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More Info Cara's Twelve
by Chantel Seabrook

Raised in the backwater province of Crowthorne, Cara finds her fate bound to a system she despises and a goddess she no longer believes in. When it becomes clear that the heir to the Elbian throne has found disfavor in the eyes of the goddess, Cara is ordained by blood to take her cousin's place as heir apparent.

One man from each twelve provinces are chosen by the royal council to pledge their lives and swords as champions and consorts of the future queen. From these men, Cara must choose the future king of Elbia. Before she is able to take her place on the throne, Cara and her Twelve must...
More Info The Seadog: a love story (Paines Creek Beach Book 3)
by Aaron Paul Lazar

***Winner of the 2016 Best Indie Book Award, romance category***

A mysterious man with no past, a troubled young woman running from hers…and a powerful love that may heal them both.

Scout Vanderhorn has lost her mother, her home, and all hope of security. In a desperate bid to escape her abusive stepfather, she travels to a seaside mansion on Cape Cod in search of the real father she never knew—and finds a secret sister who welcomes her into the family, troubles and all. But it’s not long before trouble comes looking for Scout.

Unaware of his past, or even his own name, Jack Remington is lost....
More Info The Three Brooches: Time Travel Romance (The Celtic Brooch Book 6)
by Katherine Lowry Logan

When Kit MacKlenna returned to her soul mate in the 19th century, Elliott Fraser thought he would never see his beloved goddaughter again. But when a message from Kit is discovered in a 135-year-old painting, Elliot must either ignore Kit's request for help or test the Legend of the Three Brooches. Will the combined magic of the ruby, sapphire, and emerald open a door to the past, and who will volunteer for an experimental trip? David McBain volunteers to go, but he and Kenzie are expecting a baby. Braham McCabe volunteers to go, but he died in 1869. Kevin Allen volunteers to go, but he's...
More Info The Hollywood Heartbreak Series: Books 1-3: A Second Chance Celebrity Romance
by Audra Cole

The complete Hollywood Heartbreak series in a box set.

How do you move on when the man who broke your heart is on the front of every tabloid cover, movie poster, and the star of half a dozen cologne commercials?

Three years ago, Charity McAdams was dumped by her fiancé on the night of their rehearsal dinner.

Just as she is finally ready to get on with her life and move beyond her past heartbreak, life throws Charity a curveball she could never have envisioned. Sure, she’s now in a serious relationship with James, a handsome businessman (who knows how to cook!), and everyone is saying that a...
More Info Mated To The Cyborg General: (Cybernetic Hearts #1) (Celestial Mates)
by Kit TunstallAurelia Skye

Celestial Mates—Romancing the Galaxy…
One moment, completely human and modern-day Carrie Morgan is crocheting in her living room. The next second, a peach alien claiming to be a Celestial Mates agent transports her and her dog four hundred years into the future. He leaves her there to be discovered by her supposed fated mate—a blue-skinned cyborg general.

The sly agent failed to mention a few things, like the fact humans and cyborgs are at war with each other! She’s certain Freydon Rote is crazy, but as she gets to know the cyborg general, she realizes maybe there’s something to the claim...
More Info The Dragon Tycoon's Bride: Billionaire Shifter Paranormal Romance (Hearts on Fire Book 2)
by Natalie Kristen

She thinks he's just a charming, wealthy playboy who wants her in his bed for one night...
Simone Dixon is back in her hometown to attend an old friend's wedding. Her friend's boss has generously offered to host her wedding at his lavish residence. But Simone certainly never expected anyone's residence to be a castle!
Who in the world lives in a castle in this day and age?
A dragon, that's who.
Apparently, her friend conveniently forgot to mention that her boss is a dragon, not just a dragon in the office but a real, live, fire-breathing dragon.

Breene Magnus is a force to be reckoned with in...
More Info Red and the Wolf: An Adult Fairytale Romance (Once Upon a Spell Book 2)
by Vivienne Savage

Sorcha knows every inch of the forest, but a spontaneous visit to her grandmother thrusts her into the middle of a brutal conflict between shifters and an unknown force in the woodlands.

As the alpha of clan TalWolthe, Conall is obligated to protect his fellow wolves at all costs--even if it means his life. After the pack lands in the crosshairs of a huntsman with a grudge, Conall encounters a red-cloaked beauty who may hold the key to defeating an ancient evil menacing their land.

Red and the Wolf is a fairy tale retold for an adult audience and improper for anyone below the age of 18....
More Info Rock Your Heart Out: A Rock Star Romance (Sinful Serenade Book 3)
by Crystal Kaswell

There's a naked rock star in my hotel room.
And he's pierced.

Willow Denton needs to get out of town fast. Her only option is joining her brother's band on tour. Two months with misbehaved men doesn't sound so bad. Until she walks in on the drummer naked and sporting a spanking new piercing right between his legs. There's no way the cocky player will ever think of her as more than his friend, or worse, his BFF's little sister. Better to focus on her photography. As soon as she stops thinking about him in her bed, against the wall, in the backseat of his car...

Sinful Serenade drummer Tom...
More Info Damaged Hearts Duet: A Billionaire Love Story (Complete Box Set)
by Emily Krat

Meet Elizabeth Williams. She is at the airport on an important work assignment. If everything goes smoothly, after three years of hard work, she’ll get a promotion and a much-needed raise. Standing here, she believes her life is going to change for the better any moment now. Nothing can go wrong, right? Unless... unless she meets the WRONG MAN!

Ryan Price is an arrogant, to-die-for gorgeous billionaire who goes through life without setting too close to anyone. The last thing he needs is a relationship. But he can’t keep his mind of the sweet, innocent woman he met at the airport by mistake....
More Info The Unlikeable Demon Hunter (Nava Katz Book 1)
by Deborah Wilde

Bridesmaids meets Buffy with a dash of the seven deadly sins.

The age-old story of what happens when a foul-mouthed, romance impaired heroine with no edit button and a predilection for hot sex is faced with her worst nightmare–a purpose.

Ari Katz is intelligent, driven, and will make an excellent demon hunter once initiated into the Brotherhood of David. However, this book is about his twin Nava: a smart-ass, self-cultivated hot mess, who is thrilled her brother is stuck with all the chosen one crap.

When Nava half-drunkenly interrupts Ari’s induction ceremony, she expects to be chastised....