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More Info Making Sense of Wine Tasting: Your Essential Guide to Enjoying Wine, Fifth Edition
by Alan Young

This new and completely updated edition, by one of the wine world’s greatest authorities, sets out to teach you that wine, like anything else that gives us pleasure, can be enjoyed more fully by those who have taken the trouble to learn something about it, and who have tried to develop their individual sensory systems. The human sensory system, which includes sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, can be trained, just as our minds or muscles can be trained. In fact, a high level of assessment skill is within reach of the average wine lover. With the tools given in this book, wine’s myriad...
More Info Midweek Madness : 30 Recipes to Ease the Pressure of Midweek Meals
by April Blomgren

I do not know about you, but my week's schedule quickly gets very hectic. I don't always have time to sit down and think out meals more thoroughly.

So I prepared a cook book with 30 nutritious and easy to follow recipes to keep you and your family satisfied during those busy times.

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More Info Easy-to-Make Gourmet Hot Drink Recipes: Teas, Coffees, Hot Chocolates, and Medicinal Beverages to Warm and Comfort
by Daniel Humphreys

A nice hot drink does a lot to help relax and soothe you while warming your body up on a cool night. Unfortunately, far too many people choose to make a trip through the drive-thru and paying the outrageous price for a hot beverage because they are under the misconception making them at home is too time-consuming. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, making your own hot drinks is not only easy, but it will save you money. And “Easy-to-Make Gourmet Hot Drink Recipes: Teas, Coffees, Hot Chocolates, and Medicinal Beverages to Warm and Comfort” will show you exactly how to make 25...
More Info Straight from the Icebox: 25 Easy yet Delicious Recipes for Icebox Cakes
by Martha Stephenson

25 Easy yet Delicious Recipes for Icebox Cakes
Come take a journey with me through the magical world of this Icebox Cakes Cookbook. Where you will learn how to make delicious, mouth-watering Icebox Cakes Recipes without ever touching an oven. I introduce you to 20 delicious Icebox Cakes Recipes that are guaranteed to have your friends and family drooling for more. As an added bonus this Icebox Cakes Cookbook also offers you 5 recipes that you would expect to find in a Dump Cake Cookbook but is prepared with so little oven usage that you can easily spin them with this Ice Cakes Cookbook....
More Info Here Some Ground Turkey Recipes Coming Right Up: The Alternate Healthier Ground Meat Option for Everyone
by Martha Stephenson

Ground turkey is becoming more and more popular. You can see a larger portion of the meat counter now occupied by turkey products – including ground turkey, of course. People are more conscientious of their health and are trying to find options that are lower in fats and cholesterol to include in their diet. Grounds turkey fits that description to a T, and that’s why the sales are growing rapidly.

Using ground turkey is easy when you think about it. Basically, you can replace the ground beef or ground pork you would typically use in recipes for the ground turkey without any problems. Sure,...
More Info Let’s Explore Germany!: Amazing Recipes from The German Cuisine!
by April Blomgren

This book, the German recipes teaches you 30 recipes of this country’s amazing cuisines. From its desserts, to breakfast items to savory dishes this book teaches you all of it.

The 30 recipes mentioned gives you a complete idea about how German food is made. You can use this book if you are interested in learning the German way of cooking.

Some of the recipes mentioned in this book dates as far as when the World War II was fought, so this book gives you a complete guide of the German food.

The 30 recipes also include a lot of desserts and sweet dishes which is a good way for you to make...
More Info Sugar Free Cookbook: 40 Selected Healthy Diet Recipes for Ultimate Results
by Gordon Rock

This Sugar-Free Cookbook is a great collection for anyone who wants to have a healthier body. It is also suitable for those who have or live with people who suffer from diabetic. One great advantage of this book is that it is completed with a thorough explanation of Sugar-Free Diet so that you will not get lost while performing this kind of diet.

In addition, this cookbook has countless recipes that you can follow. You can create your own meal plan for a month by adding your most favorite recipes to the list. You will have several choices of breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, as well as...
More Info The Dutch Oven Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking
by Martha Stone

If you currently own a Dutch oven yet do not know how to properly cook in one, then this is the ultimate guide for you.

Inside of this Dutch oven cookbook, you will learn how to use a Dutch oven properly and learn that cooking with one is one of the easiest things that you can do. With the help of this book you will learn how to cook in a cast iron Dutch oven with the help of over 25 of the most delicious Dutch oven recipes you will ever find.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab a copy of this Dutch oven cookbook and start cooking today!

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More Info Super Quick Bulletproof Diet Recipes: 50 Fast Recipes for a Slow Cooking Diet- 15 Mins or Less! (Super Quick Bulletproof!)
by Ankit Pandey

From the Amazon #1 Bestselling author of "The Unbelievably Ketogenic Cookbook"..
Burgers, Brownies, Frittata, Kebabs and even Wraps!- ALL Your Favourites, NOW BULLETPROOF!
"Got my copy & Gifted another ..the best Bulletproof cookbook this year!"- Nicole S. K. (On facebook)
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They say, Meals for the bulletproof diet need to be Slow-Cooked? NOT ANY MORE!
Here are 50 EPIC Bulletproof Diet Recipes that take 15 MINS OR LESS!
"YOU do not need to give up on your favourites -Burgers, Wraps...
More Info Alkaline Smoothies: Drink Your Way to Vibrant Health, Massive Energy and Natural Weight Loss (Plant Based, Alkaline Diet Book 6)
by Marta Tuchowska

The Newest Way to Make Delicious & Super Healthy Smoothies! You Are Just about to Discover the Healing Power of Alkaline Smoothies to Take Your Health to a Whole New Level!
Imagine feeling like you are 15 again. Imagine a life without aches, pains, excess weight, and stiffness. Imagine feeling light, happy, and energized.

Imagine more energy and passion in all areas of your life and health!

Have you ever seen a wild animal with gout, arthritis, or obesity? Nope, neither have I.

So is it really normal for animals and humans to suffer from: