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More Info Operating System: Computer Science Interview Series
by Vaskaran Sarcar

We see big smiles on people’s face after a big achievement. It is expressed as one kind of victory. There are many ways by which people can get those achievements. One of those ways is observed after clearing an interview. It is a “dream comes true” experience which was eagerly wanted by that person. But unfortunately, most of the time, we ensure the failure much before the interview begins by lack of preparation, some unknown fear and lack of our self-confidence. In last 10 years, I have always seen the same pattern. Thanks to my great teachers, my successful seniors and my true friends...
More Info WordPress: WordPress SEO-Learn How to Rank Your Website or Blog the Simple Way - SEO for WordPress: WordPress SEO-WordPress for Beginners (Website Design, ... Technology, Business and Money, E-Commerce)
by Terence Lawfield

WordPress SEO - Learn How to Rank Your Website or Blog the Simple Way
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SEO is a hot topic right now, but it is certainly nothing new. People have been trying to devise methods for “tricking” the search engines, ever since they were first made. It used to be a lot easier, with many websites rocketing to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), leaving more honest webmasters behind. This meant that...
More Info Networks and States: The Global Politics of Internet Governance (Information Revolution and Global Politics)
by Milton L. Mueller

When the prevailing system of governing divides the planet into mutually exclusive territorial monopolies of force, what institutions can govern the Internet, with its transnational scope, boundless scale, and distributed control? Given filtering/censorship by states and concerns over national cybersecurity, it is often assumed that the Internet will inevitably be subordinated to the traditional system of nation-states. In Networks and States, Milton Mueller counters this, showing how Internet governance poses novel and fascinating governance issues that give rise to a global politics and...
More Info The Content Marketing Equation: Start or Grow Your Online Business Using the Power of Blogging, Podcasting, and Content Creation
by Anthony Fasano

Are you stuck in a cubicle? Are you tired of punching the clock? Do you wish that you could break free from the shackles of office life and start your own business?

You've probably heard online marketing gurus brag about how much money they make from their Internet businesses, but have no idea how to do it yourself.

In 2008, Anthony Fasano was just another white collar worker stuck in the rat race, spending more than 50 hours per week in a cubicle. He decided he wanted a new life and learned everything he could about making money online. Over the past eight years, Anthony has launched...
More Info The Internet Business Book Bundle
by Matthew Paulson

Build Your Online Business with Matthew Paulson's Best-Selling Book Bundle! Readers who like The Four Hour Workweek and other internet business books will love the Internet Business Book Bundle!

If you want to build your own Internet business but aren't sure how to get started, this e-book package will give you a proven plan to build a profitable online business.

Get FOUR of Matthew Paulson's internet business books for up to 50% off the cover price. With this bundle, you'll receive: 40 Rules for Internet Business Success Online Business from Scratch Email Marketing Demystified Business...
More Info Hacking: Ultimate Hacking for Beginners, How to Hack (Hacking, How to Hack, Hacking for Dummies, Computer Hacking)
by Andrew Mckinnon

Your Definitive Guide to Computer Hacking! 4th EDITION
All You Ever Wanted to Know about Computer Security…
With Hacking: Ultimate Hacking For Beginners - How to Hack, you'll learn everything you need to know to enter the secretive world of computer hacking. It provides a complete overview of hacking, cracking, and their effect on the world. You'll learn about the prerequisites for hacking, the various types of hackers, and the many kinds of hacking attacks:
Active Attacks
Masquerade Attacks
Replay Attacks
Modification of Messages
Denial of Service or DoS
Spoofing Techniques
More Info Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners: Learn the Basics of Java, SQL & C++ - 4. Edition (2017)
by Joseph Connor

PLEASE NOTE: You DON'T need a Kindle to buy this book. It's available for immediate reading with your Amazon virtual cloud reader. Updated 2017 edition.
A Book That Actually Teaches You How to Master Computer Programming?
Do you want to program in today’s hottest computer languages:
and C++?
If so, this new 4th edition is just right for you! In Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners, Joseph Connor takes you through a step-by-step process of understanding these powerful and popular computer languages. He’ll help you understand what computer programs are, what they...
More Info Building Blocks: vSphere 6.0 and vCenter 6.0
by Tom BurgeCalvin Kohler-Katz

This is the first in a series of plain talk and screenshot heavy guides meant to build up a virtualized environment using VMware vSphere 6.0 from the ground up. There are over 380 pages with over 500 screenshots on how to get your VMware vSphere 6.0 environment up and running. We believe in a no fluff policy so there is little philosophy or deep dive explanations. This is a straight up how to manual dedicated to the beginner who has little to no experience with these systems. We show you how to stand up a very standardized system that will be ready for you to completely customize upon...
More Info Online Business from Scratch: Launch Your Own Seven-Figure Internet Business by Creating and Selling Information Online (Internet Business Series)
by Matthew Paulson

Learn How to Build Your Own Seven-Figure Internet Business
Do you want to make money online? Are you tired of being told that it's easy to make millions off the Internet? Would you like a realistic strategy that actually works for real people? What if you could actually build an online business that offered high profit margins and required no significant up-front investment? Would you be interested?
It is possible to build your own profitable online business, but you can't do it overnight (despite what you have been told by so-called Internet marketing gurus). The simple truth is that...
More Info Logic Synthesis Using Synopsis
by Pran KurupTaher Abbasi

Logic Synthesis Using Synopsys, Second Edition is for anyone who hates reading manuals but would still like to learn logic synthesis as practised in the real world. Synopsys Design Compiler, the leading synthesis tool in the EDA marketplace, is the primary focus of the book. The contents of this book are specially organized to assist designers accustomed to schematic capture-based design to develop the required expertise to effectively use the Synopsys Design Compiler. Over 100 `Classic Scenarios' faced by designers when using the Design Compiler have been captured, discussed and solutions...