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More Info A Homemade Crafty Christmas Holiday: Original Quotes & Sayings for Holiday Crafts
by Danielle Duckery

Start the season right with quotes and sayings for your holiday crafts. Dive into the original quotes, and create Christmas projects with ease. Use the quotes and sayings for all your Christmas crafts. You'll have the words handy for Christmas scrapbooks, decorations, children crafts, and any other craft project. It's the season for Christmas crafting with joy, so why not have the words available for your beautiful holiday crafts.
More Info Hydroponics: The Complete Guide To Growing Marijuana Indoors
by Aiden Sharpe

Hydroponics: The Complete Guide To Growing Marijuana Indoors is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to cultivate marijuana at home. This book will walk you through the essential details of successfully growing your own plants, from seed selection and setup of your hydroponic system to harvesting tips and trouble-shooting solutions. The picture-rich guide will walk you through each stage of the plant life-cycle and provide the tips and tricks needed to maximize your yield while simultaneously increasing the potency of your product. This book is the ideal companion for those wishing to...
More Info Potted and Pruned: Living a Gardening Life
by Carol Michel

Carol Michel, lifelong gardener and author of the award-winning blog May Dreams Gardens,has penned a delightful book of gardening stories recounting her years speed weeding, scolding plants for their poor manners, experiencing the magic of a clover lawn, screaming and cussing, searching for elusive "rare in cultivation" plants, narrowly avoiding tussles in the garden center, formally evicting drought from her garden, and offering advice for those new to gardening.

Is it possible to be utterly charming and wickedly funny at the same time? Yes, and avid gardeners will find themselves nodding...
More Info Quick Items to Crochet A Collection of 20 Vintage Crochet Patterns for Craft Fairs and Gifts
by Craftdrawer Craft Patterns

A collection of 20 vintage crochet patterns make great items for gifts, craft fairs, and home decorating.

Learn tricks to transform everyday store items into charming shower gifts or conversation pieces for your home. Make intriguing additions to your wardrobe, or fast moneymakers for craft fairs. Originally made with J. & P. Coats or Clark's O.N.T. threads, these Quick Tricks will be budget-savers to you and objects of admiration to your friends!

Rose Kitchen Set
Candy or Nut Cup
Daffodil Hanger
Fuchsia Hanger
Gladiola Curtain Tie-Back
Daisy Chain Curtain Tie-Back
Shade Pull Doll
More Info Knitting: Knitting for Beginners: Learn How to Knit Quickly With Proven Techniques and Simple Instruction: Knitting for Beginners: Knitting for Beginners ... and Home, Craft and Hobby Reference)
by Tatyana Williams

Knitting for Beginners - Learn How to Knit Quickly With Proven Techniques and Simple Instruction

Get this Amazon e-book today and start learning how to Knit your own clothing. Read on your PC, Mac, Smart phone, Tablet or Kindle device.

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Learning to knit can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it requires an abundance of patience with the skill and with yourself. It is very important to know the difference between wanting to learn how to knit and wanting to know how to knit. You can’t skip ahead to the knowing. You have to do the learning first.

More Info Estimator's General Construction Manhour Manual (Kluwer International Series in Engineering & Computer Scienc)
by John S. Page

This manual provides the reader with an accurate and convenient method for estimatig direct labor for general contrsuction work for any given system, plant, or location. Though this book, the reader has a reliable process of obtaining and streamlining an efficent model of operation.This manual provides the reader with an accurate and convenient method for estimatig direct labor for general contrsuction work for any given system, plant, or location. Though this book, the reader has a reliable process of obtaining and streamlining an efficent model of operation.
More Info YOU CAN TAKE BETTER PICTURES: Snap Your Snapshots Into Shape
by Wendy Folse

Everyone can take pictures but not everyone can take great photos. The tips and techniques found in the book will have you taking great pictures that you will be proud to hang on your wall. Whether you shoot film or digital there is something to be learned. It introduces basic simple concepts that will greatly improve your picture taking efforts. Whether you use a cell phone camera, digital camera, or an SLR, the principles of photography still apply.

Learning a few simple tricks can take your photography skills to a new level. This book is packed with a wealth of simple tips to help make...
More Info Lab Results: Life Lessons from Our Best Friends…and Some Remarkable Humans
by Elizabeth Fitzgerald

In her work as a mammography technologist, Elizabeth Fitzgerald realized something quickly: there’s nothing like talking about your dog. It brought a light to her patients’ eyes as they enthusiastically shared their latest dog stories with her. Fitzgerald understands the feeling. Not only does she have several Labradors of her own, but she grew up in a family that cherished their pets. She passed down that love and responsibility to her own son. Now, she wants to share her stories with you. In Lab Results, you’ll see how having dogs changed Fitzgerald’s life in a myriad of important ways....

THE PROVEN WAY TO DISAPPEAR AND RECLAIM PRIVACY … READ ON By International Best Selling & Amazon #1 Best Selling Author David Author Everything You Need To Obtain an Anonymous New Name To Use As You See Fit, an Alternate Identity, New Credit, and an Anonymous Unlimited Future Disappear, Hide Your Digital Trail, Be Hidden, Protected, Safe, and become the Person You Always Wanted To Be Inexpensive, Easy, Fast, and Legal Process Anyone Can Do Legal In All 50 States Notice: This book is for the USA and may not be applicable in the UK or other English speaking countries. Reasons to Have...
More Info Floorquilts!: Fabric Decoupaged Floorcloths-No-Sew Fun
by Ellen Highsmith Silver

Turn your favorite quilt fabrics and patterns into durable, walkable floorcloths - with no sewing! 12 projects. KITS AVAILABLE!