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More Info Raising Dad: What Fathers & Sons Learn from Each Other
by Thom S. Rainer

All parents will tell you they learn as much from their children as their children learn from them. This truth is poignantly captured in Raising Dad: What Fathers & Sons Learn from Each Other by father-son authors Thom and Art Rainer.It was Art’s idea to write from a grown child’s perspective this tribute to his father’s successes as a parent. Inviting his father Thom to write postscripts to these reflections, another tender truth emerged. Dad’s memories about his own performance aren’t nearly as rose colored, giving those who read the book great inspiration to never stop growing and...
More Info Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!: Loving Your Kid Without Losing Your Mind
by Michael J. Bradley

Now in paperback! Here is the book that updates the rulebook, giving parents the training and skills they need to transform their teenage children into strong, confident, productive adults.
More Info A Mother's Job: The History of Day Care, 1890-1960
by Elizabeth Rose

Americans today live with conflicting ideas about day care. We criticize mothers who choose not to stay at home, but we pressure women on welfare to leave their children behind. We recognize the benefits of early childhood education, but do not provide it as a public right until children enter kindergarten. Our children are priceless, but we pay minimum wages to the overwhelmingly female workforce which cares for them. We are not really sure if day care is detrimental or beneficial for children, or if mothers should really be in the workforce. To better understand how we have arrived at...
More Info Getting Pregnant Faster: 29 Strategies For Faster Conception: Learn What Works & What Doesn't From a Woman Who Has Been There
by Sally Moran

Want to learn proven strategies that will help you get pregnant more quickly? from a woman who has experienced infertility just like you?
This is the book for you!

Inside you will find strategies to help you with:

What to eat and not eat (including recipes)
Preparing for conception the right way
Detecting when ovulation occurs & how to get your timing right
Best herbs for ovulation & how to use
Improving egg & sperm quality
Supporting a healthy implantation
And much, much more ...

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More Info The Hidden Life of Girls: Games of Stance, Status, and Exclusion (Wiley Blackwell Studies in Discourse and Culture)
by Majorie Harness Goodwin

Winner of the Best Book of2008 from The International Gender and Language Association In this ground-breaking ethnography of girls on a playground, Goodwin offers a window into their complex social worlds. Combats stereotypes that have dominated theories on female moral development by challenging the notion that girls are inherently supportive of each other Examines the stances that girls on a playground in a multicultural school setting assume and shows how they position themselves in their peer groups Documents the language practices and degradation rituals used to sanction friends and...
More Info The Man-Made Matriarchy
by William Falconburg

This is an honest assessment of men and the society they have created and will create for the future. This information is for men and about men, but women can benefit from reading it as well.
More Info Single Parent Cooking: When You Need to Do It All!
by Martha Stephenson

Are you the only cook in your family?

If you’re like me, the other “cook” is too little to make healthy food choices. Plus, we’re busy running from one activity to the next. Add in a food allergy, and it can make coming up with meals tough.

But have no fear, this cookbook will get you through parties, breakfasts, and dinner planning… you just need to open it up and try them!

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More Info Baby Proofing Your Home Childproofing Your House Parenting Guide, Advice, Checklists: Baby Toddler Safety Book (Parenting Guide Advice Tips Infant Baby Toddlers Children 1)
by Baslee Troutman

Baby Proofing Your House
Childproofing Your House
Parenting Children Guide, Advice, Checklists
Smart Parenting Books for Kindle e-books
Keeping Your Baby Safe
Because Mom & Dad Love You
There is nothing more important to Mom and Dad than the well-being, safety, and happiness of their baby. You want to provide for your child, protect them, and give them a warm, inviting environment to learn and grow.
Come find out what every parents needs to know to baby proof and childproof your home before your baby is born, before your baby starts to crawl or before your toddlers start to reach and climb....
More Info Eternal Defilement, A Story of Betrayal, Abuse and Destruction
by A. AmaraReynold Jay

"...Amazing. Terrifying, and Heartbreaking..." L. Kolhagen
" emotional rollercoaster that will tear at your heartstrings...." C. Miller
"...Took obvious guts to write this...." Kensington
The new second edition is simply marvelous and inspiring.... J. Arnez
Note: This is a 2nd edition. The editor took out the long epilogue that brought about comments as being boring, etc. Those introspective portions are now reserved for print books and signed books only. Comments that mention this can be ignored as the epilogue has been removed from this edition.
This is a story of a tragic and...
More Info Organic Ant Killer: How To Get Rid of Ants Without Pesticides, Toxic Chemicals or Insecticides (Organic Pest Control Book 5)
by Stephen Tvedten

How To Kill Ants Fast Without Pesticides or Toxic Chemicals

Learn The Secrets of a Natural Pest Control Expert Who Knows The Ants Weakness

Everything you've been taught about killing ants is wrong! Learn how to:

Kill Ants Instantly Without Any Pesticides or Dangerous Chemicals
Did you know that conventional pesticide poisons not only fail in many cases to get rid of the ant problem but they can also cause horrible side effects for you, your family and your pets? Learn how to kill ants naturally without any toxic chemicals, pesticide poisons or insecticides!

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