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More Info The Irresistible Power of StorySpeak: the skill every business - and individual - needs to master
by Nicholas Boothman

From a world renowned expert on face-to-face communication, with over 3 million books in print in more than 30 languages, comes The Irresistible Power of StorySpeak, the trust-inducing ability to strategically change attitudes and behaviors, and forge emotional connections in as little as 30 seconds.

Research shows StorySpeakers earn more, out-perform, do better in school and college, get hired and promoted faster and get better service in person and over the phone than fact-speakers.

What is StorySpeak?

When Warren Buffett, the second richest man in the US and holder of the unofficial title...
More Info Facebook Advertising For Ecommerce: Learn How To Increase Online Sales, Generate Revenue And Profitability With Facebook Ads
by Nic Vaan

Learn how to increase ecommerce sales with proven strategies and how-to case examples. Read this book if you wish to be successful in your ecommerce marketing and stay ahead of your competition


With Facebook advertising, you will improve your business sales. In this book, I will reveal all my secrets and tips from many years of experience from different business industries in ecommerce. With Facebook Advertising For Ecommerce you will learn how to create Facebook ads that generate sales to your e-commerce site. It is also full of case...
More Info 31 Small Steps to Organize Your Paper
by Shawndra Holmberg CPO-CD

Stop sweeping your piles of paper into the nearest box minutes before company comes. With as little as 15 minutes a day and applying the next 31 steps, you’ll begin to breathe easier knowing that you’ll find what you need when you need it. These 31 small steps will have you conquering your mountains of paper so that next April, you’ll be able to hand your tax accountant a more organized file, on-time; without that wild, destructive sweep through your office. You’ll build maintenance into your system rather than put it off; which will encourage you to discard old documents in manageable...
More Info Making Money Online: Earn $1,000 to $5,000 Per Month With Less Than $100 Invested
by Robert Kempster

Do you need to start making money online, create extra income, build your own retirement income, travel anywhere - whenever, or replace your job with something you love, then this is the book for you. This book is very much about you, your independence, and freedom from debt. How do I know this book is perfect for you?

Well, its because I’ve been in your shoes myself. I never thought branching out into making money online was something to be considered because people at my income level then were told to protect our assets and stay away from the Internet or any thing considered risky...
More Info The Craftsman
by Richard Sennett

Craftsmanship, says Richard Sennett, names the basic human impulse to do a job well for its own sake, and good craftsmanship involves developing skills and focusing on the work rather than ourselves. The computer programmer, the doctor, the artist, and even the parent and citizen all engage in a craftsman’s work. In this thought-provoking book, Sennett explores the work of craftsmen past and present, identifies deep connections between material consciousness and ethical values, and challenges received ideas about what constitutes good work in today’s world. The Craftsman engages the many...
More Info The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience (Business Skills and Development)
by Carmine Gallo

The Wall Street Journal Bestseller! Updated to include Steve Jobs's iPad and iPad2 launch presentations Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s wildly popular presentations have set a new global gold standard—and now this step-by-step guide shows you exactly how to use his crowd-pleasing techniques in your own presentations. The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs is as close as you'll ever get to having the master presenter himself speak directly in your ear. Communications expert Carmine Gallo has studied and analyzed the very best of Jobs's performances, offering point-by-point examples,...
More Info The Brothers: The Tsutsumi Family
by Lesley Downer

‘Talking about business - you have to go right to the gates of prison ...’

‘The Brothers’ is the hundred year saga of the loves, lives and rivalries of one of Japan’s most glamorous business dynasties. Set against the background of Japan’s rise to become one of the world’s most prosperous and technically advanced countries, this is the epic story of two generations of the Tsutsumi family, famous in Japan as much for their hatred of each other as for their fabled wealth.

At the heart of it are three men: the roguish father with his string of mistresses who built the family fortune before and...
More Info The Consistent Trader: How to Build a Winning Trading System, Master Your Psychology, and Earn Consistent Profits in the Forex Market
by Sam Eder

How to Trade Smarter Than Wall Street and Quants
By popular demand, the book version of the much acclaimed Forex Course for Smart Traders is here.

Most traders learn to trade the wrong way.

It's only years later they realize their trading system has been focused on all the wrong things.

Instead, save yourself countless hours and dollars by learning to trade Forex based on the principles and practices of history’s greatest traders.

Learn what really works and what doesn’t. It’s doing the simple things well that will yield the best results in trading. If you fail to master the fundamentals of...

THE PROVEN WAY TO SELF-PUBLISH ON AMAZON'S KINDLE DIRECT PUBLISHING & DO IT FOR NO $$$ … READ ON “The Most Complete Kindle Self-Publishing Success Guide for Independent Authors” 2016 Edition - Updated & Expanded (includes the latest hot tips & secrets) 82% of the USA populace aspires to write a book … There are about 600,000 published authors … This book is for the 99.8 % who have not yet chased their publishing dream into reality and for the published authors who want to take it to a higher level. No Agent required … No Editor needed (self-editing secrets revealed) Many...
More Info Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny
by Suze Orman

Why is it that women, who are so competent in all other areas of their lives, cannot find the same competence when it comes to matters of money?

Suze Orman investigates the complicated, dysfunctional relationship women have with money in this groundbreaking new book. With her signature mix of insight, compassion, and soul-deep recognition, she equips women with the financial knowledge and emotional awareness to overcome the blocks that have kept them from making more out of the money they make. At the center of the book is The Save Yourself Plan—a streamlined, five-month program that...