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More Info Fairchild
by Jaima Fixsen

Love blooms from a single lie gone wrong in this Amazon bestselling regency romance.

Mistaken by a handsome stranger for her legitimate sister, Sophy can’t help playing along…

Good English families all have a house in the country with a deer park, a trout stream, and an army of gardeners. They should have a son and if it can be managed, he should be handsome. Cleverness isn’t important. Daughters in limited quantities are fine so long as they are pretty. Bastards are inconvenient and best ignored. It's not a big problem, unless you are one.
Unfortunately, Sophy is.
Sick of her outcast role,...
More Info The Right One (Forever Book 2)
by Ariadne Wayne

Rebecca Wallace swore off grown-up romances when she caught her boyfriend with another woman on the white leather sofa she’d picked out for his office. One Fanta stained couch later, she’s still struggling with the gap he left in her life when she meets Elliot.

Elliot stumbles into Rebecca’s life and house when she leaves the front door open one drunken night. He introduces her to the joy of bacon sandwiches and offers the promise of a casual relationship.

When Elliot spends a lot of time away, it’s not only the bacon Rebecca craves. He returns, revealing a secret which will change both their...
More Info The Witch and the Gentleman (The Witches Series Book 1)
by J.R. Rain

Allison Lopez is not your everyday Psychic Hotline operator. She's a real psychic with real abilities that seem to grow daily, thanks to her close association with an immortal friend. Now, as her abilities continue to grow, Allison meets a very strange woman who reveals a starling secret to her. Life, for Allison Lopez, is about to get even stranger...and more fantastic.

And when she gets a phone call from a distraught father seeking answers to his daughter's murder, Allison finds herself in unfamiliar territory: looking for a cold-blooded killer. It will take all of Allison's abilities,...
More Info Hacking Darkness: A Reverse Harem Romance (Dark Codes Book 1)
by Marissa Farrar

The thing that makes me special is also the reason I've been kidnapped. Somewhere in my head I have access to a code, given to me at the moment my world collapsed. It's that my kidnappers want, all four of them and their mysterious boss whose very name makes my heart beat faster. Hard men. Criminals, I'm sure. Willing to do anything to break me, and take what they want. But locked in the dark, I soon realize it's not only what's in my head they're after. The glint in their eyes, lingering touches and heavy breaths tell a different story.
Darcy, we're here, we're watching you...
Now I...
More Info Murder in San Francisco: A Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery (Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series Book 8)
by Dianne Harman

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When a child is conceived and born after his father's murder, is that child a legal heir to his millions?

Michelle D'Amato's pregnant with San Francisco millionaire octogenarian Bernie Snow's baby, but he's dead, and a lot of people would like to see her dead as well, so her baby can't lay claim to his vast estate. Was that why he was murdered? And if so, who killed him? Was it for his money or revenge?

Bernie had threatened to disinherit his ne'er-do-well son,...
More Info NOW AND THEN (Western Time Travel)
by Bobby Hutchinson

LOVE TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE BOOKS? FROM NOW TO THEN CAN HAPPEN IN AN INSTANT--- BUT CAN DOCTOR PAIGE RANDOLPH, GIFTED OBSTETRICIAN, FIND HAPPINESS AND FULFILLMENT IN A TIME OF SAVAGERY AND WAR? One moment, she's dealing with life and death in a modern hospital, sadly mindful always of her own lost baby. The next, she's back in 1883 on the rugged Canadian prairie. It's a time of savagery, war, and primitive medicine. Dying in childbirth is the norm rather than the exception. Surgery is more often fatal than not. Obstetrics as a specialty has yet to be invented. And she has nothing, no adequate...
More Info Distant Light - Reverse Harem Romance (Tales From the Edge Book 1)
by Chloe Adler

Iphigenia Holt is a good little witch who grew up under the thumb of a wicked mother and two powerful sisters. Pegged as a caretaker, Iphi hides a secret that would change the way everyone around her views her: she’s an empath. And yet she doesn’t let that stand in her way. A soaring circus performer with a fierce love for animals and the downtrodden, Iphi tumbles her way through life, hiding the hurt just being around others can inflict...until she meets an enigmatic vampire and his three hot shapeshifting cousins.

Drawn to the brightness she shines into their lives, each man promises to...
More Info Pulled Under: a standalone Walker Security novel
by Lisa Renee Jones

He is blond, tattooed, and dangerous. She's as beautiful as she is mysterious and could be his destruction...
Asher wasn't always a member of the elite Walker Security team, he was a billionaire's son, who rebelled against his father's controlling hand, and ended up in New York City's underground of drugs, rock n roll, and danger. But that is long behind him, and while his tattoos and long blond hair remain, he's now a chameleon, far more comfortable in a suit and tie than a leather jacket.

Or so he likes to tell himself.

But now Walker Security needs him back inside the underground club...
More Info What You Want: Romance and Sex
by Kimberly Smith

You can have what you want.

When Victoria finds that the man she has come to love has been lying to her, will she be able to forgive him?

Victoria Timmons' life is all about work. She is so driven to succeed that she has given up on the prospect of finding love and passion. She has a full-time job and lives with her aging, disabled mother as well as having a side hustle. Victoria has too many responsibilities which doesn't allow much time for anything outside of work. Her boss has dangled a carrot of a promotion in front of her. She has done everything she can to prove that she can handle...
More Info Modern Conveniences Complete Series
by Leah Atwood

From a USA Today Bestseller comes four contemporary marriages of convenience with over 175 combined reviews and a 4.7 average.

Love In A Fix:

As a widowed, single mom, Lyndsey Allen has a load of financial troubles. Despite her best efforts to stay afloat, she faces foreclosure. With a young son to consider she needs a miracle and quick, but pride won't let her accept money from a longtime friend.

When handyman Shep Patterson promised his best friend that he'd look after Lyndsey should anything happen to him, he never imagined that would include marriage, yet a proposal slips from his mouth.