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More Info Fractional Analysis: Methods of Motion Decomposition
by I.V. Novozhilov

This book considers methods of approximate analysis of mechanical, elec tromechanical, and other systems described by ordinary differential equa tions. Modern mathematical modeling of sophisticated mechanical systems consists of several stages: first, construction of a mechanical model, and then writing appropriate equations and their analytical or numerical ex amination. Usually, this procedure is repeated several times. Even if an initial model correctly reflects the main properties of a phenomenon, it de scribes, as a rule, many unnecessary details that make equations of motion too...
More Info Auto Mechanics: Technology and Expertise in Twentieth-Century America (Studies in Industry and Society)
by Kevin L. Borg

The history of automobiles is not just the story of invention, manufacturing, and marketing; it is also a story of repair. Auto Mechanics opens the repair shop to historical study—for the first time—by tracing the emergence of a dirty, difficult, and important profession. Kevin L. Borg's study spans a century of automotive technology—from the horseless carriage of the late nineteenth century to the "check engine" light of the late twentieth. Drawing from a diverse body of source material, Borg explores how the mechanic’s occupation formed and evolved within the context of broad American...
More Info From Mountie to Bush Pilot: Saskatchewan boy joins the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and then goes bush flying.
by Jack ClarksonGordon Chenkie

This is a story about a young fellow growing up in small town Saskatchewan and wanting to have an interesting career with a reasonable amount of compensation for his efforts. The period of time was the 1930s and that taught him a bit about money. When 25 cents was enough to spend on Saturday night for a picture show or some ice cream.
More Info The Sonarman’s War: A Memoir of Submarine Chasing and Mine Sweeping in World War II
by H. G. Jones

This memoir is an intimate and sometimes irreverent account of one man’s coming of age during World War II. Born a North Carolina farmboy, Jones served as a U.S. Navy sonarman aboard a wooden submarine chaser operating from Africa and Sicily during the Allied invasions at Anzio and Southern France. He also served as sonarman and yeoman on two fleet mine sweepers in the Okinawa, Formosa and China operations. This memoir is drawn not only from memory, but from the author’s surviving diaries from the conflicts, daily logs of the three ships upon which he served, and the secret reports of...
More Info Activated Carbon
by Harry MarshFrancisco Rodríguez Reinoso

Recent years have seen an expansion in speciality uses of activated carbons including medicine, filtration, and the purification of liquids and gaseous media. Much of current research and information surrounding the nature and use of activated carbon is scattered throughout various literature, which has created the need for an up-to-date comprehensive and integrated review reference. In this book, special attention is paid to porosities in all forms of carbon, and to the modern-day materials which use activated carbons - including fibres, clothes, felts and monoliths. In addition, the use...
More Info The Human Archaeology of Space: Lunar, Planetary and Interstellar Relics of Exploration
by P.J. Capelotti

A catalog of archaeological artifacts that have been left behind in space as a result of human exploration, this work describes the remnants of lost satellites, discarded lunar rovers, depleted rockets, and various abandoned spacecraft. The book is divided into three parts covering distinct but interconnected issues of lunar, planetary, and interstellar archaeology. In Parts I and II, individual chapters cover each space mission and provide technical notes, and, in some cases, images of the artifacts. Part III explores the archaeology of mobile artifacts in the solar system and the wider...
More Info Well Completion Design (Developments in Petroleum Science Book 56)
by Jonathan Bellarby

Completions are the conduit between hydrocarbon reservoirs and surface facilities. They are a fundamental part of any hydrocarbon field development project. The have to be designed for safely maximising the hydrocarbon recovery from the well and may have to last for many years under ever changing conditions. Issues include: connection with the reservoir rock, avoiding sand production, selecting the correct interval, pumps and other forms of artificial lift, safety and integrity, equipment selection and installation and future well interventions.

* Course book based on course well completion...
More Info Phase-Modulated Optical Communication Systems
by Keang-Po Ho

Fiber-optic communication systems have revolutionized our telecommunication infrastructures – currently, almost all telephone land-line, cellular, and internet communications must travel via some form of optical fibers. In these transmission systems, neither the phase nor frequency of the optical signal carries information – only the intensity of the signal is used. To transmit more information in a single optical carrier, the phase of the optical carrier must be explored.
As a result, there is renewed interest in phase-modulated optical communications, mainly in direct-detection DPSK...
More Info Estimator's General Construction Manhour Manual (Estimator's Man-Hour Library)
by John S. Page

This manual provides the reader with an accurate and convenient method for estimatig direct labor for general contrsuction work for any given system, plant, or location. Though this book, the reader has a reliable process of obtaining and streamlining an efficent model of operation.This manual provides the reader with an accurate and convenient method for estimatig direct labor for general contrsuction work for any given system, plant, or location. Though this book, the reader has a reliable process of obtaining and streamlining an efficent model of operation.