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More Info Raising Dad: What Fathers & Sons Learn from Each Other
by Thom S. Rainer

All parents will tell you they learn as much from their children as their children learn from them. This truth is poignantly captured in Raising Dad: What Fathers & Sons Learn from Each Other by father-son authors Thom and Art Rainer.It was Art’s idea to write from a grown child’s perspective this tribute to his father’s successes as a parent. Inviting his father Thom to write postscripts to these reflections, another tender truth emerged. Dad’s memories about his own performance aren’t nearly as rose colored, giving those who read the book great inspiration to never stop growing and...
More Info A To Z Of Getting Ex Back: Everything You Need To Know To Get Back With Your Ex - Even If Your Ex Is With Someone Else Or Ignoring You
by Jeniffer scott

In this book, you are about to learn extremely powerful, psychological methods that have been proven to work. Some of the stuff which you are going to read here, you might find it unorthodox, but I assure you if you follow the instructions laid out for you in this book, I guarantee that you will be on the right path to getting your ex back.

There are a total of 19 chapters in this book that is packed with tried and tested techniques and methods to help you stop the breakup and rekindle the spark in your relationship. The best part of all is that you won't be left wondering where to start or...
More Info Dyslexia Tool Kit for Tutors and Parents: What to do when phonics isn't enough
by Yvonna GrahamAlta Graham

Gathered from the latest research on dyslexia along with early practices which have been overlooked in the test-intensive school environment, a team of successful dyslexia tutors share the tools of their trade because they believe that it's a crime to let bright children grow up illiterate!
More Info The Hidden Life of Girls: Games of Stance, Status, and Exclusion (Wiley Blackwell Studies in Discourse and Culture)
by Majorie Harness Goodwin

Winner of the Best Book of2008 from The International Gender and Language Association In this ground-breaking ethnography of girls on a playground, Goodwin offers a window into their complex social worlds. Combats stereotypes that have dominated theories on female moral development by challenging the notion that girls are inherently supportive of each other Examines the stances that girls on a playground in a multicultural school setting assume and shows how they position themselves in their peer groups Documents the language practices and degradation rituals used to sanction friends and...
More Info Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!: Loving Your Kid Without Losing Your Mind
by Michael J. Bradley

Now in paperback! Here is the book that updates the rulebook, giving parents the training and skills they need to transform their teenage children into strong, confident, productive adults.
More Info If Women are From Venus, Men are from Planet Penis: How to Get Your Alien Man to Satisfy All Your Needs and Desires
by Dr. Luv

The Ultimate Guide to Living With a Man on Earth
If there are times when you feel like you are married to an alien-man, or dating a strange male-being, or conversing with a guy from outer space, then If Women are from Venus, Men are from Planet Penis will rock your world.

Canada’s Dr. Luv, the creator of the relationship game and app, Syncrohearts, prescribes this comical “man awareness manual” for women. In this book, you will discover what's going on inside the minds and hearts of "regular men," so you can get on the exact same page as the man in your life about sex, love, and romance.

More Info Puberty In Boys: How to Talk to Your Son About Sex and Puberty
by Stacy Billows

If it's finally time to have "the talk” with your adolescent son, and you're trying to figure out the easiest, most responsible, and most straightforward way to discuss puberty, then this book is for you!
Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Oftentimes, parents avoid having “the talk” with their sons until they are about 15 or 16 years old. However, if you wait too long to talk to your child about puberty and sex, it might be too late. Today, children as young as 9 or 10 years old are experiencing the first signs of puberty. From then, it won’t be long before they...
More Info The Essential Guide to Puberty In Girls: How to Talk to Your Daughter About Sex, Puberty, and a Girl's First Period
by Stacy Billows

If you want to prepare your daughter for the physical and emotional effects of puberty, then this book is for you!
Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

As your daughter starts to face the changes and challenges that come with puberty - the most trying point of her young life so far - she will need you to be there and guide her. In order to do so, you must equip yourself to talk with her about puberty, her first period, her body's changes, and physical interactions with the opposite sex. This is one of the most important duties you'll have as a parent. You'll need to...
More Info Wounds of the Father: A True Story of Child Abuse, Betrayal, and Redemption
by Elizabeth Garrison

In the bestselling tradition of Smashed and The Glass Castle, this raw, eye-opening memoir tells the powerful story of Elizabeth Garrison’s fractured childhood, descent into teenage drug addiction, and struggle to overcome nearly insurmountable odds. Elizabeth invites the reader behind the closed doors of a picture-perfect Christian family to reveal a dark, hidden world of child abuse, domestic violence, and chilling family secrets all performed in the name of God under the tyrannical rule of her father. Like countless teenage girls, Elizabeth turns to drugs and alcohol to escape. With...
More Info Letter from Alabama: The Inspiring True Story of Strangers Who Saved a Child and Changed a Family Forever
by David L. Workman

David’s life could turn out very, very badly. His mother dies suddenly when he is an infant. Then at age two, he is gone. Vanished, with his father, and abandoned in a far-away place.

His future hangs on a Letter from Alabama, a piece of paper that must travel hundreds of miles in an envelope. Then it must land in exactly the right place in a busy office where nobody is under any obligation to read it or pay any attention to it. This is the true story of that letter, and all that will transpire because of it.

It’s the story of human failure, and human triumph. Forgiveness and redemption. It...