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More Info Real Estate Tax Strategy: Use a Self-Directed IRA or Other Retirement Plan to Purchase Real Estate
by Joseph Starzyk

If you are interested in tax savings strategies for investing in real estate, or you are looking to learn about how a self-directed IRA or other retirement plan can help you save money - look no further. This book will outline the basics of different retirement plans, define what makes a plan self-directed, goes over the process for purchasing real estate in a self-directed plan, reviews common pitfalls to avoid, and more. All of this in a language you can understand.
More Info Rideshare Driver Tax Guide: Maximize Your Earnings as an Uber or Lyft Driver
by Joseph Starzyk

If you are an Uber or Lyft driver, you have a responsibility to properly report your income on your tax return. As a Tax CPA, I’ve personally seen countless mistakes that people make reporting their rideshare activity that costs them hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars on their taxes. Don’t be one of those people.

This book will help explain:
• What exactly being a rideshare driver means for federal tax purposes
• How to maximize your income by minimizing your tax burden
• Which specific deductions you can take as a rideshare driver, and how to maintain adequate records, and
• How to...
More Info Trade for Profits: Trade to Win (Successful Day Trading and Long Term Investing Book 1)
by Justin C. Goldbach

This is not a book that tells you how to get rich quick with a super secret trading system. It is a handy little manual that should be at the fingertips of anyone who expects to make money day trading, investing or speculating in the markets with any system they are using. Rather than a "how-to" guide, of which there are thousands, this is a "how-to-do-it-right" guide intended to make sure you are trading whatever system you use correctly. Whether you trade futures, forex, stocks, options or any other investment vehicle, the basic message is the same: do it right or kiss your hard-earned...
More Info Bitcoin: Everything You Need to Know about Bitcoin, how to Mine Bitcoin, how to Exchange Bitcoin and how to Buy BTC. (Cryptocurrency Book 3)
by Andrus Istomin

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The world of currency is changing. Trading in traditional currencies such as Dollar and Pound is not as profitable as it has been in the past. Experts predict the price of 1 single Bitcoin could reach 10K within the next year and trading in cryptocurrency has never been more lucrative than it is now. Outside the government and central banks control, cryptocurrencies are the currency of the digital age. One of the most popular forms of...
More Info HOW TO START & MANAGE A CRASHPAD: Turn your mortgage into cash utilizing the airline industry
by Tara Sky

Turn your mortgage into profit while providing a home away from home for airline flight crew.

A crashpad is a temporary home for airline crew between flight sequences, located at the crewmembers base, which is chosen by the airline, not the crew member. A commuter crashpad provides a place to sleep, eat, and shower when needed, and saves crew members from otherwise spending insane amounts of money on hotels.

Based on real-life experience, Sky invites you on her journey, from earning her wings to becoming the first to professionally manage two successful crashpad properties and serving more...
More Info The Craftsman
by Richard Sennett

Craftsmanship, says Richard Sennett, names the basic human impulse to do a job well for its own sake, and good craftsmanship involves developing skills and focusing on the work rather than ourselves. The computer programmer, the doctor, the artist, and even the parent and citizen all engage in a craftsman’s work. In this thought-provoking book, Sennett explores the work of craftsmen past and present, identifies deep connections between material consciousness and ethical values, and challenges received ideas about what constitutes good work in today’s world. The Craftsman engages the many...
More Info Robber Barons: The Lives and Careers of John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, and Cornelius Vanderbilt
by Charles River Editors

*Includes pictures
*Includes the business magnates' quotes about life and work
*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading
*Includes a table of contents

The Gilded Age and the dawn of the 20th century are often remembered as an era full of monopolies, trusts, and economic giants in heavy industries like oil and steel. Men like Andrew Carnegie built empires like Carnegie Steel, and financiers like J.P. Morgan merged and consolidated them. The era also made names like Astor, Cooke, and Vanderbilt instantly recognizable across the globe. Over time, the unfathomable wealth...
More Info Million Dollar Bedroom: Scrappy Lessons of Success, Setbacks, and Other Surprises Not Taught in Business School
by Matt DeCoursey

Based in a spare bedroom in his home, Matt DeCoursey built companies that generated millions of dollars in revenue and huge amounts of profit. And he started it all with only an American Express card with an $8,000 limit and a determined vision to succeed. Using the inspiring narrative of his startup journey—from its profitable highs to its scrambling lows and all the hard-won education in between, Million Dollar Bedroom delivers a refreshingly unidealistic window into the pros and pitfalls of starting your own business. Packed with Million Dollar Lessons, topics...
More Info How to Create Anything Despite Limitations: 7-Step Formula to Create the Project, Relationship, or Self-Improvement You Want Despite Limitations in Time, Experience, or Money
by Justin Todd

Secrets You Need to Start From Scratch

If you have ever wanted to push your boundaries and create a new or improved project, relationship, or self-improvement effort, but felt that you did not have enough resources to proceed, then this may be the most important book you will ever read….

Starting Anything With Limitations Can Be Frustrating….

….Most people want more loving relationships, successful projects with abundant money, and a psychologically healthier version of themselves. But it can be frustrating trying to start and proceed when you face significant limitations in time,...
More Info Habit Stacking: 127 Small Changes to Improve Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness
by S.J. Scott

Master Your Goals, Improve Your Life, or Overcome a Major Obstacle -- One Small Habit at a Time
Imagine what life would be like if you started every morning with small actions that created a chain reaction of positive benefits throughout your life.You eat a healthy breakfast, have a great conversation with your loved ones, and then begin your workday focusing on the important tasks. Then, throughout the day, you complete other habits that positively impact your top goals. You’d probably feel more fulfilled, get more accomplished, and have a better direction for your career.

All of this is...