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More Info River's Escape (River's End Series, #2)
by Leanne Davis

Kailynn Hayes doesn’t believe she’ll ever escape the small ranching community she was born and raised in called River’s End. She has nothing and nowhere else to go, with a sickly father to care for, and two brothers who would as soon do anything than work. She sees her life continuing on as the housekeeper for the Rydell River Ranch and as a waitress in River’s End. Trapped by no money and family responsibilities, she doesn’t believe she can escape it all to pursue her dreams. Until one expected event changes everything, and suddenly she has the ability to go after a new life, far away from...
More Info Naked in Death (In Death, Book 1)
by J.D. Robb


It is 2058, New York City. Technology now completely rules the world, but for New York Detective Eve Dallas, one irresistible impulse still rules the heart: passion…

Eve Dallas is a New York police lieutenant hunting for a ruthless killer. In over ten years on the force, she's seen it all—and knows her survival depends on her instincts. And she's going against every warning telling her not to get involved with Roarke, an Irish billionaire—and a suspect in Eve's murder investigation. But passion and seduction have rules of...
More Info Fixing Her
by Miranda Elaine

When we were younger, Temperance Price was the quiet girl with dreamy eyes who hung on my every word. She was always beautiful, but I had plans to get out of Red Oak and make a life of my own.

Ten years later, a crushing tragedy has brought me home again—right back to her.

The innocent girl I left is gone, and in her place is a sassy single mom I can’t get out of my head. She’s hired me to fix her house, but I have other things in mind.

She thinks I’m just a handyman.
She thinks we’re only friends.
She thinks I’ve never noticed her.

I think what really needs to be fixed is her whole...
More Info Omega's Deception (Omegas of Pandora Book 1)
by Lillian Sable

She never wanted to be Omega.

Ianthe keeps her freedom because her dynamic is a carefully guarded secret. Omegas are rare and highly prized, but they have no rights. An Omega is the property of whatever Alpha is strong enough to claim her. Ianthe toils in the slums, pretending to be Beta, so she can hide from a world that wants to make her a pet in a gilded cage. Legion, the Alpha and brutal cartel boss, believes her to be Beta. When he discovers her deception, nothing will stop him from claiming her.

Omega's Deception is the first in a brand new series, featuring an over the top Alpha...
More Info Saved by the Rockstar (Rich and Famous Romance Book 1)
by Michelle Pennington

One man won't let her fall.
Another won't let her go.

Julie is a famous author who avoids the limelight. Her only interaction with the outside world is her weekly vlog where she connects with her fans. When she raves about the rock star who has inspired her writing, he actually responds. For the first time, she considers stepping out of the safe world she’s created for herself.

Ryland loves his music and performing, but not the fake women who come along with it. When his little sister shows him the vlog of her favorite author, he’s intrigued by how genuine and warm she is. As he pursues...
More Info The Pagan Stone (The Sign of Seven Book 3)
by Nora Roberts

#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts’ electrifying trilogy comes to an end, as three men and three women join forces—and hearts—to battle the ultimate evil.

Years ago, after their blood brother ritual, Gage, Fox, and Caleb each emerged from the woods with a piece of bloodstone. Now, it will become their weapon in the final fight against the demon they awakened. Winner take all…

Shared nightmares, visions of blood and fire, and random violence begin to plague the longtime friends and the women bound to them by fate. None of them can ignore the fact that, this year, the demon has...
More Info Savage Saviors: The Complete Boxset (Savage Saviors MC)
by J.C. AllenTimothy Allen

It’s the only thing I knew before I met her.
Now the beast inside me has felt something new for the first time.
Desire for a woman so perfect, it makes me think twice about my life.
I’m the president of the Savage Saviors MC.
And I want to destroy the Black Falcons for what they did to me.
I will destroy them for touching her.
Those monsters will never come near her again.
They’ll never run their hands down her gorgeous curve.
They’ll never hear her beg.
One look at her was all it took to make me roar.
My obsession to protect her might spark a war.
But I will do anything...
More Info Cotton Tree Ranch: The Complete Trilogy
by Vivi Holt

Three cowboys, three city girls, and a ranch in need of saving.

Introducing the Cotton Tree Ranch trilogy from bestselling author, Vivi Holt. Buy this complete series now at a discounted price.

Everything in Hazel's perfect life is going according to plan. Every moment is accounted for. But she's in for a surprise. When her best friend and roommate takes ill, Jenny begs Hazel to fill in for her on a trip to South Georgia. But life on a horse ranch in her Jimmy Choos isn't exactly what Hazel had in mind for her summer break.

When Dalton Sullivan takes a spill from a bronc at the last...
More Info It's Only Temporary - The Complete Collection
by Megan Bryce

Four stories of men who will do whatever it takes- endless chocolate, a closet full of shoes, unfortunate tattoos- to make it anything but temporary.

Some Like It Charming
Mackenzie Wyatt believes in two things: herself and her plan. And her plan is to keep her head down and to work hard until she can retire. Never mind that she doesn't know what she'll do once she retires– at least she won't be working for the man anymore. Because even though he's a gorgeous man, he's still her boss and he likes to push her buttons.

Ethan Howell O'Connor's charmed life comes to a screeching halt after his...
More Info Kiss Me, Love Me: An Alpha Male Romance Boxset
by Piper Sullivan

She can have her rules... I will have my way... If you like your alpha males big and bad, then you’re in the right place! Eight delicious stories for your reading pleasure.

Dr. Daddy Next Door: A Single Dad & Neighbor Romance
I want to slide my hand up those sexy little dresses she wears and see what’s underneath…
But I can’t because my little girl has fallen in love with Rory.
And because she’s my next door neighbor.
I can’t afford to let my life go off the rails.
Even if she does look like she’d be worth the fiery crash.
But one night I let things go too far, and now there’s no turning...