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More Info Essay Examples + Words For College Papers and Presentations: 2 Books in 1
by Peggy HoughtonTimothy Houghton

The book on essays is for you if you prefer to learn by example rather than explanation or direction. The learning method is unique because it focuses on showing you, rather than telling you, how to write an essay. Fifteen different types of essays are defined and exemplified using five-paragraph mini-essays. The examples are for Analytical, Argumentative, Cause, Comparison and Contrast, Critical Analysis, Definition (Specific), Definition (Subjective), Descriptive, Effect, Expository, Illustration/exemplification, Narration, Persuasive, Process (Information), and Process (Direction) type...
More Info The Power of Dictation
by Mary Crawford

Wish your words could magically appear?

You are not alone.

What if I told you your wish is within reach?

Dictation isn't magic, but it can seem like it. However, it can be daunting, overwhelming, and downright confusing.

I've been using voice recognition software for thirty years and written thirty books using both Dragon Dictate for Mac and various versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Now, I’m demystifying the world of voice recognition software for you.

• Learn how to choose the right computer, microphone, and software for your needs.
• This book covers the latest releases from Nuance,...
More Info Secret Genealogy IV: Native Americans Hidden in Our Family Trees (Secret Genealogy Book Series 4)
by Suellen Ocean

Suellen Ocean found the history of Indian removals, rolls, lists, censuses and enumerations complicated and confusing while searching for her allusive Native American ancestry. In the fourth book of her Secret Genealogy series, Ocean thoughtfully gives the reader the guidance they need to search for their own Native ancestry. After reading this book you'll have both the keys and a better understanding of what's required for the amateur to navigate bureaucracies and websites that hold the answers to their questions. Read Secret Genealogy IV, Native Americans Hidden in Our Family Trees,...
More Info Magical Words of Byron Katie: 444 Words of Joy
by Akṣapāda

Are you really happy? Some people pretend to be happy but real happiness in something that we all are searching for. In this situation this lady Byron Katie has taught us how to discover the happiness that is hidden inside us. Katie is the founder of ‘The Work’ which aims at teaching people how to end their sufferings. Her personal experience was the motivational factor behind the establishment of ‘The Work’. The book would change your angle towards life as it contains a brief life of Katie along with her self-motivating and inspirational quotes.
More Info German: Learn German In 21 DAYS! – A Practical Guide To Make German Look Easy! EVEN For Beginners (German, French, Spanish, Italian)
by Henry Ray

Learn German In 21 DAYS! (Edited)
In this book you will find highly-informative chapters on the fundamentals of the German language to address the needs of travellers, business owners, and students who need to have a good grasp of the language in three weeks’ time or less.

This book is designed for beginners and intermediate learners of German grammar and communication who prefer to learn at their own pace and convenience. It seeks to provide self-learners an excellent foundation of the language by imparting essential grammar rules, pronunciation guide, vocabulary, key phrases, and common...
More Info Secret Genealogy II: The Jewish Roots of Our Christian Ancestors (Secret Genealogy Book Series 2)
by Suellen Ocean

In Secret Genealogy II, not only does the author reach our ancient Jewish ancestry but the gray area of interlocking tribes of antiquity with whom many of us share our DNA. Secret Genealogy II takes another deep look into the meanings of names in our family trees, continuing to explore the theory that America was built on a much stronger Jewish foundation than what was originally thought by historians. This mesmerizing trail delves into the contradictions of American surnames and tries to answer some of the questions arising from the inconsistencies we run into when ancestry searching. When...
More Info HOW TO INSTALL KODI ON ALL AMAZON FIRESTICK AND FIRE TV DEVICES: A Complete Step by Step 2019 latest Guide with Pictures for FireStick 4K, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube, etc.
by Andrew Jesse

HOW TO INSTALL KODI ON ALL AMAZON FIRESTICK AND FIRE TV DEVICES: A Complete Step by Step 2019 latest Guide with Pictures for FireStick 4K, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube, etc.


Amazon Fire TV/Stick (which is a series of digital media players that allow you to stream video content to your television via your internet connection. It regularly updates with new content) it allow you to access free and subscription streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Watch ESPN, YouTube, Crackle and Showtime Anytime on your TV. Also, the FireStick now...
More Info Let's Talk About... Kinks and Fetishes: Questions and Conversation Starters for Couples Exploring Their Sexual Wild Side (Beyond the Sheets Book 3)
by J.R. James

Are you tired of vanilla sex? Looking to expand sexual horizons with your lover? Do you want to get freaky in the bedroom, but don’t know where to start? If you’ve got an inner wild child just aching to get out, then this is the book for you!

Sometimes couples can fall into sexual patterns that feel predictable, even boring, after awhile. When couples find themselves in a sexual rut, the erotic excitement that once tingled their insides seems like a long lost memory. Breaking free of routine is one of the many reasons a couple might explore the world of kink. Here is the opportunity to...
More Info Engineers Practical Databook: A Technical Reference Guide for Students and Professionals
by Jay Smith

This data book is an essential handbook for every engineering student or professional.

Engineers' Data Book provides a concise and useful source of up-to-date essential formula, charts, and data for the student or practising engineer, technologist, applied mathematician or undergraduate scientist. Unlike almost all other engineering handbooks out there, this one doesn't package itself as a heavy, expensive or cumbersome textbook, and doesn't contain any preamble or lengthy chapters of 'filler' material whatsoever. You will find value cover-to-cover with all the essential formula, charts, and...
More Info A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing with Amazon and Other Online Booksellers: Proofreading, Author Pages, Marketing, and More
by Chris McMullen

2019 UPDATE: This book was updated in February, 2019 to reflect the merger between CreateSpace and KDP.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This is Volume 2, which includes marketability tips, marketing strategies, cover design, editing your proof, perfecting your paperback and eBook, creating an online author platform, and useful tips about Amazon and other booksellers.

The book is both highly informative (like how to use Roman numerals for initial pages and Arabic numbers for others and how to use basic HTML to perfect the eBook), yet also focused on useful marketing, cover design, editing, formatting,...