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More Info Subnetting Unlocked

This book does not expect that you have prior knowledge of subnetting and binary number system. So, if you want to start learning subnetting on your own, without anyone's help, in order to design subnets and to solve subnetting problem, this is the book you need because all the concepts has been written in simple words. The unique part of this book is that every necessary subnetting concept has been illustrated with diagrams so as you can easily understand subnet masking, VLSM, CIRM, supernetting/route summarization and subnetting tables.

Benefits of this book:
1. You will be able to choose...
More Info Big Data Analysis using ensemble machine learning of scikit-learn in Python
by Yoshiyasu Takefuji

This book illustrates how to implement ensemble machine learning programs in Python using scikit-learn which is one of the best open source machine learning libraries for businessman or businesswoman. This book is suitable to the interested layman who would like to analyze big data without serious programming in Python. Three examples are illustrated how to use ensemble machine learning for big data analysis. In the first example, rules between poker hands (five cards) and their rankings can be trained using ensemble machine learning. In the second example, the conventional multiple...
More Info Computer Fundamentals: Introduction to Computer, Uses of Computer, Main Components of Computer, Input/Output Devices, Hardware/Software, Operating System, Internet, and More
by Steven Bright

Productivity in work place in many professions now requires the know-how and application of computer skills. This entails basic computer knowledge, some general office productivity programs and in some cases advance and professional computer programs. It is therefore important that you acquire computer skills and have a competitive advantage over your colleagues.

It is also good for students who are studying computer science in schools and colleges to have a practical knowledge of computer. In fact, the theories in you are constantly fed with will take no where if you do not also take out...
More Info Blogging for Beginners: Learn How to Start and Maintain a Successful Blog the Simple Way - BLOGGING for BEGINNERS/BLOGGING: Blogging for Beginners (Computers ... Design, Blogging, WordPress for Beginners)
by Terence Lawfield

Learn How to Start and Maintain a Blog the Simple Way
Get this Amazon e-book today and start BLOGGING immediately! Read on your PC, Mac, Smart phone, Tablet or Kindle device.
In recent years, ‘Blogging’ has become one of the most widely used words on the internet and in books. In this book, we will explore many facets of blogging which will help to kick-start your goal of becoming a success story in blogging or at least familiarize yourself with this new internet craze.
This is an ultimate beginner’s guide to blogging because it starts where other books never start. In this book, I do not...
More Info Pascal Programming: 230+ Original Questions with Answers: Of Great Benefit to GCSE, GCE and CSec Students
by Hensley Pink

The book presents a wide range of effective, thought provoking, objective questions on Pascal Programming for high school students. The collection serves as a repository, particularly for students who do an external exam in fifth form after completing a two-year syllabus begun in 4th form. The questions are also appropriate for any beginner of Pascal programming.

The questions, through unique design, collectively reflect what is known in educational circles as 'Bloom’s Taxonomy', in which Bloom details the cognitive hierarchy of learning outcomes. The hierarchy speaks to knowledge,...
More Info Securing your Network: An Introduction to Unified Threat Management
by James Wilson

Network security is essential when it comes to protecting your organisation - the risks of virus infections, network disrupting attacks or data theft can be devastating to your private network. This eBook provides an easy to swallow understanding of the fundamentals and concepts of Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems - a technology solution which combines a vast array of security methods and procedures into a singular, commercially available device.

Whether you're a business owner, a computing student or simply just interested in the fascinating world of network security, this eBook...
More Info Switch From PC to Mac: Step-by-step guide to set up and get to know your new Mac
by Marina Gallego López

Do you want to reduce the learning curve of moving to Mac to a couple of hours? Do you want to quickly learn the key elements of the macOS environment as well as some key shortcuts and tricks?
Many of the technology books currently available are long manuals with very detailed information much of which is not relevant for the end user. These types of books are not ideal for a new user to learn how to use a new system. This book provides new Mac users with a quick guide that covers the key concepts required to start using the new system and all its main features. Not only is it a concise...
More Info The Basics of SCRUM: A Simple Handbook to the Most Popular Agile Scrum Framework
by Aditi Agarwal

Today, in corporate world, everyone is talking about Scrum. Major companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, American Express, and many more have adopted Scrum concepts. This book is written to provide a simplified handbook to you such that you can familiarize yourself with the most popular Agile process framework to build complex software products.
More Info An Introduction to Cloud Computing
by James Wilson

Cloud computing has exploded in popularity in recent years which has provided an increase of business efficiency, a reduction in computer expenditure and invaluable methods of secure storage. This eBook provides an easy to swallow understanding of the fundamentals and concepts of "The Cloud" to allow you to explore the wonders and possibilities of this technology!

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- Securing your Network: An Introduction to Unified Threat Management
- RATS: How Hackers Take Over Your Computer: An Introduction to Remote Access Trojans
More Info YouTube: Ultimate YouTube Guide To Building A Channel, Audience And To Start Making Passive Income (Social Media, Passive Income, YouTube)
by Andrew Mckinnon

Finally! Proven Ways to Make Money Using YouTube Using's Mckinnon's Ultimate 4th Edition!

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YouTube seems to have taken over the social media at the present, and true enough, even if it is as simple as uploading videos, YouTube is one great money-making machine.

YouTube: Ultimate YouTube Guide To Building A Channel, Audience And To Start Making Passive Income will surely kick start your way to monetize your videos.

That being said, you need the right techniques and tricks in order to make that happen! And...