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More Info 10 Bed-Time Stories in Spanish and English with audio. Spanish for Children: Spanish for Kids – Learn Spanish with Parallel English Text
by Frederic Bibard

Bilingual Short Stories in Spanish and English for Young Readers

Introduce your children to the joys of reading while helping them improve their Spanish and English proficiency at the same time. This book is perfect for kids between ages 8 and 12 and is designed to boost language skills, enhance the imagination, and pave the way for a life-long love of reading.
10 Fun and Engaging Stories

Featuring a wide array of enjoyable themes, parents can rest assured that the material in this book is highly suitable for children.

Written in Parallel Text to Boost Comprehension

Each paragraph is...
More Info Mystery on Mansion Hill (Katie Karr Mysteries Book 1)
by Sandy Rosinbaum

It's midnight as Katie Karr and her new friend, Tyler, pedal their bikes through the dark streets of Golden Falls. They are on their way to explore Stockwell Mansion – an abandoned Victorian-era mansion set on a hilltop above the town.

Katie, new in town, is fascinated by the old mansion, and though she's been told to stay away, she is determined to find the source of a mysterious light she's seen shining from the heights of the "mansion on the hill."

Sneaking into the mansion, Katie and Tyler explore each room, each dark corner, and discover more than they ever expected.
More Info My Heart--Christ's Home Retold for Children
by Robert Boyd MungerCarolyn Nystrom

This is Peter's amazing story of a week spent with Jesus.

He enjoys being with Jesus and sharing his activities with him. But then Peter is faced with a decision. Should he show Jesus the secret thing he has hidden in the closet?

Now children can read and understand the important message of the beloved booklet My Heart--Christ's Home. Learn how Jesus guides all of life in this retelling of Robert Boyd Munger's classic that has over ten million copies in print.

Now in a new edition with revised text and fresh art for a new generation.This is Peter's amazing story of a week spent with Jesus.

More Info Beck: a fairy tale
by Nina Clare

Three noble families, worlds apart but bound together by the choices they have made and the fates chosen for them.

Rich man’s servant or rich man's child. Highborn or low. Everyone’s a slave until love can set them free.

Beck - a fairy tale of medieval lives and forbidden loves…and a little bit of magic.

More Info My Heart Christ's Home: A Story for Old and Young
by Robert Boyd MungerAndrea Jorgenson

Robert Boyd Munger imagines for us what it would be like to have Christ come to the home of our hearts. Room by room we consider with our Lord what he desires for us. Are we prepared to meet with him daily in our living room?.Robert Boyd Munger imagines for us what it would be like to have Christ come to the home of our hearts. Room by room we consider with our Lord what he desires for us. Are we prepared to meet with him daily in our living room?.
More Info Love, Tink - The Complete Series (episodes 1-6): A Tinkerbell Fairy Tale Adaptation
by Elle Strauss

Praise for Love, Tink: "Love the spunk and gumption that is Tinkerbell!"
"The storyline flows beautifully..."
"Totally adorable!"

Tink is hopelessly smitten with Peter,the leader of the lost boys who'd mysteriously arrived at Neverland two years ago. Unfortunately, Peter is tired of the adventure and especially tired of dodging Captain Hook who is after his head. He just wants to go back to New York City and live his life as a normal fifteen-year-old.

Tink is the only one who can help Peter return, but it breaks her heart to do it. She just wants to make him happy, so she does the unthinkable...

Ball Creek Zach Fugate, after returning to St. Joseph, Missouri, arranges for his herd of longhorns to be delivered to his Wyoming ranch and weds the girl he left behind the year before. Things appear to be going his way, but that old feeling of impending doom never leaves him completely.
With his wagons loaded with family and friends, he returns to the Sweetwater Valley, where he hopes to build a life for himself. Friends and loved ones alike suffer, as he discovers the bumpy road he had traveled throughout his young life continues to lay out before him, and the smell of gunpowder fills his...

Zach Fugate came home from the war to the mountains of Kentucky, only to be greeted with hostility, because he had fought for the North. So, to avoid drawing his family into a shooting feud, he loaded a canoe with trade-goods and his few belongings, and headed west for the Black Hills of the Dakotas.
He left Ball Creek to avoid difficulties, but no matter where his travels take him or how hard he tries to avoid it, trouble seems to always be waiting for Ball Creek Zach. Nevertheless, romance blooms and new friendships are made as gunsmoke hangs in the air and blood covers the ground from St....
More Info Tridea's Children (Tridea's Secret Saga Book 1)
by Kevin Peake

*2017 Golden Quill Award Contest - Semifinalist*

For as long as anyone in the world of Tridea can remember, large crystals have lined the landscape, possessing and exuding powerful magical energy.

When a meteor crashes into Tridea and the crystals are infected by a darkness. The populace of elves, fae and feline races discover a great danger. A virus is released, capable of controlling all humans.

Humans are vulnerable… easy to control… dangerous.

For Rush, Spark and Feather, what started off as a simple scouting mission to monitor the affected humans, turns into a dangerous journey. Where...
More Info The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
by Mark Twain

As part of the wonderful Collector's Library series, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is one of the best-loved children's classics of all time. This attractive volume contains the complete and unabridged story with 8 full color illustrations, plus numerous black & white illustrations throughout. The deluxe edition features a full piece cloth case, a four color illustrated onlay on the front cover, foil stamping on front and spine, stained edges on three sides, printed endpapers with book plate and a satin ribbon marker. This book should have an honored place in any child's library.A seminal...