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More Info Closing the Power Gap between ASIC & Custom: Tools and Techniques for Low Power Design
by David ChinneryKurt Keutzer

Explainshow to use low power design in an automated design flow, and examine the design time and performance trade-offs
Includes the latest tools and techniques for low power design applied in an ASIC design flow
Focuses on low power in an automated design methodology, a much neglected area
More Info Computer Fundamentals: Introduction to Computer, Uses of Computer, Main Components of Computer, Input Device, Output Devices, Hardware, Software, Operating System, and Internet
by Steven Bright

Productivity in work place in many professions now requires the know-how and application of computer skills. This entails basic computer knowledge, some general office productivity programs and in some cases advance and professional computer programs. It is therefore important that you acquire computer skills and have a competitive advantage over your colleagues.

It is also good for students who are studying computer science to have a practical knowledge of computer. In fact, the theories you are constantly fed with will take you no where if you do not also take out some time to acquire...
More Info C#: Learn C# In 2 Hours And Start Programming Today!
by Cooper Alvin

Welcome Future Coder! Are You Ready To Learn And Start Programming With C# In 2 Hours?

The C# programming language was developed as part of the .NET framework of Microsoft. Anders Hejlsberg led this initiative. C# can simply be described as a modern, object-oriented, simple and general-purpose programming language. This book is a beginner’s guide to C# and covers all the basic concepts that you need to learn to start writing programs in this language.

As the name suggests, C# is an enhanced version of C and C++. Therefore, if you have background knowledge of these programming languages,...
More Info Virtual Ethnography
by Christine M Hine

Cutting though the exaggerated and fanciful beliefs about the new possibilities of `net life', Hine produces a distinctive understanding of the significance of the Internet and addresses such questions as: what challenges do the new technologies of communication pose for research methods? Does the Internet force us to rethink traditional categories of `culture' and `society'?

In this compelling and thoughtful book, Hine shows that the Internet is both a site for cultural formations and a cultural artefact which is shaped by people's understandings and expectations. The Internet requires a...
More Info Linux RHCSA Fast Track Study Guide: The 3rd EDITION covers WELL OVER 100% of EX200 exam objectives for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7)
by Jeremy Osinski

Congratulations, you have found the most comprehensive and streamlined RHCSA study guide available.
Most exam material is presented with concise introductions, with exam guidance in bold, & bulleted lists.
The very latest certification objectives are covered such as server virtualization, docker and containers, iSCSI, databases, full coverage of Bash shell scripting, and some other RHCE objectives that advanced administrators should know something about. Additions to the 3rd edition include: many simplified & clearer introductions, more example output, and additional material such as...
More Info Practical AutoHotkey: How to get faster at work with text expansion and automation.
by Nick May

Wouldn't it be great if your computer did what you wanted, instead of what it wanted?

Practical AutoHotkey will make you and your computer faster, together. It teaches you to:
Save time typing -- turn "ty" into "Thank you." and "plet" into "Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns." with text expansion. Create custom keyboard shortcuts -- Make F12 insert the current date, and F10 control your music. Keep your windows organized - launch and hide applications with the press of a button. Press F2 to see your e-mail and hide it again when you're finished. Or F3 to see your...
More Info Blind Gambit: A GameLit novel
by Jon Cronshaw

He’s the game’s only hope.

But Brian is still a newbie.

In the real world he’s blind.

But in Gambit, the blind can see.

When a hacker seeks to destroy the game he loves, Brian’s disability makes him immune to the weapon booting players out of the game.

But as the game’s lowest-ranking player, Brian needs to level-up if he’s going to stand a chance of victory.

Can Brian build up his skills enough to take on the hacker and save the game?

Will he come to terms with his disability and find love in the real world?

Written by a visually impaired ex-gamer, Blind Gambit is the story of one...
More Info C++ Programming By Example: Key computer programming concepts for beginners
by Sergey Skudaev

This book is for those who want to learn computer programming in C++. College students who are taking C++ courses may find this eBook useful as well. However, this tutorial does not substitute any assigned class textbooks. It contains useful code examples that explain such key concepts as functions, variable scope, pointers, arrays, data structure, file, classes, and linked list.
I have included screenshots explaining how to use Visual Studio Community 2017 and CodeBlocks. The CodeBlocks is an open source cross-platform IDE that you can download for free from website.
More Info Machine Learning: A Journey from Beginner to Advanced Including Deep Learning, Scikit-learn, and Tensorflow
by Michael B. White

The rate that AI is growing is perhaps too fast to understand. The last 40 years have seen a few false starts but, in the last decade, we’ve seen huge advances in the processing power of computers and in data storage. All of a sudden, the game has changed in a big way.

These days, much of the technology we depend on and rely on daily is powered by AI. Take Google Translate, for example; next time you see something in another language, point your phone camera at it and Google Translate will translate it for you – instantly.

AI is also being used to design treatment plans (evidence-based)...
More Info Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, A System of Patterns: Volume 1 (Wiley Software Patterns Series)
by Frank BuschmannRegine MeunierHans RohnertPeter SommerladMichael Stal

Pattern - Oriented Software Architecture A System of Patterns Frank Buschmann, Regine Meunier, Hans Rohnert, Peter Sommerlad, Michael Stal of Siemens AG, Germany Pattern-oriented software architecture is a new approach to software development. This book represents the progression and evolution of the pattern approach into a system of patterns capable of describing and documenting large-scale applications. A pattern system provides, on one level, a pool of proven solutions to many recurring design problems. On another it shows how to combine individual patterns into heterogeneous structures...