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More Info His love Hurts By Jocelyn Ann Taylor
by Jocelyn Ann Taylor

His Love Hurts is based on an emotional, whirlwind of a relationship in Jocelyn's life. Of course, the relationship starts blissful like many others with him appearing to be the ideal mate. Her knight in shining armor; a true gentleman or so she thought. Through phases of cheating, verbal abuse, and domestic violence Jocelyn finally realizes that her quest for love is almost fatal. She shares reflections throughout her tale of this rollercoaster ride of what she thought was love.
More Info Learn Guitar: Simple Guitar Method For Beginners: Basic Guitar Techniques To Get You Started Having Fun Right Now!
by Dwayne Jenkins

How to get started playing guitar in a fun and easy way. This book consists of techniques and training methods that have been developed through years of learning, playing and teaching. This get started guide book has everything you need to learn how to have fun playing guitar.
More Info Modeling Life: Art Models Speak about Nudity, Sexuality, and the Creative Process
by Sarah R. Phillips

A fascinating consideration of the work of life models and the models’ own perspectives on their craft.

This is a book about life modeling. Unlike the painter whose name appears beside his finished portrait, the life model, posing nude, perhaps for months, goes unacknowledged. Standing at a unique juncture—between nude and naked, between high and low culture, between art and pornography—the life model is admired in a finished sculpture, but scorned for her or his posing. Making use of extensive interviews with both male and female models and quoting them frequently, Sarah R. Phillips gives...
More Info The Philosophy of the Coen Brothers (Philosophy Of Popular Culture)
by Mark T. Conard

In 2008 No Country for Old Men won the Academy Award for Best Picture, adding to the reputation of filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen, who were already known for pushing the boundaries of genre. They had already made films that redefined the gangster movie, the screwball comedy, the fable, and the film noir, among others. No Country is just one of many Coen brothers films to center on the struggles of complex characters to understand themselves and their places in the strange worlds they inhabit. To borrow a phrase from Barton Fink, all Coen films explore "the life of the mind" and show that...
More Info The Simple Flute: From A to Z
by Michel Debost

Drawing from his highly praised French work, Une simple flute, distinguished flutist and teacher Michel Debost has compiled a useful and imaginative introduction to playing the flute. This alphabetically arranged compendium of advice and insight covers essential topics such as breathing, articulation, and tone, but also explores "jawboning," "finger phrasing," "the little devils," and other quirky and vexing aspects of flute playing. Full of practical advice on technique and axioms that lend moral support during tough practice sessions, The Simple Flute will be a welcome addition to any...
More Info The String Quartets of Joseph Haydn
by Floyd GraveMargaret Grave

A monumental accomplishment from the age of Enlightenment, the string quartets of Joseph Haydn hold a central place not only in the composer's oeuvre, but also in our modern conception of form, style, and expression in the instrumental music of his day. Here, renowned music historians Floyd and Margaret Grave present a fresh perspective on a comprehensive survey of the works. This thorough and unique analysis offers new insights into the creation of the quartets, the wealth of musical customs and conventions on which they draw, the scope of their innovations, and their significance as...
More Info To Everything There is a Season: Pete Seeger and the Power of Song (New Narratives in American History)
by Allan M. Winkler

Author or coauthor of such legendary songs as "If I Had a Hammer," "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" and "Turn, Turn, Turn," Pete Seeger is the most influential folk singer in the history of the United States. In "To Everything There Is a Season": Pete Seeger and the Power of Song, Allan Winkler describes how Seeger applied his musical talents to improve conditions for less fortunate people everywhere. This book uses Seeger's long life and wonderful songs to reflect on the important role folk music played in various protest movements of the twentieth century.

A tireless supporter of union...
More Info Dreams and Expectations: An Austen-Inspired Romance
by Wendi Sotis

While staying true to the characters of Jane Austen's much loved tale, this novel takes Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy on a much different journey than Austen did in Pride and Prejudice.

Although family and society expect Fitzwilliam Darcy to ignore his heart and “marry well,” soon after entering Meryton, he falls in love with the woman of his dreams. The problem is, while she is perfect for him in disposition, the lady is far below him in everything that matters to his peers and relations: wealth and connexions.

Past experiences have convinced Miss Elizabeth Bennet that marriage with...
More Info Ludwig van Beethoven: The Life and Music of the Great Composer
by Charles River Editors

*Analyzes the themes and progression of Beethoven's most famous works, comparing and contrasting them to each other and other composers' great works.
*Includes pictures of important people and places in Beethoven's life.
*Includes a bibliography for further reading.
*Includes a list of Beethoven's works.
*Includes a table of contents.

“Don't only practise your art, but force your way into its secrets; art deserves that, for it and knowledge can raise man to the Divine.” – Beethoven

Among all of history’s greatest musicians, few have been as admired or influential as Ludwig van Beethoven, whose...