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More Info Reading Comprehension for Girls: 48 Fun Short Stories
by Julie Harper

Each story features a topic likely to inspire girls' interest in the story. Topics include:
princesses mermaids fairies slumber parties birthday parties magical items field trips and much more Reading Comprehension for Girls includes 48 fun short stories
designed for girls to read. Each story is followed by four multiple
choice questions that girls should be able to answer if they have
already read and understood the story. Answers can be found at the back
of the book.

This book is divided into three parts:
Part 1 has 16 stories with 1 page (approx. 200 to 300 words). Part 2 has 16 stories with...
More Info Secret Genealogy: A how-to for Tracing Ancient Jewish Ancestry (Secret Genealogy Book Series 1)
by Suellen Ocean

Secret Genealogy is a “must read” for those who want to trace their ancestry into antiquity. Suellen Ocean believes that many American surnames were originally of Jewish descent. “There are millions of people out there who don’t know who they descend from. Americans should reopen their family albums and look deeper into the meanings of names in their family trees and symbols in their coats of arms. Names like Levi, Jacob, Benjamin, Rebecca, Sarah, Ezekiel and Hester and symbols such as the lion may have been the last opportunity many parents had to lay claim to a heritage that stems back...
More Info The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary
by Ambrose Bierce

If we could only put aside our civil pose and say what we really thought, the world would be a lot like the one alluded to in The Unabridged Devil’s Dictionary. There, a bore is "a person who talks when you wish him to listen," and happiness is "an agreeable sensation arising from contemplating the misery of another." This is the most comprehensive, authoritative edition ever of Ambrose Bierce’s satiric masterpiece. It renders obsolete all other versions that have appeared in the book’s ninety-year history. A virtual onslaught of acerbic, confrontational wordplay, The Unabridged Devil’s...
More Info Ancient Chinese Wisdom: Thoughts of Bodhidharma, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Sun Tzu, Zhuang Zhou, Mencius, Han Fei and many more
by Liu Liang Ji

When Indus valley civilization was booming, there bloomed another counterpart in the very valleys of the Yellow river. There flourished the ancient Chinese culture which produced many schools of thoughts like Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Confucianism, Mohism, Yangism, Legalism, School of Yin-yang, Logicians, Neo-Confucianism, etc which shaped China as a distinct nation. These schools of thoughts are the core of Chinese philosophical wisdom and without which is there is no Chinese identity.

This book, Ancient Chinese Wisdom contains the collective wisdom of Chinese philosophical intellectuals like...
More Info Publish Children's Books: Sell Children’s Books and Actually Make Money with It (Sell Kids Books, Publish Childrens Books, Children’s Books Marketing, Children’s Books Publishing)
by Anne Johnson

Learn how to publish and sell more children’s books with these techniques.
Anne Johnson loves to write, and has even done some illustrations in the past, but it wasn’t until recently that she started to understand how to drive traffic and sell more copies of your children’s books. Her experiences become apparent throughout the book. She talks about:

The risky road of buying in bulk to generate more profit per book and sell hundreds of copies in person to people at fairs and at libraries. Learn from her mistakes and successes.

The safe road of print on demand and optimizing your books for...
More Info The Simple Flute: From A to Z
by Michel Debost

Drawing from his highly praised French work, Une simple flute, distinguished flutist and teacher Michel Debost has compiled a useful and imaginative introduction to playing the flute. This alphabetically arranged compendium of advice and insight covers essential topics such as breathing, articulation, and tone, but also explores "jawboning," "finger phrasing," "the little devils," and other quirky and vexing aspects of flute playing. Full of practical advice on technique and axioms that lend moral support during tough practice sessions, The Simple Flute will be a welcome addition to any...
More Info Movie Trivia Madness: Interesting Facts and Movie Trivia (Best Trivia Books Book 1)
by Bill O'NeillSteve Murray

Do you like secrets? Well we dug deep to uncover only the most interesting facts and movie trivia for you to enjoy. We're big movie fans too, so we know just what you love to read about. You want all the amazing facts behind your favourite movies. Not just the regular stuff that is easy to find.

And you don't just want to be entertained, you want to enrich your movie watching experience. So these pages are full of random facts about your favourite actors and actresses. We discovered the sometimes bizarre ways that they prepare for their roles, and the stories from the set you almost can't...
More Info How To Become Fluent In Spanish: Not for Beginners, Not Quick and Easy, but Really Effective (Spanish Books Book 1)
by John Del Gaudio

A No-Nonsense Method for Becoming Fluent In Spanish
If you want to become fluent in Spanish, you need more than immersion and basic Spanish training courses. You need a system for learning Spanish that takes you from beginner to expert to fluent!

If you want to become fluent in Spanish, this book is for you!

In this best selling book on becoming fluent in Spanish, you will learn:

The Complete Spanish Fluency Training Program
Most people think you need a great Spanish teacher or Spanish immersion program to become fluent in Spanish. While both great teachers and immersion language training...
More Info Backwards Book Launch: Reverse Engineer Your Book and Unlock Its Hidden 6-Figure Potential, Go From Being a Broke Author to a Rich Author
by Michelle Kulp

Attention Authors! There is hidden money locked away inside your book. We’re talking about 6, 7 and even 8 figures...

Whether you’re just starting out as an author and have already published a book OR you’re thinking of publishing a book in the future – all authors face the same problem:

How to Actually Make Money With Their Book.

The author, Michelle Kulp, has published and launched 6 of her own bestselling books and has helped over 6 dozen clients do the same through her Amazon Bestseller program at

Many of Michelle's clients are using their books as a...
More Info Read Better Faster: How to Triple Your Reading Speed and Comprehension Without Speed Reading, Skimming, or Skipping
by Debbie Drum

How to Read Faster and Remember More
When we were taught how to read growing up, we were taught to read slowly and focus on every single word. These poor reading habits hold us back, and it’s why so many people don’t enjoy reading.

You see, your brain is a lot like Goldilocks. When you read too slow, your mind wanders, you get distracted, and reading feels like a chore. When you try to read too fast, you can't comprehend what you're reading. The key is to read at the right speed using the best reading strategies for your learning type.

In this short read, you’ll discover proven strategies...