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More Info Java Quizmaster for Beginners: Learn Java in 17 days and master Java code by solving 105 quizzes and 117 assignments
by Sar Maroof

This book is organized to learn Java in 17 days, and it guides you to master Java code by solving 105 quizzes and 117 assignments. It has already been published both in English and Dutch.

Any prior background in coding does not require to start with this book. It explains Java in an easy way with simple examples and many exercises. That makes it ideal for beginners.
If you have already experience with Java or other programming languages, this book helps you to enrich your experience by solving many quizzes and executing assignments.

Read below the explanation of how this book is organized to...
More Info Create a Winning Digital Strategy: Learn to create Successful Digital Strategies to boost Growth
by Bert Langa

The world is becoming more and more digital. And the business world, even more so. This means that market leaders are betting heavily on Digital Transformation.

First, let’s talk about Nike, which was one of the first corporations to appoint a CDO (Chief Digital Officer) in 2016. Their main objective: to transform the business due to new digital opportunities.

Let’s also discuss General Electric (GE), a corporation worth more than $100 billion, which has created Predix, the industrial cloud-based operating system that uses its internal and external customers. Their objective is to generate $4...
More Info The Ultimate Technical SEO Checklist: The Art and Science of a Perfect SEO Audit (Search Engine Optimisation SEO for Experts and Beginners Book 2)
by Marco Palmero

Discover a Structured Process-Driven SEO Audit used by professionals. Easy to follow, step-by-step repeatable advanced SEO processes for all levels of expertise. Are you looking for a proven, step-by-step system that allows you or any of your staff to run an SEO Audit on autopilot, with a low threshold of experience requirements? Are you ready to delegate some of your SEO tasks, but don't know where to begin? Just imagine how your professional life will be like if you can easily systematize your work and easily bring results to your clients. Once you've mastered the process, you'll be able...
More Info The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to the 555 Timer: Build the Atari Punk Console and Other Breadboard Electronics Projects
by Jesse Rutherford

Unlock weird noises, hypnotic lights, and master the 555 timer.
Buy the print version of this book first to get the Kindle version for just $0.99! (via Kindle MatchBook, not available in all countries)
This fast paced, easy-to-follow book teaches you how the 555 timer works with step-by-step instructions and hands-on projects. Whether you are an electronics enthusiast or a beginner, this DIY guide shares simple tricks and hacks to put the 555 timer into action. Full-color illustrations show you how to transform circuit schematics into real-world working examples on a standard breadboard -...
More Info Computer Networking: Your Routing Protocols and Computer Networking Guide for Passing the CCNA
by Ramon Nastase

Want to learn Networking and Pass your CCNA exam?

This Computer Networking book is meant to teach you about both the theoretical and the practical insights to Routing. By reading it, you will understand how Routers work and what Routing Protocols are. There are 5 consistent chapters that will cover all the subjects required for the CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) exam. All the Cisco commands you would need are covered in this publication.
Every configuration scenario will be covered in the pages of this book. You'll learn the basics for Routers and Switches, everything about...
More Info Java For Beginners: 2018 Edition
by Mr Kotiyana

Take your first step towards a career in software development with this introduction to Java for beginners, one of the most in-demand programming languages and the foundation of the Android Operating system. This New Java for Beginners book by Best-Selling Author Mr Kotiyana gets you started programming in Java right away. This guide is written specifically for beginners. We take you step-by-step through writing your very first program, explaining each portion of code as we go along. We guide you through the workings of the Java Development Kit and Java Runtime Environment, as well as...
More Info The Large, the Small and the Human Mind (Canto)
by Roger Penrose

Roger Penrose's original and provocative ideas about the large-scale physics of the Universe, the small-scale world of quantum physics and the physics of the mind have been the subject of controversy and discussion. These ideas were proposed in his best-selling books The Emperor's New Mind and Shadows of the Mind. In this book, he summarises and updates his current thinking in these complex areas to present a masterful summary of those areas of physics in which he feels there are major unresolved problems. Through this, he introduces radically new concepts which he believes will be fruitful...
More Info The Next World War: The Warriors and Weapons of the New Battlefields in Cyberspace
by James Adams

“Technology is not simply a panacea for everything.”

Through a computer revolution that has rapidly turned science fiction into fact, the face of war has changed to such a degree that technology has become the dominant aspect.

We live in the age of the cyberknight, but our increasing reliance upon technology over human is a double-edged sword, and could render us highly vulnerable.

As James Adams shows, where the military was once the cutting-edge of the civilian sector has overtaken, and not without consequences.

It is now a process of identifying and adapting to purpose, but the tools that...
More Info SQL Programming & Database Management For Absolute Beginners SQL Server, Structured Query Language Fundamentals: "Learn - By Doing" Approach And Master SQL
by William Sullivan

SQL Made Easy- The Ultimate Step by Step Guide To Success

Do you want to learn SQL programming without the complicated explanations?

Do you want to understand how to manage databases without all the confusion?

Well than, this is your go to guide to help you master SQL programming in no time!

This book breaks down the fundamentals elements that are essential to make you proficient in SQL programming and database management. By the end of this book you will be confident enough to take on any problems that encompass SQL.

SQL software can be complex, but a powerful tool if used with the...