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More Info When Dementia Can Be Cured: Millions of Alzheimers's Patients Have Been Misdiagnosed (And Could Be Cured)
by Dr Vernon Coleman

Other than Alzheimer's disease, idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus is the commonest cause of dementia. It affects millions. The diagnosis is missed more than 80% of the time. Millions of patients with Alzheimer's or dementia or Parkinson's disease have been wrongly diagnosed. If they have idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus they can be treated and possibly cured. The author describes the symptoms of idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus and how it can be diagnosed and treated. He also explains why doctors and nurses so often miss this diagnosis and why idiopathic normal...
More Info Well Completion Design: 56 (Developments in Petroleum Science)
by Jonathan Bellarby

Completions are the conduit between hydrocarbon reservoirs and surface facilities. They are a fundamental part of any hydrocarbon field development project. The have to be designed for safely maximising the hydrocarbon recovery from the well and may have to last for many years under ever changing conditions. Issues include: connection with the reservoir rock, avoiding sand production, selecting the correct interval, pumps and other forms of artificial lift, safety and integrity, equipment selection and installation and future well interventions.

* Course book based on course well completion...
More Info Microblading Basics: Microblading is the latest innovative procedure guaranteed to give you the most natural-looking, perfectly arched & sexy brows of your life.
by Dr. JM Turner

Ready to wake up with perfect brows every morning? Thinking about becoming a Microblading Technician? Here’s the basics about the new brow procedure taking the health & beauty world by storm.
Also called eyebrow embroidery, feathering, or etching, microblading is an amazing semi-permanent makeup option that even works for alopecia clients. Microblading can make your face look 10 years younger.
More Info Attention, Balance and Coordination: The A.B.C. of Learning Success
by Sally Goddard Blythe

Attention, Balance and Coordination is the most up-to-date handbook for professionals involved in education and child development, providing a new understanding of the source of specific behavioural problems. Written by a respected author of acclaimed titles in this field Explains why early reflexes are important, their functions indevelopment and their effects on learning, behaviour andbeyond - also covers adult neurological dysfunctionsanxietyand agoraphobia Builds on anABC of Attention, Balance and Coordination to create a unique look across specific learning difficulties, linked by...
More Info "It's Cancer" - Finding Help and Hope On the Road to Recovery
by Venita McCart

When cancer turns your life upside down, there is no better traveling companion than Venita McCart—cancer survivor and founder of Faith Force Cancer Support Ministries: McCart will guide you every step of the way, from the shock of diagnosis, through the toughest treatments, to living in remission.

Come alongside cancer survivors as they share how they successfully overcome the obstacles of balancing treatment advice, managing caregivers, establishing attainable goals, realigning expectations. Learn how to embrace a "new normal" during and after cancer.

Grapple with...
More Info An Unchanged Mind: The Problem of Immaturity in Adolescence
by John A. McKinnon MD

An Unchanged Mind begins with a clinical riddle: Why are American teenagers failing to develop normally through adolescence? We are presented with case studies from a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers: All new students had been deemed treatment "failures" after conventional psychiatric care. All were bright teenagers, full of promise, not obviously "ill." Yet they found themselves unprepared for the challenges of modern adolescence and inevitably failed—at school, at home, and among their peers socially.

An Unchanged Mind is the discovery of the essence of this problem—...
More Info Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheets (Over 200 Reactions to Balance): Chemistry Essentials Practice Workbook with Answers
by Chris McMullen

Master the art of balancing chemical reactions through examples and practice:
10 examples are fully solved step-by-step with explanations to serve as a guide. Over 200 chemical equations provide ample practice. Exercises start out easy and grow progressively more challenging and involved. Answers to every problem are tabulated at the back of the book. A chapter of pre-balancing exercises helps develop essential counting skills. Opening chapter reviews pertinent concepts and ideas. Not just for students: Anyone who enjoys math and science puzzles can enjoy the challenge of balancing these...
More Info Dare to Laugh - Devotions for Those Full of Years
by Elizabeth Van Liere

When the joints creak and the eyes begin to squint, Dare to Laugh. When your children are grown . . . really grown, like, with children of their own and those children have children, too Dare to Laugh. In the midst of loss and pain, when your heart feels as though it will rupture from the sadness, Dare to Laugh. When your life's experiences become well-refined wisdom, Dare to Laugh.

Challenge yourself to chuckle at the everyday problems around you. Laughter is healing power and the sweet, heartfelt devotions found in this book prove the ache in one's heart may remain, but when the tears are...
More Info Kid Docs: The Story of a School that Teaches Kids to be Doctors
by J.W. Lynne


A perfect gift for kids and teens who want to be doctors (and for adults who wanted be a doctor when they were a kid)!

What if you could be a doctor by the time you were fourteen years old?

Fourteen-year-old Connor Hansen became a doctor two days ago--along with all of his friends. They are child prodigies who were selected at just three years old to undergo intensive medical training as part of a controversial experiment called Kid Docs.

KID DOCS tells the story of Connor's first days as an emergency room doctor. Connor experiences his first pangs of love (toward...
More Info Managing Chronic Pain: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach Workbook (Treatments That Work)
by John Otis

Chronic pain has a multitude of causes, many of which are not well understood or effectively treated by medical therapies. Individuals with chronic pain often report that pain interferes with their ability to engage in occupational, social, or recreational activities. Sufferers' inability to engage in these everyday activities may contribute to increased isolation, negative mood and physical deconditioning, which in turn can contribute to their experience of pain.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been proven effective at managing various chronic pain conditions, including rheumatoid...