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More Info Geometric Spanner Networks
by Giri NarasimhanMichiel Smid

Aimed at an audience of researchers and graduate students in computational geometry and algorithm design, this book uses the Geometric Spanner Network Problem to showcase a number of useful algorithmic techniques, data structure strategies, and geometric analysis techniques with many applications, practical and theoretical. The authors present rigorous descriptions of the main algorithms and their analyses for different variations of the Geometric Spanner Network Problem. Though the basic ideas behind most of these algorithms are intuitive, very few are easy to describe and analyze. For...
More Info Flowcharts: Plain & Simple: Learning & Application Guide
by Joiner Associates Staff

Flowcharts teaches how to create and compare different flowcharts that outline the sequence of steps in a process. The information is presented in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner through a series of exercises and case studies. Users of Plain & Simple Series learn how to select the right tool for the task at hand, collect the right data, interpret the data, and take appropriate action based on their findings.
More Info SAS Guide to Report Writing: Examples, Second Edition
by Michele Burlew

Jump-start your report-writing skills! Report writing has never been easier. Learn how you can easily avoid common report-writing pitfalls with SAS Guide to Report Writing: Examples, Second Edition. Updated for SAS 9, this task-oriented book guides you through the steps that you need to produce professional reports. Using a wealth of easy-to-follow examples, author Michele Burlew demonstrates the many different styles of reports that are available and the SAS tools used to generate them. The examples enable more experienced programmers to quickly grasp new techniques, while margin notes and...
More Info Get Started with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
by Matt Vogel

This book is a beginner’s guide to installing and using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS desktop edition, the newest version of the popular Linux software. This book is designed for a new Linux or Ubuntu user. This book covers the installation process, provides a detailed look at the desktop environment, goes through all of the settings, covers basic administration and network tasks, and covers basic command line use.
More Info Linux RHCSA Fast Track Study Guide: The 2ND EDITION covers WELL OVER 100% of EX200 exam objectives for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7)
by Jeremy Osinski

*The digital 2nd edition doesn't include all pages, the print 2nd edition does*
The 2nd edition study guide covers well over 100% of all the RHCSA EX200 exam objectives in 222 pages. It covers the very latest objectives such as virtualization, Docker and containers, iSCSI, databases, Bash shell scripting, plus RHCE material.
It now includes over a dozen new figures and screenshots, extra detail for challenging topics included in RHCE, such as System Initialization & Services, Apache Tomcat, FTP, RPM software package installation, IPTables firewall, & SELinux. It is targeted at...
More Info Business Process Automation: ARIS in Practice
by August Wilhelm Scheer

Enterprises have to adapt their business processes quickly and efficiently to new business environments to ensure business success and long term survival. It is not sufficient to apply best business practices but new practices have to be developed and executed. These requirements are met by new business process automation technologies, based on concepts like web services, EAI, workflow, enterprise service architectures, and automation engines. Business process automation becomes a key enabler for business process excellence.
This book explains major trends in business process automation...
More Info Digital Transmission Engineering (IEEE Series on Digital & Mobile Communication)
by John B. Anderson

This introduction to digital data transmission, modulation, and error-correction coding, together with the underlying communication and information theory is an all-inclusive text suitable for all those connected with Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science. Equal emphasis is given to underlying mathematical theory and engineering practice. Not meant to be an encyclopedic treatise, the book offers strong, accessible pedagogy. This Second Edition presents enhanced explanations of key ideas as well as additional examples and problems. It also provides greatly expanded coverage of wireless...
More Info Working with R (R Fundamentals Book 1)
by Stephanie Locke

Start your data science journey today. Discover your first coding language (or add a new one) and get equipped for data science.

This series of books takes you through everything you need to know and starts off with the very basics.This first book is a gentle introduction to the software you can use to be effective right from the beginning. You'll learn how to use your coding environment, how to load and interact with data and use functionality from a variety of sources.

You'll be equipped to learn and read R code you'll see on the internet and start your journey.

"I wish this book had been...
More Info Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies (For Dummies Series)
by John Paul Mueller

Learn Python—the fun and easy way—and get in the programming game today! Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages, and no wonder. It requires three to five times less time than developing in Java, is a great building block for learning both procedural and object-oriented programming concepts, and is an ideal language for data analysis. Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies is the perfect guide to this dynamic and powerful programming language—even if you've never coded before! Author John Paul Mueller draws on his vast programming knowledge and experience to guide...
More Info How To Make Money With Twitter: A Complete Guide To Twitter Marketing And Monetization (Get More Twitter Followers And Make More Sales Online With Social Media, Sell More, Web Traffic)
by Tom Corson-Knowles

How To Get Targeted Leads For Your Business Every Month With Twitter
Learn The 15 Minute Rule For Instant Twitter Marketing Results and Sales

Twitter can be a huge waste of time, or it can produce daily profits and sales! In this book, you will learn:

How to Get Instant Sales on Twitter By Connecting With The Right People
Every day, thousands of people log on to Twitter and tell the world they have a problem. Not just any problem, mind you. I'm talking about the exact problem that your product or service solves. But you have a problem too - you have no idea how to find them (if you did,...