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More Info Frugal Simplicity: 99 Ways to Declutter, Save Money & Simplify Your Life
by Sally Thomas

Discover Some Powerful Keys to Simple Living & Living With Less by Decluttering & Organizing Your Life!
Some Key Points Covered:

** Living simply doesn't have to make you feel deprived or like you're doing without.

** Decluttering and organizing has many benefits beyond just having less stuff.

** Living on less can be fun and very rewarding.

I grew up in a very frugal home. My dad was a child during the Great Depression of the 1930's, so he learned from an early age to "make do or do without." Growing up under his roof, I actually considered him a "tightwad." But as an adult, I'm...
More Info Homegrown Tomatoes: The Step-By-Step Guide To Growing Delicious Organic Tomatoes In Your Garden
by Todd Heft

Homegrown Tomatoes: The Step-By-Step Guide To Growing Delicious Organic Tomatoes In Your Garden
Todd Heft has been a gardener since he was in middle school, starting as many do when his mother assigned him the task of taking care of the family garden. When things you could eat started magically appearing from the soil, just by adding water and grass clippings, he was hooked.

Now decades later he grows food, especially tomatoes, in copious amounts in his family vegetable garden. When he's not busy weeding, planting, harvesting, cooking, or eating, he shares his expertise with thousands of...
More Info Hedgehogs as Pets: Hedgehogs General Info, Purchasing, Care, Cost, Keeping, Health, Supplies, Food, Breeding and More Included! The Ultimate Guide for Hedgehogs
by Lolly Brown

It’s an amusing little critter with many curiosities and oddities that make them all the more adorable. They are tiny enough to fit in your hand when they are small and if you are the sort who stays up most nights then a hedgehog may be the pet for you.

Hedgehogs wouldn’t be what you would consider as the typical family pet, and have some special traits, characteristics and habits which do not make them suitable for some owner situations. So, it is vital to be aware and ready for some of these characteristics even before you think about purchasing a hedgehog.

Find out everything you need to...
More Info Alice's Adventures: The Further Memoirs of a Cat
by Vernon Coleman

'Cat owners will love it!' - Sunday Independent
'Charming and humorous second volume of memoirs by Alice, the UK's only feline author.' Sunderland Echo
'Eagerly awaited second volume by Alice whose debut Alice's Diary was a paw-away success.' Woman's Realm
'A must for anyone with a love of cats.' Evening Telegraph
'Charming and delightful' - Evening Echo
'Alice's gentle charm is irresistible' East Anglian Daily Times
'Alice's writings show just what it must be like to be a cat.' Cat World
Alice's Adventures is the follow up to Vernon Coleman's hugely successful Alice's Diary. Together these two...
More Info Lincoln Cent Error Coin Guide 2019 - Color Edition
by Stan McDonaldStan McDonald

This guide is comprehensive and unsurpassed in presenting the most Lincoln cent error coins. There are five basic types of error classifications which are described in detail in this guide. • doubled die errors • planchet errors • mint striking errors • off center errors • re-punched mint marks. All coin errors listed have been certified by the most well known encapsulation services and sold by major auction houses. Included are modern day coin error listings with photographs and values at auction. Do you have one of the modern day valuable coin errors that may still be located in...
More Info Alice's Diary: The Memoirs of a Cat
by Vernon Coleman

'A must for cat lovers.' Woman's Realm
'Alice's Diary is written by a six year old mixed tabby. The small events and great adventures of the year are told with relish. Light and amusing.' The Lady
'Compulsive reading for cat lovers.'- Smallholder
'I loved this unusual book.' - Lincolnshire Echo
'Alice's Diary has already won a big following.' - Belfast Newsletter
'Will delight and amuse.' - Evening Echo
'For pure charm and humour read this diary.' Bella
"Gently thought provoking and hilariously funny.' Basildon Echo
'Delightful.' Doncaster Star
'Will entertain and amuse and might help you understand...
More Info Floorquilts!: Fabric Decoupaged Floorcloths-No-Sew Fun
by Ellen Highsmith Silver

Turn your favorite quilt fabrics and patterns into durable, walkable floorcloths - with no sewing! 12 projects. KITS AVAILABLE!
More Info Partners In Crime (Hubbert & Lil Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)
by Gallagher Gray

SENIOR SLEUTHS, BLOODY MARYS, AND BOTH KINDS OF FAT CATS… Not since Dorothy L. Sayers’ Murder Must Advertise has there been a more perfect cozy office murder--and not since Agatha Christie’s immortal Miss Marple has a more loveable geriatric sleuth been spawned. Gallagher Gray’s first Hubbert and Lil mystery’s got it all—a stuffy old firm with stuffy old routines disturbed by a few unaccustomed murders, a hilariously apoplectic boss, the indispensable brace of cats, and a clever amateur sleuths of a certain age.

Break out the tea and cookies to welcome T.S. Hubbert and his unforgettable...
More Info The Complete Guide To CBD Hemp Oil For Your Pets: Everything You Need To Know About CBD Hemp Oil And What It Can Do For Your Pets
by Nathan RicherNatural Pet Organics

Whether you are a dog lover or a cat person (or a fan of all pets), it doesn’t matter. We can all agree that pets make life a little more enjoyable. There is nothing quite like the unconditional love you receive from your Golden Retriever, tabby cat or even your floppy eared bunny.

You would do anything for your pet, which is why it is so hard when you see them get sick. Whether they are dealing with anxiety, joint pain, cancer or some other illness, it is tough to watch your pet suffer. They are a big part of your family and you just want them to live the best life possible.

Caring for your...
More Info The Complete Guide to Creating Oils, Soaps, Creams, and Herbal Gels for Your Mind and Body: 101 Natural Body Care Recipes (Back-To-Basics)
by Marlene Jones

Your body is a temple – one that has need of many different things that it normally does not get. The right mixture of oils, with the right amount of different minerals, vegetable, fruit, and plant extracts can provide the body and mind with a much needed, highly therapeutic boost that can have a myriad of different positive effects. With the health and wellness industry taking off in recent years, it has become apparent that Americans are highly interested in developing a keener relationship with their bodies, using oils and the like to improve everything from digestion to mental acuity.