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More Info Broken Souls: The Complete Collection
by Nick Kove

Reality and fantasy blend as my mind deteriorates.

This collection consists of Broken Souls 1-4, plus two exclusive short stories.

I haven’t had an easy life, with an abusive father and a mother who killed herself. Add Dion to that, the teacher I’m in love with, rejecting me and going crazy on top of it; things are far from great--even if they feel great sometimes. Sadly, those times never lasts for long.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. All I know is I’m going mad. Everyone thinks it’s drugs, but it’s not. Is it?
More Info Switching Wesley (The Dungeon Book 1)
by Aimee Brissay

Two Doms falling for each other. What could possibly go wrong?

Wesley has everything under control. He works as a Dom at the Dungeon, the only BDSM establishment in town, and though he's single, his life is satisfying just as it is.

Then Connor, a fellow Dominant and future colleague, comes along and Wesley begins to question himself and his choices. Is he really a Top? And how can he continue working at the Dungeon as a Dominant when he wants nothing more than submit to Connor?
More Info The Rotten Rancher (A Nick Williams Mystery Book 16)
by Frank W. Butterfield

Friday, November 11, 1955 It's Veteran's Day, and a gorgeous one at that. Parades of flying flags and grizzled old soldiers marching to the tunes of John Philip Souza are definitely in the works. Meanwhile, Nick and Carter are heading south on Hiqhway 1 for a relaxing week down in Big Sur, just south of beautiful Carmel-By-The-Sea. They'll be staying at the home of one Dr. Parnell Williams, Nick's father. It's a modern sort of thing, made of wood and glass, and perched right on the cliff's edge with dramatic views of the ocean and the incoming banks of fog. But when the power goes out late...
More Info Omega: Liam & Skye
by Eileen Glass

Alluring but barren, omega is an unfortunate affliction Skye is trying to outrun. He gets away with it for several years, fleeing to a new city whenever the wolves get too close, but his survival mechanism creates a terrible, unforeseen result. By dodging and ducking every rogue alpha to approach him, the one that finally keeps up is the size of a truck. Liam is not a wolf to be disrespected, and Skye is all too aware of his place in the pack. Natural selection has never been kind to him. But, strangely, Liam sort of is.
Liam doesn’t have a plan, but he’s got the basics covered. As far as...
More Info Born Suspect (Born Succubus Series Book 2)
by Brett Hicks

Just when you think your troubles are over, the police come knocking on your door. Melony Toyo, a Born succubus, is accused of multiple homicides. Detective Sam Clarke is hell bent on bringing down the supernatural community, until he gets answers.

Melony finds herself at the very center of the mounting tensions between humans and supernaturals. She is forced to help them find answers, even if they might get her locked up in the meantime.

No one could have foreseen the truth of this dark mystery. Every truth leads Melony to a darker secret, or to more questions.

How will Melony's...
More Info Born Awakening: Born Succubus Series
by Brett Hicks

Melony Toyo is a grad-student minding her own business, walking to her car after work. She is attacked by a vampire and left for dead, only she sprouts fangs of her own and bites into the vein of a second vampire checked her pulse. She awakens to discover she is Born, a breed of beings springing forth from the human population.
She is left to navigate this visceral new life with few allies. As Melony's unique qualities come to light, many will scramble to take possession of her!

Rachelle Jameson is a master vampire, second only to her older brother in their clan. She finds herself drawn to...
More Info Dominated by the Jock: The Complete Series
by D.J. Heart

Jake, a cocky young stud with the body of a Greek god, isn't looking for a boyfriend. All he wants is to have fun and live the single life. When his best friend Tom sets him up on a blind date, all he's hoping for is a night of fun and then goodbye. That is, until he sees the boy he's been set up with...

Kyle has no intention of going on any stupid blind date. That is, until he sees Jake standing in his doorway. Now Kyle is in way over his head. Jake is hot like burning, kinky as hell, and he touches Kyle like he owns him. Kyle can barely keep up, and he's loving it.

This is the complete...
More Info Orderly Affair (Hearts and Health Book 6)
by DJ Jamison

A hospital orderly explores his bisexuality with an adorably geeky lab tech, but can their sparks lead to love outside the closet?

When Ian Connolly installs a hookup app to explore his long-suppressed attraction to men, he doesn't expect to connect with anyone he knows, especially not lab tech Callum Price. But from their first scorching encounter, he's hooked.

Callum hasn't had the best luck with love, and he's suffocating under a pile of responsibilities. But when he sees an opportunity to blow off steam with Ian, he takes it. The man is smoking hot, big all over, and sweet as pie.

More Info Surprise Delivery (Hearts and Health Book 5)
by DJ Jamison

Dr. Casper Rollins knows how to have fun. The love of his life, Kage Myers, lived every moment to the fullest before he died. Now, Casper goes skydiving, mountain-climbing or on other adrenaline-soaked adventures when he wants to feel closer to his lost love.

Medical director Eric Holtz is married to his work -- so much so his husband left him. But when his niece shows up, pregnant and in need of an ally, Eric suddenly has family again. Unfortunately, her obstetrician, Casper Rollins, is sexy enough to turn Eric into a blushing adolescent.

What begins as a game to break Eric of his workaholic...
More Info Tyre - A Space Opera Colonization Adventure (Aeon 14: Building New Canaan Book 2)
by M. D. CooperJ.J. Green

Erin's next mission takes her further insystem in New Canaan, to the word of Tyre.