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More Info Digital Gameplay: Essays on the Nexus of Game and Gamer
by Nate Garrelts

In recent years, computer technology has permeated all aspects of life—not just work and education, but also leisure time. Increasingly, digital games are the way we play.
This volume addresses the world of digital games, with special emphasis on the role and input of the gamer. In fifteen essays, the contributors discuss the various ways the game player interacts with the game. The first half of the book considers the physical and mental aspects of digital game play. The second section concentrates on other factors that influence play. Essays cover the full range of digital gaming,...
More Info Word Jumble Challenges - 5
by Vaibhav Devanathan

Are you the best wordsmith in the world?

This is the fifth volume in the Word Jumble Challenges series

Chaos might be fascinating, but order is what we crave.

When a confused mass of letters sorts itself out in our brains, and turns into an orderly, useful, meaningful word, we feel happiness, and a sense of accomplishment.

This is the premise for this series: that rearranging sets of letters to form meaningful words is fun, and can provide many hours of pleasurable diversion.

This book contains hundreds of jumbled words – each are sixteen letters in length, so they will pose a challenge to all....
More Info The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary
by Ambrose Bierce

If we could only put aside our civil pose and say what we really thought, the world would be a lot like the one alluded to in The Unabridged Devil’s Dictionary. There, a bore is "a person who talks when you wish him to listen," and happiness is "an agreeable sensation arising from contemplating the misery of another." This is the most comprehensive, authoritative edition ever of Ambrose Bierce’s satiric masterpiece. It renders obsolete all other versions that have appeared in the book’s ninety-year history. A virtual onslaught of acerbic, confrontational wordplay, The Unabridged Devil’s...
More Info The Micro Kids: An 80s Adventure with ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and more
by Gary Plowman

It is November 1983 and young Billy Twist and his friends are about to discover the exciting new world of microcomputers.

Take a trip into the 80s world of micros and 80s pop culture and classic video games in the diary for 8-bit micro fans and geeks

Billy and friends start their journey, but run into some obstacles as they try to setup a computer gaming club, deal with Bullies, experience new computers and try to make some money to buy even more games!

Billy is a typical kid growing up in the 80s - the age of the microcomputer. An age of wonder for teens and adults alike.
A nostalgic story...
More Info GameNite Episode #03: A LitFPS Battle Royale Gaming Adventure
by Bec J. SmithCassyJosh

Continue the fun-filled adventure! Fast-paced action and zippy, illustrated chapters will inspire your 8- to 12-year old Fortnite fan to love reading.

For Josh Johnson, this is a whole new kind of deadly. The gamemakers have switched things up again. This time instead of all for one, the players are teaming up to kill him. Fifty v. fifty sounds like fair odds but in a game where friendship and loyalty are put to the test, it can be hard to learn to trust others. But working together, helping each other, and carrying his teammates to the end is the only way they're going to win this game...
More Info The Philosophy of the Coen Brothers (Philosophy Of Popular Culture)
by Mark T. Conard

In 2008 No Country for Old Men won the Academy Award for Best Picture, adding to the reputation of filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen, who were already known for pushing the boundaries of genre. They had already made films that redefined the gangster movie, the screwball comedy, the fable, and the film noir, among others. No Country is just one of many Coen brothers films to center on the struggles of complex characters to understand themselves and their places in the strange worlds they inhabit. To borrow a phrase from Barton Fink, all Coen films explore "the life of the mind" and show that...
More Info Beach Body Boogie (A Pepper Ryan Thriller)
by Timothy Fagan

"Fagan manages the impressive feat of balancing suspense and humor."— BookLife He would have killed for a second chance. Now he might die for it. Pepper Ryan was the “wonderboy” of his beach town police department. But a disastrous ice cream truck stakeout gone wrong pushed him to quit the force, grab his guitar and kiss Cape Cod goodbye. Now he’s come home again for a second chance at the worst possible time. Beachcombers find a secret service agent murdered in a clambake pit with all the trimmings—and a bizarre threat to kill the U.S. president during his Cape Cod vacation. Pepper Ryan...
More Info Time Burrito
by Aaron Frale

With great burrito comes great responsibility.

Pete’s food truck at the University of New Mexico isn’t going well. Seniors dare freshman to eat his burritos. Frats use them for pledges and pranks. Rumors fly around campus that they are chupacabra ground up with rat. Pete needs a change, and it comes in the form of a physics experiment gone awry. After being sucked into the past, he stumbles across an ingredient that goes great in one of his creations. First, there was Marty McFly. Then there was Bill and Ted. And now Pete—
More Info Radioactive Evolution: A Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic Adventure
by Richard Hummel

Amazon #1 Best Seller in Post-Apocalyptic & Cyberpunk! "A worthy series kickoff with riveting characters and a world that readers will want to explore." (Kirkus Review)
Amazon #1 Best Seller in Myths and Legends!
I was hooked. I just couldn't put it down." - Kim Anisi (Reader's Favorite)
It's time to unlock your true potential...evolve!
How far would you go to change humanity's fate?
Jared Cartwright has spent the last two years delving into the twisted, scarred wastelands of an earth ravaged by nuclear war. The rich and powerful have taken to the oceans and skies on floating...
More Info Story-Flash: Step-by-Step Technology of Plot Development (Story-Flash System Book 1)
by Alexander Astremsky

Author and scriptwriter Alexander Astremsky offers a systematic approach to plot development and screenwriting. He suggests you stop "waiting for inspiration" and use the Story-Flash step-by-step technology instead. He invites you to rev up “the engine of your imagination" so that you can come up with exciting stories and design them easily, professionally and without the “throes of creation.”

The book includes such chapters as "Story Development," "Episode Plan," "Character Development," “How to Make the Story as Compelling as Possible,” “How to Develop a Great Comedy Plot,” etc. It...