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More Info How to Become a Spy: A Guide to Developing Spy Skills and Joining the Elite Underworld of Secret Agents and Spy Operatives
by Maxwell Knight

If you're ready to learn how to become a spy and improve your tactical skills, then this book is for you!
Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Despite their very purpose of lying low and going unnoticed, the Spy has become quite a popular figure in our society. Thanks to big screen icons like James Bond and his peers, the life of a spy is coveted by many a starry-eyed child due to its glamorous, jet-setting, and fast-paced lifestyle. Make no mistake, however; the life of a covert agent isn’t all fancy cocktail parties and swanky black outfits. Becoming a spy...
More Info Avoid the Summer Slide!: Tips from a Learning Specialist to help keep your kids academically engaged! (Adventures in Education)
by Stefanie Greenberg

A seasoned and dedicated educator, Stefanie Greenberg is a successful Learning Specialist/Educational Consultant in Los Angeles. She is passionate about meeting the specific strengths and needs of each child, and her individualized, one-on-one instruction provides each student with tools necessary to reach their highest potential. Stefanie believes that parents know their own children best, and is now expanding beyond her private practice to bring her three decades of experience directly to parents. It is her pleasure to teach them tips to become their child's own best educational support....
More Info 7 Must Know Strategies To Learn: Time To Achieve
by Scott Young

Learning is the foundation for success in nearly every aspect of life.
First you start in school.
Clearly learning matters here – learning well allows you to get good grades, get accepted to the best schools and graduate without the grind. Then you start work. Learning becomes a path to improvement – it gives you valuable skills so you can be a leader instead of just another cog in the system.
Learning matters for your health.
You need to learn what to eat, how to work out and how to maintain good habits. Learning matters for your relationships. Learning how people are, the...
More Info Enriching the Brain: How to Maximize Every Learner's Potential
by Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen—a leading expert in the translation of brain research into education, argues in Enriching the Brain that we greatly underestimate students’ achievement capacity. Drawing from a wide range of neuroscience research as well as related studies, Jensen reveals that the human brain is far more dynamic and malleable than we earlier believed. He offers us a powerful new understanding of how the brain can be “enriched,” across the board to maximize learning, memory, behavior and overall function. The bottom line is we have far more to do with how our children’s brains turn out than we...
More Info Reading Comprehension for Girls: 48 Fun Short Stories
by Julie Harper

Each story features a topic likely to inspire girls' interest in the story. Topics include:
princesses mermaids fairies slumber parties birthday parties magical items field trips and much more Reading Comprehension for Girls includes 48 fun short stories
designed for girls to read. Each story is followed by four multiple
choice questions that girls should be able to answer if they have
already read and understood the story. Answers can be found at the back
of the book.

This book is divided into three parts:
Part 1 has 16 stories with 1 page (approx. 200 to 300 words). Part 2 has 16 stories with...
More Info Six-Minute Social Skills Workbook 2: Social Detective Skills for Kids with Autism & Aspergers
by Janine Toole PhD

The 'Social Detective Skills' workbook develops skills in understanding social expectations.

Following the easy-to-use worksheets, your student will learn:
We all have social expectations about how other people will act.
We need to aware of social expectations in order to be socially successful.

Your student will develop the skills to:

Determine the social expectations of any situation.
Monitor other people’s signals of their expectations.
Deal with conflicting expectations.
React appropriately when there is a problem.

Working step-by-step, your learner will determine the social...
More Info The Table Tennis Psychology Workbook: How to Use Advanced Sports Psychology to Succeed on the Ping Pong Table
by Danny Uribe MASEP


Players hear it all the time…
"Ping Pong is 90% Mental, and 10% Physical”
"It's All in Your Head"
"The Only One that Can Stop You is You"
"You have to be Mentally Tough!"

But what exactly do those sayings mean??? Without something concrete, it's difficult for players to understand what it specifically takes to have a mental approach primed for success.

And rather than have a debate with someone who knows nothing about mental training or...
More Info ‫من الانكفاء إلى المبادرة: لا مكان للتخشب والفشل (الإنسان الفعَّال Book 2) ‬(Arabic Edition)
by جمال جمال الدين

إن سلوكنا ينتظم ويدور في فلك معتقداتنا ومفاهيمنا، فبها نقوِّم الأشياء .. أهميتها وعدم أهميتها .. صحتها وخطأها .. جدِّيتها أو سفاهتها .. فالمعتقدات والآراء والمفاهيم لها أثر بالغ في حياة الإنسان وتقرير مصيره .. فبتغيير معتقداتنا تتغير مواقفنا، وبتغيير مواقفنا يتغير سلوكنا، فتتغير نتائج أعمالنا.
وليس لدى الإنسان الفعَّال وقت للتفكير بالفشل والقلق وخيبة الأمل، ولا بتصرفات الآخرين وآرائهم السلبية فيه .. ولا يتطفل على الناس فيعكِّر عليهم صفو حياتهم، كما أنه لا يبيح نفسه للآخرين ليستغلوا وقته وجهده، أو يُملوا عليه واجباته وكأنهم أدرى بها منه .. فهناك دائماً ما يعنيه ويشغله، وواجباته أكثر من أوقاته...
More Info How To Become Fluent In Spanish: Not for Beginners, Not Quick and Easy, but Really Effective (Spanish Books Book 1)
by John Del Gaudio

A No-Nonsense Method for Becoming Fluent In Spanish
If you want to become fluent in Spanish, you need more than immersion and basic Spanish training courses. You need a system for learning Spanish that takes you from beginner to expert to fluent!

If you want to become fluent in Spanish, this book is for you!

In this best selling book on becoming fluent in Spanish, you will learn:

The Complete Spanish Fluency Training Program
Most people think you need a great Spanish teacher or Spanish immersion program to become fluent in Spanish. While both great teachers and immersion language training...
More Info Read Better Faster: How to Triple Your Reading Speed and Comprehension Without Speed Reading, Skimming, or Skipping
by Debbie Drum

How to Read Faster and Remember More
When we were taught how to read growing up, we were taught to read slowly and focus on every single word. These poor reading habits hold us back, and it’s why so many people don’t enjoy reading.

You see, your brain is a lot like Goldilocks. When you read too slow, your mind wanders, you get distracted, and reading feels like a chore. When you try to read too fast, you can't comprehend what you're reading. The key is to read at the right speed using the best reading strategies for your learning type.

In this short read, you’ll discover proven strategies...