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More Info Conquests (Conquered Hearts Book 1)
by Emily Murdoch

England, 1069.

The nation is still recovering from the Norman invasion three years earlier - and adjusting to life under its sometimes brutal new rulers.

A young girl trembles in the shadows of what was once her home.

Avis is homeless and penniless, and with no family left alive she is forced to become a ward of Richard, the Norman lord who has taken her home.

But when King William decrees that Norman lords must marry Anglo-Saxon women Avis must make a terrible choice.

Either marry the repulsive Richard or else take a chance on another Norman, Melville, a man she has never met.

Soon she...
More Info Valhalla Atlantis
by Colin Falconer

“They set out that day to sail for Vinland. Tromdur Svensson planned to be away for just three years. How the gods were laughing at him, at all of them, on that day.”
—from The Saga of Harold Half-Face

1000 AD.
When the North Men from Ingolfsfell sail from their icy fjord in a single longboat, to establish a settlement across the great sea, they thought they would be gone for just three years. They had no name for the Atlantic then; and America they called ‘Vinland’, the place of meadows.

But a storm takes them off course to an island even the legendary Leif Erikson had never seen. These...
More Info Nelson and the Nile
by Brian Lavery

The Battle of the Nile, fought on 1 August 1798, was a great victory, dealing a fatal blow to Napoleon Bonaparte’s ambitions in the Middle East and cementing Nelson's place as a national hero.

But the battle itself was only the decisive event in a campaign of many months, upon the outcome of which depended the domination of the Mediterranean and the whole strategic situation in Europe.

In this book bestselling historian Brian Lavery places the Battle of the Nile in its full strategic context, showing the interplay of military and political factors that sent Nelson’s squadron into the...
More Info Courage Under Fire: Testing Epictetus's Doctrines in a Laboratory of Human Behavior (Hoover Essays)
by James B. Stockdale

When physical disability from combat wounds brought about Jim Stockdale's early retirement from military life, he had the distinction of being the only three-star officer in the history of the navy to wear both aviator wings and the Congressional Medal of Honor. His writings have been many and varied, but all converge on the central theme of how man can rise with dignity to prevail in the face of adversity.
More Info The Craftsman
by Richard Sennett

Craftsmanship, says Richard Sennett, names the basic human impulse to do a job well for its own sake, and good craftsmanship involves developing skills and focusing on the work rather than ourselves. The computer programmer, the doctor, the artist, and even the parent and citizen all engage in a craftsman’s work. In this thought-provoking book, Sennett explores the work of craftsmen past and present, identifies deep connections between material consciousness and ethical values, and challenges received ideas about what constitutes good work in today’s world. The Craftsman engages the many...
More Info Viking Storm
by Julian Brazier

The last English kingdom is on the brink of extinction.

Each Anglo Saxon kingdom is overwhelmed in turn by ferocious, battle-hardened Viking warriors who can strike at a time and place of their choosing thanks to their famous longships.

Viking armies have conquered Northumbria, Mercia and East Anglia.

Now they are coming for Wessex and the young king Alfred cannot even rely on his own nobles.

Driven to the remote marshes in Somerset, Alfred must regroup his loyal supporters and organize the fight back.

He finds some unlikely allies: two young Saxon nobles out for revenge and, above all,...
More Info Storm in the Sky: A Novel of Amarna Egypt (The Book of Coming Forth by Day 2)
by Libbie Hawker

Libbie Hawker’s saga of Amarna-era Egypt, The Book of Coming Forth by Day, continues in Part 2: Storm in the Sky.

By sheer force of the Pharaoh’s will, the City of the Sun rises from hot, barren sands. But as this monument to his strength flourishes, the king’s ties to sanity begin to fray. His religious zeal and unchecked power lead him to commit one atrocity after another, and soon those who dwell in the throne’s shadows must enter into a fatal conspiracy to prevent Egypt from crumbling altogether.

Nefertiti believes she has found a way to repay her father for his many wrongdoings. But her...
More Info THE RISE AND FALL OF A 'CASINO' MOBSTER: The Tony Spilotro Story Through A Hitman's Eyes
by Frank CullottaDennis N. Griffin

The True Story Behind The Hit Film 'Casino' From An ‘Enforcer’ Who Lived It

Tony Spilotro was the Mob’s man in Las Vegas. A feared enforcer, the bosses knew Tony would do whatever it took to protect their interests. The “Little Guy” built a criminal empire that was the envy of mobsters across the country, and his childhood pal, Frank Cullotta helped him do it. But Tony’s quest for power and lack of self-control with women cost the Mob its control of Vegas; and Tony paid for it with his life.

”I was a little nervous before my first meeting with former mobster Frank Cullotta. It turned out we...
More Info Stalin as Revolutionary: A Study in History and Personality, 1879–1929
by Robert C. Tucker

The first of two biographical volumes, Professor Robert C. Tucker examines Stalin’s life from his first revolutionary years until the end of the 1920's.

This important period of his life is the key to understanding how a dictator is formed, and how such a totalitarian regime was created. With an in-depth analysis of Stalin’s personality, against the background of a historical examination of Soviet society, this well researched text helps us to understand how and why Stalinism occurred.

Stalin becomes less of a mysterious figure, as Tucker’s research is able to reveal the main personality...
More Info History Bytes: People, Places, and Events that Shaped American History
by Nick Vulich

Don’t like history? You’re probably reading the wrong books.

Read this book, and you’re gonna think, wow! Why didn’t somebody tell me that? American history is full of strange paradoxes, and that’s what makes it so interesting.

The truth is much of what we learn about history is a series of little white lies that over time have grown into tall tales.

Why doesn’t everyone know the Boston Massacre wasn’t really a massacre? Subsequent testimony proved the soldiers fired in self-defense. The King Street riot was started by a group of four street thugs who got their rocks off attacking lone...