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More Info Wild Animal School: A Romantic Contemporary Novel for Animal Lovers
by J.W. Lynne

"Loved this book! Had me hooked all the way to the end! Animal lovers delight!" -- Pepper, Goodreads

"The author's experience with animal training is clearly firsthand, lending realism to her descriptions ... I was propelled through the book by the risk and wonder of interacting with wild creatures." -- Pierre,

If you love animals, don't miss this heart-pounding, heart-warming read!


Sixteen-year-old Jessica Rainville's dream of working with exotic animals is about to come true. She's signed up to spend a summer learning to train and care...
More Info Vaccines Are Dangerous - And Don't Work
by Dr Vernon Coleman

The author of this book has been lied about and libelled by pro drug company, pro vaccine reviewers who cannot abide facts, debate or conclusions which threaten the vaccine industry. This book is a critical analysis of the real value of vaccination - written for patients and containing information about childhood vaccinations, flu vaccine etc. Packed with scientific information and independent assessments the book contains startling revelations about vaccine side effects and dangers and is written by a qualified doctor with nearly 50 years experience (Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA) who...
More Info Sugar Free Cookbook: 40 Selected Healthy Diet Recipes for Ultimate Results
by Gordon Rock

This Sugar-Free Cookbook is a great collection for anyone who wants to have a healthier body. It is also suitable for those who have or live with people who suffer from diabetic. One great advantage of this book is that it is completed with a thorough explanation of Sugar-Free Diet so that you will not get lost while performing this kind of diet.

In addition, this cookbook has countless recipes that you can follow. You can create your own meal plan for a month by adding your most favorite recipes to the list. You will have several choices of breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, as well as...
More Info The Aesthetic Brain: How We Evolved to Desire Beauty and Enjoy Art
by Anjan Chatterjee MD

The Aesthetic Brain takes the reader on a wide-ranging journey through the world of beauty, pleasure, and art. Chatterjee uses neuroscience to probe how an aesthetic sense is etched in our minds and evolutionary psychology to explain why aesthetic concerns feature centrally in our lives. Along the way, Chatterjee addresses fundamental questions: What is beauty? Is beauty universal? How is beauty related to pleasure? What is art? Should art be beautiful? Do we have an instinct for art? Chatterjee starts by probing the reasons that we find people, places, and even numbers beautiful. At the...
More Info Visual Fractions: A Beginning Fractions Book (2014 Digital Edition)
by Dr. Pi Squared

Designed to be read on a color device (as most of the questions ask about red, blue, yellow, and other colors). This math workbook from the Dr. Pi Squared Math Workbooks series aims to teach what a fraction is and help kids visualize fractions. It is designed for kids who are just learning about fractions. The problems consist of colorful pictures from which kids are to determine fractions. The book begins with circles cut into pie slices, from halves to twelfths. The students need to determine what fraction of each pie is blue, yellow, and red. For example, if a pie is divided into...
More Info EKG/ECG Interpretation: Everything you Need to Know about the 12-Lead ECG/EKG Interpretation and How to Diagnose and Treat Arrhythmias
by David Andersson

EKG | ECG Interpretation
It’s no secret:As a future life-saver learning ECG should be one of your top priorities.These are skills that willtake your medical career to the next level.Whether your goal is to becomean EMT, doctor, or a nurse, the skill of being able to interpret ECG is extremely important in the field of medicine.
When you know howECG works, you know how the most vital organ in our body works. When something is wrong with the heart, you will be able to spot it and put a diagnosis.When you mix that skill with some basic pharmacology -all of a sudden you have the knowledge to...
More Info The Loss of Sadness: How Psychiatry Transformed Normal Sorrow into Depressive Disorder
by Allan V. HorwitzJerome C. Wakefield

Depression has become the single most commonly treated mental disorder, amid claims that one out of ten Americans suffer from this disorder every year and 25% succumb at some point in their lives. Warnings that depressive disorder is a leading cause of worldwide disability have been accompanied by a massive upsurge in the consumption of antidepressant medication, widespread screening for depression in clinics and schools, and a push to diagnose depression early, on the basis of just a few symptoms, in order to prevent more severe conditions from developing.

In The Loss of Sadness, Allan V....
More Info Managing Chronic Pain: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach Workbook (Treatments That Work)
by John Otis

Chronic pain has a multitude of causes, many of which are not well understood or effectively treated by medical therapies. Individuals with chronic pain often report that pain interferes with their ability to engage in occupational, social, or recreational activities. Sufferers' inability to engage in these everyday activities may contribute to increased isolation, negative mood and physical deconditioning, which in turn can contribute to their experience of pain.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been proven effective at managing various chronic pain conditions, including rheumatoid...
by Rajesh Sarswat


Have you ever stayed up all the night trying to memorize formulas for your Mathematics examination but yet no changes?


Do you memorize a list of formulas today and forget almost everything about them the following day?


Does this seem to be the hardest aspect concerning learning Mathematics which is pulling you back instead of moving on?

If the answer to any of the above questions is in affirmative, this book " How to Memorize Formulas in Mathematics is for you.

This book is a part of two book series.

Book-1: Calculus

Book-2: Trigonometry

You may be someone who hasn't...
More Info 1% Fitness: Move Better. Train Smarter. Live Longer.
by Mike Sheridan

NOTE: Unlike other workout books, 1% Fitness includes free lifetime access to a dedicated members site where you can download all 14 weeks of workout routines and watch all corresponding exercises from the book. It's web-based, so you can view it from any computer, any country, and on all smartphone devices.

With everything else we seek efficiency. Whether preparing food, surfing the internet, or commuting to work, we're looking for the smallest investment in time for the greatest return. And many times this means paying a little up front; which depending on our circumstances, the majority...