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More Info How to Get Divorced: The Ultimate Guide to the Divorce Process and Advice for an Amicable Divorce
by Lindy McIntyre

If you want to learn more about the divorce process and how to make it as painless as possible, then this book is for you!
Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Divorce can make you feel like your entire world is falling apart. While going through such a challenging and painful experience, most ex-spouses find it difficult to get along. However, it is definitely possible for the process of divorce to go more smoothly for both parties. Whether or not prenuptial agreements were in...
More Info The Hidden Life of Girls: Games of Stance, Status, and Exclusion (Wiley Blackwell Studies in Discourse and Culture)
by Majorie Harness Goodwin

Winner of the Best Book of2008 from The International Gender and Language Association In this ground-breaking ethnography of girls on a playground, Goodwin offers a window into their complex social worlds. Combats stereotypes that have dominated theories on female moral development by challenging the notion that girls are inherently supportive of each other Examines the stances that girls on a playground in a multicultural school setting assume and shows how they position themselves in their peer groups Documents the language practices and degradation rituals used to sanction friends and...
More Info The Choice Of Paradox: How “Opposite Thinking” Can Improve Your Life And Reduce Your Stress (Stress Relief Secrets Revealed Book 4)
by Doc Orman MD

Sometimes The Answer To Your Problems Lies In Doing The Exact Opposite
The Choice of Paradox Will Change How You See The World, Eliminating Stress, Anxiety and Worry

If you've been struggling with the same stress, anxiety and problems, this book is for you! You will learn:

How We Create Problems and Stress and Stop Ourselves from Solving Them
Dr. Mort Orman has been studying stress and the impact of negative thinking on your health, success and life for years. In his research, and countless sessions with clients, he's found the underlying cause of most of our long-lasting problems,...
More Info Raising Dad: What Fathers & Sons Learn from Each Other
by Thom S. Rainer

All parents will tell you they learn as much from their children as their children learn from them. This truth is poignantly captured in Raising Dad: What Fathers & Sons Learn from Each Other by father-son authors Thom and Art Rainer.It was Art’s idea to write from a grown child’s perspective this tribute to his father’s successes as a parent. Inviting his father Thom to write postscripts to these reflections, another tender truth emerged. Dad’s memories about his own performance aren’t nearly as rose colored, giving those who read the book great inspiration to never stop growing and...
More Info Daddy, Can You Make Me Pancakes? - A True Story of Love, Loss, and Parenting
by Kevin McAteer

6:00 a.m Four year old Amanda shuffles into her parent's bedroom, where she finds Daddy sleeping in what normally is Mommy's spot. She innocently wakes him from a deep sleep. "Daddy ... can you make me pancakes?"

"Yes, sure honey."

Neither Amanda nor Daddy have their normal energetic smile. Not because they are still in sleep-mode. But because Mommy didn't make it home last night. Cancer unexpectedly took her. Now Daddy must find a way to care for three small children while holding down a new position within his company.

For the moment, making pancakes is the one thing that keeps his family...
More Info Publish Children's Books: Sell Children’s Books and Actually Make Money with It (Sell Kids Books, Publish Childrens Books, Children’s Books Marketing, Children’s Books Publishing)
by Anne Johnson

Learn how to publish and sell more children’s books with these techniques.
Anne Johnson loves to write, and has even done some illustrations in the past, but it wasn’t until recently that she started to understand how to drive traffic and sell more copies of your children’s books. Her experiences become apparent throughout the book. She talks about:

The risky road of buying in bulk to generate more profit per book and sell hundreds of copies in person to people at fairs and at libraries. Learn from her mistakes and successes.

The safe road of print on demand and optimizing your books for...
More Info His love Hurts By Jocelyn Ann Taylor
by Jocelyn Ann Taylor

His Love Hurts is based on an emotional, whirlwind of a relationship in Jocelyn's life. Of course, the relationship starts blissful like many others with him appearing to be the ideal mate. Her knight in shining armor; a true gentleman or so she thought. Through phases of cheating, verbal abuse, and domestic violence Jocelyn finally realizes that her quest for love is almost fatal. She shares reflections throughout her tale of this rollercoaster ride of what she thought was love.
More Info Love Triumphs (Second Chances, Book 3)
by Margaret Daley

Roxie Davenport came to New Mexico to learn about her birth mother. She has no intention of getting involved in her biological mother's family or letting them know who she is…until she meets Alex Stone, a rancher and brother-in-law to her birth mother. Everything changes and tries Roxie in ways she hadn't been before.

Alex Stone has no desire to fall in love again after his wife died, leaving him and his mischievous little daughter alone to go on in spite of their pain. But when he meets his sexy new tenant in the cabin on his ranch, his resolve to remain single is tested.
More Info 131 Conversations That Engage Kids: How to Get Kids Talking, Grow Their Friendships, and Inspire Change (Conversation Starters Books Series #5)
by Jed Jurchenko

These creative conversation starters will inspire your kids to pause their electronics, grow their social skills, and develop lifelong relationships! Get your kids talking with this activity book the entire family will enjoy.
In this highly-engaging, conversation starters book, you will discover:
Why conversations matter and connecting with others is important. Three strategies to engage kids and keep the conversation going. Five tools to help children develop their social skills. How to use conversations to guide children toward positive change. Then, dive into 131 creative, engaging,...
More Info Bad Mother's Holiday - Hilarious Summer Holiday Reading!
by Suzy K Quinn

So I’m knocked up again. Preggers. Up the duff. Or to put it another way … whoops.

And while Alex and I get our heads around unexpected parenthood, I’m having all the usual pregnancy symptoms: throwing up, indigestion, sciatica, constipation, migraines and brain-fuddling tiredness.
Mother Nature is a psychopathic old hag.
Luckily, modern science offers some lovely distractions, in the form of cruise ships and European air travel. And this summer I’m determined to get away.
Mum is demanding the usual Duffy family all-inclusive Greek holiday. Dad wants to go...