s never mattered that he was gay and I was straight. I knew he didn’t have feelings for me, and our friendship would never change.

Until… I changed. Seeing Max for the first time in months on this beach vacation, it’s like something’s snapped inside my head. I keep asking Max to sleep next to me in bed—it just doesn’t feel the same... more
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It’s not that I’m shocked to find myself fixated on a one night stand. Aloof, gruff and looks damn good naked aren’t exactly dealbreakers for me. Not to mention every single thing I learn about the man just checks off another box on my personal list of things guaranteed to make me feel warm fuzzies. And I, as a general rule, do not do warm fuzzy feelings.

And it’s not that our initial hook-up was less than ideal. Sure, I’d like to remember actually meeting Jimmy and whatever it was I... more
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They call it the city of Angels, but for the twenty-nine-year-old child star turned hermit known as Oscar Hernandez, Los Angeles is the city of nightmares.

After playing a beloved TV icon from the ages of ten to seventeen, Oscar completely fell off the face of the Earth. People aren’t sure if he died, was addicted to drugs, or changed his name and left the country entirely. It’s one of Hollywood’s greatest mysteries, and Oscar will do anything to keep it that way. Suffering with severe anxiety and PTSD triggered by his traumatic childhood, Oscar is content to spend the rest of his days... more
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Reg and Connor had dated way back in high school. In a town of only 300 people, being the only gay boys in school was both a blessing and a curse. Reg went on to college, while Connor stayed behind to look after his father's farm.

Five years later, Reg returns. Nobody has heard much from him over the years, even his parents relied on once-weekly calls. Shrouded in mystery, he settles into an... more
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Every person dreams of finding the right “someone.” However, for Cameron Archard, his work as a middle school’s librarian and a teaching assistant dominates his time. And he’s never had any luck with guys before. He either didn’t trust them, his anxieties got in the way of pursuing a relationship, or he simply didn’t have the time. His world turns upside down when he matches with Jay Silvers on Finder. He’s different from the other guys. Jay is someone who draws Cameron in, and someone who accepts and cares about him. He has a troubled past, one filled with personal issues that he knows he... more
The Last Summer
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"It's not even really a first kiss if you're practicing on a friend."

Trapped in a conservative prairie town, Alfie Alder has spent his whole life enduring bullying from his classmates and indifference from his teachers. Only one person has ever seen past Alfie's sarcastic, standoffish exterior—his best friend and the love of his life, Wynn. And though Wynn insists he's straight, Alfie is sure, deep down, Wynn feels their connection, too. Alfie plans to leave town right after graduation—and when he goes, he's bringing Wynn along with him.

"This place will kill me if I stay."

Wynn is used to... more
Born Again Sinner
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"Cody Davis is gonna make a sinner out of me."
Yes, I know exactly who he is.
The wounded soldier at the end of Willow Street. Intimidating. Devastatingly handsome. Muscular body chiseled from stone. Deep dark eyes that dare you to come near. Attitude for days.

And I just became his caregiver.

Everyone warned me to stay away from him - including my father, the respected minister of our small town of Spruce. But clearly I'm too stubborn to heed good advice, especially when Cody Davis is as frustratingly attractive - and persistent - as they come.

As the preacher's son, I have strict morals I... more
by Jerry Cole

Royce Hunter has never wanted for anything; he does as he pleases and never cares about the consequences because he knows his wealthy father will always bail him out. But what happens when this over-privileged playboy is challenged to live in a dilapidated house with an infestation of stray cats? Between struggling to exist without his usual comforts, his sudden infatuation with the colorful character that is local veterinarian Jacob Williams, and being haunted by the ghosts of his past, Royce soon begins to realize that getting to the finish line might be harder than he first thought.

The... more
Coming Out: Baxter Springs Book 2
by Avery Ford

“I have to believe in love. It’s all I’ve got. It keeps me going.”

Ryan Turner is looking for a better life. His abusive, alcoholic father has been getting worse ever since his mom passed away twelve years ago. Struggling with his sexuality, Ryan works hard, takes night classes, keeps his head down and does his best to look after his dad, but he’s not sure how much longer he can keep it up. If he just had a little time, a little space to work out his feelings, a littlemoney, maybe he could make things better—for himself and for his dad.

“That kind of love doesn’t happen to guys like me. It... more
A Brand New Ballgame
by Declan Rhodes

“Never have sex with the boss!” Chase’s sister Celia shouted the words with the extra emphasis only personal experience could provide. Fortunately, Chase’s situation was different. He was saying goodbye to the minor leagues, and he was unlikely to see his manager regularly ever again, much less play baseball for him. The opportunity to go to bed with Aaron Beck was Chase’s parting gift for leading the Rock City Ramblers to a second-place finish, and the gift was perfection.

Chase O’Rourke always played baseball well. From the moment he picked up a bat in a T-Ball league, the game came to him... more