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More Info Attention, Balance and Coordination: The A.B.C. of Learning Success
by Sally Goddard Blythe

Attention, Balance and Coordination is the most up-to-date handbook for professionals involved in education and child development, providing a new understanding of the source of specific behavioural problems. Written by a respected author of acclaimed titles in this field Explains why early reflexes are important, their functions indevelopment and their effects on learning, behaviour andbeyond - also covers adult neurological dysfunctionsanxietyand agoraphobia Builds on anABC of Attention, Balance and Coordination to create a unique look across specific learning difficulties, linked by...
More Info Insane Tongue Twisters
by Sreechinth C


Tongue twisters are usually a set of words arranged in a particular way so as to make the movement of tongue, jaws and lips, making it difficult to read. Very often tongue twisters might end up in mispronunciations, confusions and mistakes by the speaker which will make the listeners giggle. Tongue twisters are not meant just for toddlers, but for grownups too. They are of great help to improve your pronunciation and fluency over the language and acts as an exercise for the tongue. Even speech therapists use tongue twisters for speech therapy since it...

Este manual tiene como propósito, que los lectores adquieran un apoyo adicional para el uso de las herramientas financieras para no financieros, encontrando en su contenido una explicación más amplia del tema, así como los formatos sugeridos para su uso y aplicación.

El manual “Herramientas Financieras para no Financieros” contempla las funciones sustantivas de conocer, manejar y evaluar estados financieros mediante el uso de indices financieros, lo cual ayuda en el análisis de la liquidez, la rentabilidad y la eficiencia, para entender la importancia del control, la planeación y la toma de...
More Info Arduino on Assignment: The Door (Arduino to ARM Book 1)
by A.C. Me

Microcontrollers have found their way into every aspect of our lives since the development of the very first in the 1970s, to the point that they are now truly ubiquitous. It has been estimated that the average car may have 30 microcontrollers with even more in the typical home.

Microcontrollers are going to become even more embedded in our lives. Someone will have to design these systems.

This guide uses items commonly found in a comprehensive Arduino kit and will use and explore from the simple LED to the LCD display, from the simple switch input to the joystick, from asynchronous to...
More Info The Teacher's Survival Guide: Real Classroom Dilemmas and Practical Solutions
by Marc R. Major

Based on extensive research as well as the author's own teaching and mentoring experience, this lively book covers best practices in the essentials of teaching-from organizational tips to proven pedagogic and classroom management techniques. It combines insights from some of the most respected psychologists and educational thinkers with hundreds of firsthand discussions.

In style, the book combines the intellectual rigor of a college textbook with the readability, practical relevance, and appropriate humor common to bestselling how-to manuals. While avoiding oversimplification, the author...
by Kanji Jouhou Gakusyuu Kai


More Info ¿Qué es la ética? (Spanish Edition)
by Germán Gómez Veas

El tema de la ética es en nuestros días una de las materias más reiteradas en los diversos ámbitos de la cultura. La filosofía moral ha sido desde siempre indispensable para el desarrollo de los hombres: de cada persona y de la comunidad en general, pues ello apunta a colaborar en el descubrimiento del sentido de la vida humana e intentar ayudar en la busqueda de los medios convenientes para alcanzar su plenitud. En este sentido el trabajo que hoy presentamos no es algo realmente nuevo, sino que al retomar los fundamentos y principios de la filosofía moral pretendemos precisamente...
More Info How To Learn And Memorize Latin Vocabulary ... Using A Memory Palace Specifically Designed For Classical Latin (Magnetic Memory Series)
by Anthony Metivier

How to Learn and Memorize Latin Vocabulary ... Using a Memory Palace Specifically Designed for Classical Latin (and adaptable to many other languages too)

If you'd like to improve your ability to learn Latin vocabulary by as much as 100%, 200%, even 300% (or more) ... using simple memory techniques that you can learn in 15-20 minutes (or less), then this may be the most important book that you will ever read.

Believe it or not, it really doesn't matter if you think you have a good memory or not.

The information in this book will teach you:

* Why memory is like a bicycle everyone can ride (with...
More Info The Manual: A Guide to the Ultimate Study Method (Concentration, Super Memory, Speed Reading, Note-Taking, USM, & Rapid Mental Arithmetic), Second Edition
by Rod Bremer


The Manual is the definitive guide to Enhanced Concentration, Super Memory, Speed Reading, Optimal Note-Taking, Rapid Mental Arithmetic, and the Ultimate Study Method (USM).

The techniques presented are the culmination of decades of practical experience combined with the latest scientific research and time-tested practices. The system described herewith will allow the practitioner to:

Read faster with higher comprehension.
Store information in long-term memory.
Enhance concentration and focus.
Access deeper levels of the mind.