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More Info From Scribbles to Stories : Have Fun Writing with Your Kids! (Truly)
by Laurie Anderson

From Scribbles to Stories gives parents suggestions about different organic and authentic ways to use writing with their children. This is a brief overview which is meant to be a catalyst and inspire!
More resources are included at the end of the book.
More Info Managing Cash When You Haven't Got Any - Practical Cash Flow Strategies for Small Business: Volumes 1, 2 and 3
by Lori Schafer


Is your business profitable - yet still you never seem to have enough cash?
Do you find yourself not knowing what to do with the cash you do have?
Are you constantly wondering whether you're going to make payroll?
Are your vendors going unpaid and threatening to cut off your supplies?
Are your subcontractors refusing to work unless you pay them up front, worsening your already precarious cash situation?
Are your company credit cards and lines of credit maxed out, with no hope of borrowing more?
Are your employees irritable...
More Info Natural Grammar
by Scott Thornbury

100 double-page spreads with explanations and exercises. Reference area with four clear sections: definitions, grammar patterns, collocations, and set phrases. Examples of real language from corpus research. Varied exercises which practise and expand language. Idioms and natural phrases. Language notes on usage.
More Info Listening to God: The Art of Meditation
by Larry Snyder MD

"Listening to God" describes the practice of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation as a balancing of the mind in the rhythm of the present moment. The loss of physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual balance define addiction. Mindfulness is an experience of the fragile balance of living. A state of fluid mind exists as a middle path of consciousness guiding through the waves of emotional distress. "Listening..." is a simple guide in an age of anxiety.
More Info AdSense Earning Bomb - Ebook
by Jimit Patel

Create passive income in 30 days?
In this course, you will learn the exact strategy to run a successful AdSense Earning that can help you make money day and night. This course is different as this will teach you the exact the strategy involved in building a website, driving traffic to it and getting Profit just by working an hour a day. In the last three years, I have developed successful and proven techniques which you can confidently emulate and start making money within a few days. Now I understand you may have some questions popping in your mind like…

How can I do it?
It all boils down to...
More Info German: Learn German In 21 DAYS! – A Practical Guide To Make German Look Easy! EVEN For Beginners (German, French, Spanish, Italian)
by Henry Ray

Learn German In 21 DAYS! (Edited)
In this book you will find highly-informative chapters on the fundamentals of the German language to address the needs of travellers, business owners, and students who need to have a good grasp of the language in three weeks’ time or less.

This book is designed for beginners and intermediate learners of German grammar and communication who prefer to learn at their own pace and convenience. It seeks to provide self-learners an excellent foundation of the language by imparting essential grammar rules, pronunciation guide, vocabulary, key phrases, and common...
More Info Breaking Into Breakout Boxes: Escape Rooms in Education
by Holly Johnson

Escape rooms have become a major trend all over the country. The concept is simple: a group of people are trapped in a room and must solve a series of puzzles to find their way out. In Breaking into Breakout Boxes, educator Holly Johnson takes the same basic concept and applies it to the classroom. Breakout boxes are locked boxes the teacher provides. The entire class works together to discover the combination to the box. The combination can be gleaned from clues related to any number of education subjects.

In this new guide, Johnson covers

how to build your box,
how to write your own...
More Info Story-Flash: Step-by-Step Technology of Plot Development (Story-Flash System Book 1)
by Alexander Astremsky

Author and scriptwriter Alexander Astremsky offers a systematic approach to plot development and screenwriting. He suggests you stop "waiting for inspiration" and use the Story-Flash step-by-step technology instead. He invites you to rev up “the engine of your imagination" so that you can come up with exciting stories and design them easily, professionally and without the “throes of creation.”

The book includes such chapters as "Story Development," "Episode Plan," "Character Development," “How to Make the Story as Compelling as Possible,” “How to Develop a Great Comedy Plot,” etc. It...
More Info Blockchain 101: Forking, Smart Contracts, Scaling, & Permissioned States (Book 2)
by Peter Oliver

*Blockchain for the non-developer
Book 1: Blockchain 101: Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
Book 2: Blockchain 101: Forking, Smart Contracts, Scaling, & Permissioned States

This Concise Reads series is set up in short 1-hour explanations of blockchain technology to educate the general public and students planning to make a career in this exciting new field. As it was in the early 2000s when students were foregoing careers in banking for careers in internet startups, today students are doubling down on blockchain classes and internships to build an exciting career for themselves.

More Info Dr. John Chung's SAT Math Fifth Edition: 63 Perfect Tips and 16 Complete Tests
by John Chung

Perfect SAT Test preparation math book designed to help students get a perfect score on the SAT.