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More Info Self-Publishing the Hard Way: A Guide for New Authors
by Brian Parker

When I first started thinking about self-publishing my books, I went to the internet blogs and researched other self-publishing guides, but not very many of them were helpful and certainly none of them had everything that I needed. The guides that I ran across also tended to be preachy and that really turned me off. I decided that once I had a very good understanding of how the self-publishing world operated then I'd write my own guide and make it more of a conversation than a lecture.

As you might infer from the title, this guide is based on my personal experiences and highlights the...
More Info The Simple Flute: From A to Z
by Michel Debost

Drawing from his highly praised French work, Une simple flute, distinguished flutist and teacher Michel Debost has compiled a useful and imaginative introduction to playing the flute. This alphabetically arranged compendium of advice and insight covers essential topics such as breathing, articulation, and tone, but also explores "jawboning," "finger phrasing," "the little devils," and other quirky and vexing aspects of flute playing. Full of practical advice on technique and axioms that lend moral support during tough practice sessions, The Simple Flute will be a welcome addition to any...
More Info Aspiring to Author: A Guide for Your Publishing Career
by Megan HaskellGreta Boris

Your journey to publication starts now. Is your manuscript ready to go to press? Are you overwhelmed by a myriad of publishing possibilities? Want to get straight to the important stuff? Gone are the days when there was a single path to publication that only a golden few could tread. Today there are as many options as there are opinions about the right and wrong ways to go about it. There is a mountain of information on the internet. Should you climb, go around, or tunnel through? Every route seems exhausting. Aspiring to Author will give you an overview of the publishing industry so you...
More Info Wisdom of Irish Elders: 900+ Irish Proverbs (Mega Proverb Series Book 2)
by Sreechinth C

Proverbs are revelations of wisdom and exposure of spiritual understanding. They are the keys to treasures of true knowledge. Here in this book, we have compiled the best collection of Irish proverbs that brings you the realistic picture of nature and personality of the Irish people who are blessed with an ability to spin yarns and spout witticisms. A greater understanding of the Irish genre is awaiting you. Enjoy this book of Irish proverbs, no matter what your background may be….it still applies to you.
More Info Reading Comprehension for Girls: 48 Fun Short Stories
by Julie Harper

Each story features a topic likely to inspire girls' interest in the story. Topics include:
princesses mermaids fairies slumber parties birthday parties magical items field trips and much more Reading Comprehension for Girls includes 48 fun short stories
designed for girls to read. Each story is followed by four multiple
choice questions that girls should be able to answer if they have
already read and understood the story. Answers can be found at the back
of the book.

This book is divided into three parts:
Part 1 has 16 stories with 1 page (approx. 200 to 300 words). Part 2 has 16 stories with...
More Info Harry Potter - The Ultimate Book of Facts
by Jack GoldsteinFrankie Taylor

Are you a huge fan of Harry Potter? You have probably read every book and seen every film many times over. But how much do you really know? This excellent book has more than two hundred facts that will surprise and amaze you in equal measure. Sections include:

-Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe
-Hermione Granger and Emma Watson
-The Ministry of Magic
-The Triwizard Tournament
-And many more

If you love Harry Potter and want to expand your knowledge of the series, this is the perfect way to do it - you can even use these fantastic facts to make the ultimate quiz for your...
More Info The Loss of Sadness: How Psychiatry Transformed Normal Sorrow into Depressive Disorder
by Allan V. HorwitzJerome C. Wakefield

Depression has become the single most commonly treated mental disorder, amid claims that one out of ten Americans suffer from this disorder every year and 25% succumb at some point in their lives. Warnings that depressive disorder is a leading cause of worldwide disability have been accompanied by a massive upsurge in the consumption of antidepressant medication, widespread screening for depression in clinics and schools, and a push to diagnose depression early, on the basis of just a few symptoms, in order to prevent more severe conditions from developing.

In The Loss of Sadness, Allan V....
More Info Knowledge Stew: The Guide to the Most Interesting Facts in the World, Volume 3 (Knowledge Stew Guides)
by Daniel Ganninger

Fresh and New Knowledge Stew. All the Facts Behind the Facts. The quest for knowledge continues in the 3rd volume of the popular series, Knowledge Stew: The Guide to the Most Interesting Facts in the World. Discover the facts behind the facts in this new and exciting edition, and learn the answers to some of these all-important questions. What’s one of the most difficult tests in the world? What’s the problem with space junk? Why are shoes called sneakers? What book seemed to predict the sinking of the Titanic? What event made the Mona Lisa famous? Why is a ship’s speed measured in knots?...
More Info The Creative Writer's Toolbelt Handbook: Everything you need to be a better writer and produce great work
by Andrew J Chamberlain

This book has been written for you with one simple aim: to present the fundamentals of creative writing in a practical, accessible way that you can apply straight away to your own work.

Each chapter takes you through the principles of the craft, combining the best advice from professional writers, artists, and editors with examples from classic and contemporary literature. The Handbook is full of “toolbelt tips"; applicable advice on every dimension of the craft; from story development to genre, narrative structure to writing voice, and characterisation to world-building & setting.

More Info What's Your Message?: Public Speaking with Twice the Impact, Using Half the Effort
by Cam Barber

"Finally, a book on public speaking that's worth reading (and using).”
- SETH GODIN, Author, Tribes

"Congratulations Cam. Wonderful stories, delivered well. I wish you every success.”
- JACK WELCH,former CEO of GE and author of 'Winning'

The end of Public Speaking as we know it! This revolutionary method shows you how to think clearly, manage anxiety and speak persuasively. It helps you bring your ideas to life with:

- A simpler way to control nerves.
- A simpler way to structure your ideas.
- A simpler way to engage your audience with natural delivery skills.

Remove the obstacles to success and...