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More Info Cross Stitch:Your Complete Guide to Cross Stitch Simple Patterns, Shapes, and Designs (Cross Stitch): Cross Stitch (Cross-Stitch, Embroidery, Needlepoint, Needlework, Crafts Hobbies and Home Book 1)
by Nancy Jefferson

Cross Stitching

Your Complete Guide to Cross Stitch Simple Patterns, Shapes, and Designs

What is a cross-stitch? How do you achieve a cross-stitch? How can you use a cross stitch to come up with different patterns? I am sure these and many more are some of the questions you may have about cross-stitching. Well, don’t worry because this book will address these and many more.

This book will help you understand what a cross stitch is, how to make a cross-stitch and how to use cross-stitches to come up with various amazing patterns. The instructions are precise and easy to follow so trust me,...
More Info House Organizing: Decluttering Your Home,The Ultimate Guide to Simplify and Organize Your Home (Declutter Collection Book 1)
by Chloe S

Do you desire to have a much cozier and cleaner home?
Do you currently feel confounded by your possessions? If it is this way, it is better to make your life a much simpler one with the best decluttering tips.

In today's world, people are living in a culture where a person with more is worshipped, and it is highly encouraged as well. The things that people like to see in someone else house is -
more likes, more stuff, more money.

With all this fuss in life, we tend to get disconnected with ourselves, our family and the surroundings. This book to "Declutter your home" is the right guide that...
More Info The Lizard from Rainbow Bridge: A True Tale of an Unexpected Angel (Jack McAfghan Book 2)
by Kate McGahan

Animal spirit guides and angels serve each and every one of us every day. Join Jack McAfghan as he shares the magical story of his friend Lizard, an unexpected angel who travels from Heaven to escort others over Rainbow Bridge and to comfort those left behind. In the style we have come to know and love, the canine Jack shares his wisdom and the power of unconditional love for all. His ultimate goal: to teach us to live Heaven on Earth. This true story is written for children of all ages. It hopes to bring to light the knowledge and faith that magic exists everywhere in the world and that...
More Info Murder in Calico Gold: A Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery (Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series Book 6)
by Dianne Harman

Living in Calico Gold is good, having your aunt murdered because a number of people want her ranch is not.

Kelly and her husband, Sheriff Mike, take a trip to the small town of Calico Gold, California, after his elderly Aunt Agnes calls and tells him she needs his help and expertise.

The day after Mike finds out Aunt Agnes has made him the sole beneficiary of her large estate, including the Robertson Ranch and the beautiful Queen Anne house on it, she’s murdered.

Aunt Agnes was revered by many of the town residents, but she had her enemies as well. The list of suspects includes a local judge,...
More Info Dalmatians: Dalmatian Dog Characteristics, Personality and Temperament, Diet, Health, Where to Buy, Cost, Rescue and Adoption, Care and Grooming, Training, Breeding, and Much More Included!
by Lolly Brown

It is a known fact that all dogs are the most loyal creatures on the planet making them the best kind of friend you could ever have. It is only a matter of finding the right breed for you.

If you are an active person who thrives on physical exercise, then the Dalmatian dog might just be the perfect companion for you. Bred to run with horses, the Dalmatian has great stamina and endurance. They are smart, funny, witty, bubbly, and full of energy. There is never a dull moment with a Dalmatian. They thrive on human contact, attention and interaction so you’ll never be lonely if you have one...
More Info Puppy Training: Puppy Training For Beginners - A Simple User‘s Guide To Housebreaking, Obedience Training And Crate Training Your Puppy In Days (Puppy Training Guide)
by Alex Rutters

Effective Puppy Training For Beginners!

In this book you will find lots of useful tips on how to become an effective trainer so your puppy can grow up to be a well-rounded pup in the future.

We’ve included everything you’ll ever need to know about crate training, potty training and housebreaking. We’ve even included a few basic commands that your pup will easily understand and obey.

Now all you need is to go through each chapter and understand it as best as you can and then try it out on your pup. Within a couple of days you should be able to see some improvement!

Here is what you will find...
More Info If You’re a Tomato I’ll Ketchup With You: Tomato Gardening Tips and Tricks (Easy-Growing Gardening Series Book 3)
by Melinda R. Cordell

The National Gardening Association has found that, among vegetable gardeners, tomatoes are their favorite plant to grow. One in three Americans have a vegetable garden, and 9 out of 10 of those gardens have tomatoes in them.

Tomatoes range in size from gigantic beefsteak tomatoes that can weigh up to a half-pound, to the smallest cherry tomato about the size of a marble. You can grow heavy-yielding hybrids or open-pollinated heirloom varieties in different colors, shades, and sizes. You can choose early varieties that set fruit when it’s cool outside, mid-season varieties, and late-maturing...
More Info Watches, The History of Time: An Extensive Look
by Samuel Johnson

This book tells the reader about the history of different timepieces, why they are given different names such as the chronograph or the Diver's watch and how they revolutionized human practices in their time. The book has classified 10 different types of watches; Swiss watch, Quartz watch, Radio controlled watch, Chronograph watch, Diver's watch, Pilot's watch, Space watch, Military watch, Sports watch and the Race watch.
Each of the watches discussed above have come from some idea about making a certain practice better than before. These watches have served to make life easier for man in...
More Info The Complete Guide to Creating Oils, Soaps, Creams, and Herbal Gels for Your Mind and Body: 101 Natural Body Care Recipes (Back-To-Basics)
by Marlene Jones

Your body is a temple – one that has need of many different things that it normally does not get. The right mixture of oils, with the right amount of different minerals, vegetable, fruit, and plant extracts can provide the body and mind with a much needed, highly therapeutic boost that can have a myriad of different positive effects. With the health and wellness industry taking off in recent years, it has become apparent that Americans are highly interested in developing a keener relationship with their bodies, using oils and the like to improve everything from digestion to mental acuity.

More Info Rose to the Occasion: An Easy-Growing Guide to Rose Gardening, Roses, Growing Roses, Antique Roses, Old Garden Roses, Gardening Tips, Organic Roses, Also ... (Easy-Growing Gardening Series Book 2)
by Melinda R. Cordell

Roses are the Queen of Flowers. They're beautiful, fragrant, and elegant - and roses require all the pampering of a real Queen, don't they?

Actually, they don't!

Rose gardening can be easy and pleasant. I've worked 25 years in horticulture and cared for over 300 roses in a public rose garden when I was municipal horticulturist. I found ways to keep rose gardening fussbudgetry to a minimum while growing vigorous roses that bloomed their heads off. Rose to the Occasion: An Easy-Growing Guide to Rose Gardening shares tricks and shortcuts that rosarians use, plus simple ways you can keep up with...