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More Info The Complete Guide to Creating Oils, Soaps, Creams, and Herbal Gels for Your Mind and Body: 101 Natural Body Care Recipes (Back-To-Basics)
by Marlene Jones

Your body is a temple – one that has need of many different things that it normally does not get. The right mixture of oils, with the right amount of different minerals, vegetable, fruit, and plant extracts can provide the body and mind with a much needed, highly therapeutic boost that can have a myriad of different positive effects. With the health and wellness industry taking off in recent years, it has become apparent that Americans are highly interested in developing a keener relationship with their bodies, using oils and the like to improve everything from digestion to mental acuity.

More Info Feng Shui: A Total Makeover for Your Life Using Feng Shui - Creating Harmony, Wealth, Health, and Prosperity in Your Home and Office
by Stephanie Myers

Attract Harmony, Health, and Wealth with the Ancient Art of Feng Shui!
Updated and Expand 2nd Edition as of December 17th, 2016
Feng Shui: A Total Makeover for Your Life Using Feng Shui: Creating Harmony, Wealth, Health, and Prosperity in Your Home and Office explains the 7 Basic Rules to Creating Good Feng Shui.
You’ll discover many fascinating aspects of this ancient tradition:
Feng Shui Baguas
The Application of Coors in Feng Shui
How to Nourish Your Birth Element
Understanding “Lucky Directions”
and much more!
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More Info Kema's Journey: The story of how an abused "dough-gie" was given a second chance
by Ken Luchterhand

"Kema’s Journey" is a true story about a female Gordon setter whose life was determined to be a breeder for a puppy mill operation in Kentucky.
When she proved unworthy of the job, the owners didn’t want her anymore.
Ironically, because she failed at her job, Kema was given another chance for a better life. She was allowed to go with a family to Wisconsin and to become a part of their family. Instead of chain-link fence walls and a concrete floor, she now had a house to live in and couches, recliners, even a human bed to sleep on.
She learned that television doesn’t have people talking to...
More Info How To Prepare And Serve A Meal And Interior Decoration
by Lillian B. Lansdown

This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because...
More Info Wickedly Ever After: Halloween Hijinks (Paranormal in Manhattan Mystery: A Cozy Mystery Book 8)
by Lotta Smith

Ghosts just want to have fun…

FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

As the new Mrs. Rowling, life is supposed to be easy for former FBI Special Assistant Amanda Meyer. Marriage to her drop dead gorgeous boss Rick is everything she dreamed of, unfortunately she can’t sleep, and she can’t even blame the ghost of his late stepmom Clara for popping up in the middle of the night with a tricky request.

Someone staged mechanic Fynn’s death to look like a suicide, and now his unhappy ghost is keeping Clara and her dead friends awake all night. Proving he was murdered will keep the newlyweds hopping, and the...
More Info The Great Big Book Of Free Christmas Resources: Have A Show Stopping Holiday Without Busting Your Budget
by Barbara Knight

Families spend between $500 and $5,000 on the holiday season. Between decor, gift giving, and family festivities, holiday celebrations can wreck a family budget. This ebook details the resources I use to have a show stopping holiday without emptying my bank account. It includes information on gifts, crafting, food, celebration, and ways I collect money and gift cards to pay for those things that aren't free. There's even some bonus content at the end!
More Info Murder at the Waterfront: A Northwest Cozy Mystery (Northwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 7)
by Dianne Harman

Over 450,000 books have been sold by this two-time USA Today Bestselling Author. This is the seventh book in the Northwest Cozy Mystery Series.

Men, Mobsters, and Murder! Poor Maureen. Was she just collateral damage?

She had an ex who wanted to reconcile, a chef she’d broken up with, and a salesman from Kansas who’d fallen in love with her. Her brother-in-law had ties to the Mafia as well as some interesting business deals. Was she simply a pawn in their game? And what about her ex-husband’s fiancée? Plenty of suspects, but who’s the murderer?

Al, a retired mobster, has taken over a friend’s...
More Info Travels With Tinkerbelle: 6,000 Miles Around France in a Mechancial Wreck
by Susie Kelly

The author and her husband devised a simple plan – to take a tent and the dog and drive around the perimeter of France. Like many simple plans it went wrong before it started and they ended up with two dogs and a campervan named Tinkerbelle.

Starting in Brittany, they motorhome along the Atlantic Coast south to the Pyrenees, then follow the Mediterranean resorts to the Alps before juddering off towards the north coast across terrifyingly high mountain causeways.

But on the second day of their journey Tinkerbelle begins to self-destruct, helped by the new dog who does his best to eat her...
More Info Container Gardening: Houseplants for Clean Air & Food: An Essential Guide to Container Gardening for Beginners
by Jenna Wilson

Humans and other animals have evolved over millions of years in the presence of plants. Over these years, we have developed a relation of codependence with the plants.
But with forests being cut down every day to sustain the human population, there is only one way to keep this relation of coexistence going- By making place for plants in our cities and homes. I, for one, do not consider a house complete unless it has plenty of plants, outside and inside. You can have all the costly furnishing in your home, but that stuff isn’t alive. It doesn’t breathe. It does nothing to promote your health....
More Info CBD And Hemp Oils Natural Cure Ultimate Beginners Guide: For Relieving Pain And Anxiety: Discover The Truth And Enhance YOUR Health and Reverse Diseases
by Charles Fuchs

CBD Oil And Hemp Oil Natural Cure Ultimate Beginners Guide

CBD and Hemp Oils are taking the health/nutrition industry by storm!

This is not another "health fad", but a worldwide medicinal revolution..

Discover the TRUTH behind the "forbidden" herb (marijuana) and its powerful medicinal healing properties when extracted properly as "oils". All claims are backed up by scientific facts and new research.

This is your no fluff guide to CBD and Hemp Oils. This book will provide in depth quality content with premium medical grade illustrations.

A lot of books published on CBD or hemp oils as...