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More Info Untying Aristotle's Poetics for Storytellers
by Rune MyrlandAristotle

This book offers a clear and readable version of Aristotle’s Poetics, and a fresh look at his ideas on plot and plot structure.

Easy navigation. Chapters in the Poetics have Bekker numbers in contents menu.

The Greek tragedy is the great-grandfather of the movie industry, and most of the principles that go into the production of a successful Hollywood script were first formulated by Aristotle. But due to its terse style, the Poetics has never been well understood. Commentators have pointed out apparent self-contradictions, logical errors, lack of coherence and cryptic passages. This new...
More Info Secret Armies: The full story of the SAS, Delta Force and Spetsnaz
by James Adams

Trained to fight in any climate or terrain.

The best of the best.

Special forces are in the vanguard of modern warfare.

The names of their battlegrounds are familiar.

Vietnam. Mogadishu. Kabul. The Iranian Embassy. Banjul. The Falklands. Grenada.

Surgical strike or counter-terrorist operation, training guerrillas or quashing coups, time has proven that even the smallest number of these highly-trained operatives can achieve what an army cannot.

But not every mission has been successful, and nor has support for them been constant.

These deadly armies lie hidden from public scrutiny.

Who recruits...
More Info Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America (Annals of Communism)
by John Earl Haynes

Reveals telegrams to prove Soviets spied in the 1930s and 1940sWith this new volume, John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr build upon their groundbreaking work in The Secret World of American Communism and solidify their reputations as the foremost historians of Soviet espionage in America. In Venona, they provide a detailed study of how the United States decrypted top-secret Communist cables moving between Washington and Moscow. This account, based on information unavailable to researchers for decades, reveals the full extent of the Communist spy network in the 1940s. At least 349 citizens,...
More Info The Financing of Terror
by James Adams

’A fascinating piece of research’ – The Sunday Times

Terrorism costs money.

Without it, today’s organised, hi-tech terrorism simply couldn’t exist.

Sophisticated weapons, training, safe houses and living expenses, international travel, false identities and documents…

Modern day terrorism is expensive. The days when a few idealists would reach into their own pockets or the local supporters have a whip-round are long gone.

Fund raising has become large scale and professional. The more successful a terror group, the more income is generated. The more active a group, the more money is needed.

In the...
More Info Trading in Death: Weapons, Warfare and The Modern Arms Race
by James Adams

The ever-evolving race in selling death…

Modern warfare in the twentieth century has advanced in far greater strides than any other century previously. And as the former political consultant for the Sunday Times, James Adams reveals increasingly political.

In this thoroughly researched book, Adams’ details the different areas of warfare advancements in the modern era.

With numerous case studies, across the years, nations and continents, Adams’ delineates a clear timeline of how ‘selling death’ has changed and altered.

From the organisational, training and bomb advancements made in IRA groups...
More Info Courage Under Fire: Testing Epictetus's Doctrines in a Laboratory of Human Behavior (Hoover Essays)
by James B. Stockdale

When physical disability from combat wounds brought about Jim Stockdale's early retirement from military life, he had the distinction of being the only three-star officer in the history of the navy to wear both aviator wings and the Congressional Medal of Honor. His writings have been many and varied, but all converge on the central theme of how man can rise with dignity to prevail in the face of adversity.
More Info Beyond Fear: A Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy, The Teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz
by Mary Carroll Nelsondon Miguel Ruiz

The wisdom in this life-changing book has the power to replace fear with joy. Fear, the source of all the negative agreements we've made in life, can alienate us from the joy that is our birthright. When we are able to look at our lives and our worlds without fear or judgment, we realize that this dream we are dreaming - reality - can be whatever we want it to be.
More Info The Craftsman
by Richard Sennett

Craftsmanship, says Richard Sennett, names the basic human impulse to do a job well for its own sake, and good craftsmanship involves developing skills and focusing on the work rather than ourselves. The computer programmer, the doctor, the artist, and even the parent and citizen all engage in a craftsman’s work. In this thought-provoking book, Sennett explores the work of craftsmen past and present, identifies deep connections between material consciousness and ethical values, and challenges received ideas about what constitutes good work in today’s world. The Craftsman engages the many...
More Info The War Within: A Secret White House History 2006-2008
by Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward once again pulls back the curtain on Washington to reveal the inner workings of a government at war. In his fourth book on President George W. Bush, Bob Woodward takes readers deep inside the tensions, secret debates, unofficial backchannels, distrust, and determina- tion within the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, the intelligence agencies, and the U.S. military headquarters in Iraq. This is the inside story of how Bush governed. Bob Woodward once again pulls back the curtain on Washington to reveal the inner workings of a government at war. In his fourth book...
More Info The Next World War: The Warriors and Weapons of the New Battlefields in Cyberspace
by James Adams

“Technology is not simply a panacea for everything.”

Through a computer revolution that has rapidly turned science fiction into fact, the face of war has changed to such a degree that technology has become the dominant aspect.

We live in the age of the cyberknight, but our increasing reliance upon technology over human is a double-edged sword, and could render us highly vulnerable.

As James Adams shows, where the military was once the cutting-edge of the civilian sector has overtaken, and not without consequences.

It is now a process of identifying and adapting to purpose, but the tools that...