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More Info Android Smartphone help: Take care of your android (smartphone guide Book 1)
by Zach Abraham

Android devices especially smartphones have become the ubiquitous necessity of today. With time they tend to slow down, stop functioning properly or breakdown completely. The irate user, who has in most cases spent a huge sum on the android phone, is generally clueless about how to fix it.
This simple guide will help you learn the basics of android smartphone maintenance so that your cellphone keeps functioning optimally
More Info RATS! How Hackers Take Over Your Computer: An Introduction to Remote Access Trojans
by James Wilson

Delve into the malicious world of Remote Access Trojans (RATs), a form of cyber-attack which has the capacity to completely take over your computer - access your webcam, read your files, install viruses and even destroy your hardware!

This eBook provides fascinating information as to what RATs are, real life examples of devastating attacks, their features and mechanisms, why they have proven to be so successful and what countermeasures can be used against them!

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- Securing your Network: An Introduction to Unified Threat...
More Info Flowcharts: Plain & Simple: Learning & Application Guide
by Joiner Associates Staff

Flowcharts teaches how to create and compare different flowcharts that outline the sequence of steps in a process. The information is presented in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner through a series of exercises and case studies. Users of Plain & Simple Series learn how to select the right tool for the task at hand, collect the right data, interpret the data, and take appropriate action based on their findings.
More Info Closing the Power Gap between ASIC & Custom: Tools and Techniques for Low Power Design
by David ChinneryKurt Keutzer

Explainshow to use low power design in an automated design flow, and examine the design time and performance trade-offs
Includes the latest tools and techniques for low power design applied in an ASIC design flow
Focuses on low power in an automated design methodology, a much neglected area
More Info JAVA: JAVA for Beginners - The Quick and Simple Way to Learn JAVA - Programming Language for JAVA: JAVASCRIPT: Java Programming (Web Site Design, Programming ... and Technology, HTML 5, JAVA Book 1)
by David Lawfield

The Quick and Simple Way to Learn Java

If you are at least slightly interested in programming, you have probably heard about Java. It is a language for programming that follows in the style of C and C++. These are also very common languages, so anyone who already has experience with them, should feel comfortable picking up with Java. However, there are some important differences with these languages.

There is a lot to learn in the world of programming, and many languages have similarities. As mentioned, if you are already familiar with another language, you should find it easier to get...
More Info Microsoft Office Excel 2003 QuickSteps
by John Cronan

Brace youself, because here comes QuickSteps: The fast, easy, accessible information on Excel 2003 in a full-color cookbook-style format. Provides answers to all of your How-do-I questions in a concise and meaningful way. Lengthwise page layout allows for easy page viewing. Useful tips and cautions are displayed in the margins so that they don’t break the flow of the quick steps themselves. Brace youself, because here comes QuickSteps: The fast, easy, accessible information on Excel 2003 in a full-color cookbook-style format. Provides answers to all of your How-do-I questions in a concise...
More Info Virus and Malware Removal Made Easy (2017)
by William Scott

Don’t pay hundreds of dollars to hire a professional to clean your machine, do it yourself and save big $$$ by using the free tools the professionals do!

You have many choices on Amazon for Virus and Malware removal. You can buy 100+ page books and spend hours going over the information or you can get this around 30 page book with screenshots so you can easily clean and remove most computer infections in about an hour or less using the same free tools the professionals use. The choice is clear, this easy to follow guide will turn your almost unusable computer back to how fast it was when you...
More Info Bitcoin: Everything You Need to Know about Bitcoin, how to Mine Bitcoin, how to Exchange Bitcoin and how to Buy BTC. (Cryptocurrency Book 3)
by Andrus Istomin

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at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

The world of currency is changing. Trading in traditional currencies such as Dollar and Pound is not as profitable as it has been in the past. Experts predict the price of 1 single Bitcoin could reach 10K within the next year and trading in cryptocurrency has never been more lucrative than it is now. Outside the government and central banks control, cryptocurrencies are the currency of the digital age. One of the most popular forms of...
More Info Computer Networks: Networking Theory & Practical made Easy

An Excellent Self learning book for Beginners. It covers both theory and practical. By reading this book you can understand about all types of networks. And also you can setup, maintain and troubleshoot networks.