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More Info The Simple Flute: From A to Z
by Michel Debost

Drawing from his highly praised French work, Une simple flute, distinguished flutist and teacher Michel Debost has compiled a useful and imaginative introduction to playing the flute. This alphabetically arranged compendium of advice and insight covers essential topics such as breathing, articulation, and tone, but also explores "jawboning," "finger phrasing," "the little devils," and other quirky and vexing aspects of flute playing. Full of practical advice on technique and axioms that lend moral support during tough practice sessions, The Simple Flute will be a welcome addition to any...
More Info Now I Know How!: Game-changer for kids! Powerhouse mindful process! Turn adversity into success and frustration into dreams realized!
by Demetra Yuvanu

#1 BEST SELLER Now I Know How! is a game-changer that reveals the secret to overcome any challenge! In a dyslexia-friendlyfont that makes reading fun and easier whether dyslexic or not, " .... the story line is a great confidence builder for young minds and a great learning too l. "A. Jordan. A visually clear road-map that strengthens self-esteem, self-relianceand the capacity to mindfullytransform obstacles into triumphs. " As I read it myself, I was touched by the author's way of guiding the reader into problem solving..... . As an early childhood teacher I worked with struggling...
More Info How to Dress For your Shape - Fuller Body Type
by Isabella James

Have you ever struggled to find the right look for your body type? Are you confused by conflicting and complicated advice? If so in this book Isabella James provides clear advice with over 110 illustrations on what to wear, how to add accessories and what to avoid all based on your body type. The book is available in four versions Average, Fuller, Petite and Tall so that all woman can have access to quality fashion advice.

Introduction: Being Stylish Over Fashionable
Breaking Your Misconceptions
Closet Exercise #1: Creating Your Signature Style
Know Your Body Symmetry
Closet Exercise #2: Clean...
More Info The Perfect Plus Size Fit - Tips For Plus Size Women
by Isabella James

Popular Author Isabella James expands on the ideas presented in the series “How to Dress For your Shape” with detailed focus. Our mission in this book was to deliver hope and provide solid advice to ladies who have a difficult time shopping in malls. She succeeds and offers solutions to all Plus Size women including sizes 36W, everyone should have the right to be fashionable and Isabella is here to help.
More Info Pema Chodron’s Words of Compassion: 450+ Quotes of Pema Chodron
by Sreechinth C

One of the most idolized American Buddhist teachers, Pema Chodron is a leading exponent of teachings on motivation and meditation. She inspires people, how to apply meditation in everyday life and lead them to a progressive life. This endearing and down to earth personality is the author of many influential books including When Things Fall Apart, Living Beautifully, and The Places that Scare You. Here you will find the best collection of quotes from the realistic interpreter of Tibetan Buddhism for Western audiences.
More Info Harry Potter - The Ultimate Book of Facts
by Jack GoldsteinFrankie Taylor

Are you a huge fan of Harry Potter? You have probably read every book and seen every film many times over. But how much do you really know? This excellent book has more than two hundred facts that will surprise and amaze you in equal measure. Sections include:

-Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe
-Hermione Granger and Emma Watson
-The Ministry of Magic
-The Triwizard Tournament
-And many more

If you love Harry Potter and want to expand your knowledge of the series, this is the perfect way to do it - you can even use these fantastic facts to make the ultimate quiz for your...
More Info Audrey Hepburn's Abstract Life Guide: Audrey Hepburn Quotes
by Sreechinth C

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most talented English actresses in the film history. She was in her high during the golden age of Hollywood. Audrey Hepburn life motive was more than being an actress; she was a humanitarian and had donated herself to that field of service.

Born in the year 1929, she had spent around sixty three years with us leaving her mark over the history of cinema. She hit the stardom spot with her movie “Roman Holiday” which made her an Academy Award winner. From there she continued her journey with lot more hits and awards as a result.

Before her departure in the year of...
More Info The War Within: A Secret White House History 2006-2008
by Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward once again pulls back the curtain on Washington to reveal the inner workings of a government at war. In his fourth book on President George W. Bush, Bob Woodward takes readers deep inside the tensions, secret debates, unofficial backchannels, distrust, and determina- tion within the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, the intelligence agencies, and the U.S. military headquarters in Iraq. This is the inside story of how Bush governed. Bob Woodward once again pulls back the curtain on Washington to reveal the inner workings of a government at war. In his fourth book...
More Info The Loss of Sadness: How Psychiatry Transformed Normal Sorrow into Depressive Disorder
by Allan V. HorwitzJerome C. Wakefield

Depression has become the single most commonly treated mental disorder, amid claims that one out of ten Americans suffer from this disorder every year and 25% succumb at some point in their lives. Warnings that depressive disorder is a leading cause of worldwide disability have been accompanied by a massive upsurge in the consumption of antidepressant medication, widespread screening for depression in clinics and schools, and a push to diagnose depression early, on the basis of just a few symptoms, in order to prevent more severe conditions from developing.

In The Loss of Sadness, Allan V....