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More Info Daylilies and Irises: Growing and Caring for 2 Easy-To-Grow, Colorful Perennials
by Miranda Hopkins

From Miranda Hopkins, author of Amaryllis, Paperwhites and Poinsettias: Growing, Propagating and Reblooming Your Holiday Plants...

Irises and daylilies are outstanding choices for almost all hardiness zones, and they offer interest during most of the growing season. Their history, whether from the beginnings, or how they spread throughout the world is very interesting, and thanks to their continued popularity, botanists and hybridizers are preserving old species and creating new ones to share with future generations. They are also well-suited to a range of growing conditions – including...
More Info Grieving the Death of a Pet
by Betty J. Carmack

Because our relationships with our animal companions are unlike human relationships, the death of a pet is like no other loss that we will experience. In this book, Betty J. Carmack draws on the wisdom of Ecclesiastes, her own experience, and interviews with dozens of pet lovers to guide the reader through the initial loss of a pet to the dawning of new hope and reassurance.
More Info You Can Do It Yourself!: Smart DIY Projects for Practically Nothing
by Gabi Ralea

Here is a wonderful book for those who are new to DIY crafting and are looking for a simple way to learn and start.
The author is a talented writer and creative artist who will take you on an enjoyable magic journey to explore the benefits and fun of making your own home items or art pieces from everyday items at virtually no expense!
The projects are soft and easy with detailed instructions that will give anyone a good feeling of satisfaction afterwards. Even seasoned DIY crafters will appreciate the clever creations that are shown. And everybody will become thoroughly encouraged to...
More Info Sasha
by Brian L. Porter

Winner of The Preditors & Editors Readers Poll Award for Best Nonfiction Book 2016 Top ten finalist, The Best Indie Books of 2016 SASHA is the story of a very remarkable dog: a Staffordshire Bull Terrier abandoned close to death at the age of 6 weeks old. Rescued from a street gutter, she had the good fortune to be adopted by author Brian L. Porter and his family.

Despite suffering from a catalogue of injuries, including two broken legs and skin allergies, and eventually being diagnosed as a serious epileptic at just two years old, Sasha's story is one of triumph over adversity; of...
More Info 31 Small Steps to Organize Your Paper
by Shawndra Holmberg CPO-CD

Stop sweeping your piles of paper into the nearest box minutes before company comes. With as little as 15 minutes a day and applying the next 31 steps, you’ll begin to breathe easier knowing that you’ll find what you need when you need it. These 31 small steps will have you conquering your mountains of paper so that next April, you’ll be able to hand your tax accountant a more organized file, on-time; without that wild, destructive sweep through your office. You’ll build maintenance into your system rather than put it off; which will encourage you to discard old documents in manageable...
More Info The Case of the Eccentric Elkhound (The Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries Book 5)
by B.R. Snow

It is Memorial Day weekend, and everyone is eagerly awaiting the opening of C’s, the restaurant Suzy and Josie are starting with Chef Claire. And on opening night, Suzy and Josie are surprised to find out that Suzy’s mother has invited the mobster Jimmy Calducci and his entourage to have dinner with them. When Suzy and Josie find Calducci’s dead body on his houseboat the following day, along with his dog, a gorgeous Norwegian Elkhound with some serious health issues, Suzy and Josie embark on a mission to save the dog’s life as well as figure out how the mobster died.

Along the way, they are...
More Info Murdered by Country Music: A High Desert Cozy Mystery
by Dianne Harman

Seven time best selling Amazon All-Star author does it again!

What part did mollies and Fireball whiskey play in a murder at a country music festival held outside of Palm Springs, California? Why was the celebrity chef, Jacques Rushon, owner of the French Food Obsession food truck murdered? The suspects at the top of the sheriff's list are Marty Morgan's friends John, the owner of The Red Pony food truck, and his assistant, Max.

Or was it the ex-wife who was owed back child support? Food truck competitors John and Max? The owner of the White Stallion Ranch where the music festival was held?...
More Info Murder on Bainbridge Island: A Northwest Cozy Mystery (Northwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)
by Dianne Harman

Another page-turner from USA TODAY bestselling author and seven time Amazon All Star Author. When a well-known Seattle art gallery owner is found dead at a prestigious dinner party, shock waves ripple through the local art community. For DeeDee Wilson, the death becomes a personal tragedy, because the dinner party was the first ever event for her fledgling catering business.

On the following day, newspaper reports indicated the cause of death was possibly poisoning, but could it have come from the food she served the guests? In order to save her business and protect her reputation, DeeDee...
More Info 1001 Designs for Whittling & Woodcarving: With Over 1800 Illustrations
by E. J. Tangerman

Over 1,000 design ideas for carving Christmas tree ornaments, cookie molds, toys, weather vanes, cigar-store Indians, sundials, caricatures, and many other projects. 1,821 illustrations.