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More Info An Unchanged Mind: The Problem of Immaturity in Adolescence
by John A. McKinnon MD

An Unchanged Mind begins with a clinical riddle: Why are American teenagers failing to develop normally through adolescence? We are presented with case studies from a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers: All new students had been deemed treatment "failures" after conventional psychiatric care. All were bright teenagers, full of promise, not obviously "ill." Yet they found themselves unprepared for the challenges of modern adolescence and inevitably failed—at school, at home, and among their peers socially.

An Unchanged Mind is the discovery of the essence of this problem—...
More Info Vaccines Are Dangerous - And Don't Work
by Dr Vernon Coleman

The author of this book has been lied about and libelled by pro drug company, pro vaccine reviewers who cannot abide facts, debate or conclusions which threaten the vaccine industry. This book is a critical analysis of the real value of vaccination - written for patients and containing information about childhood vaccinations, flu vaccine etc. Packed with scientific information and independent assessments the book contains startling revelations about vaccine side effects and dangers and is written by a qualified doctor with nearly 50 years experience (Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA) who...
More Info Far Out Multiplication Flash Cards 1-12 (Decorated with Solar System Photos)
by Chris McMullenCarolyn Kivett

This eBook includes 288 multiplication flash cards in color (where color is available). Each flash card is decorated with solar system images just like the flash cards depicted on the thumbnail image for the cover of this eBook.

The first set of 144 flash cards has the problems 1x1 thru 12x12 in order. The first half of this eBook is designed for kids who are still memorizing their times tables.

The second set of 144 flash cards has the problems 1x1 thru 12x12 shuffled. The second half of this eBook is designed for kids who have tried to memorize their times tables, and who need to test their...
More Info Defeat Your Fatigue: A Self Help Guide for Tired People
by Irina Tuchinsky MD

Are you feeling tired? Did you complain to your doctor about it but feel that he/she did not really do much about it? Are you lost trying to navigate a lot of dubious online information on the subject of fatigue? This book holds the answer to your questions and will set you on your way toward finding what is responsible for making you so tired.
More Info Nurses, Moving Beyond the Bedside: There Are No Limits
by Anne Llewellyn

Opportunities abound for nurses as they advance in their careers! Nurses, Moving Beyond the Bedside; There are No Limits is a comprehensive report providing over 30 practice settings nurses can explore as they move forward. It is my hope that this report serves as a path to start your journey as YOU, Move Beyond The Bedside!
More Info Ego State Therapy
by Gordon Emmerson

What lies in the dark unconscious expanse of our psyche? What causes the words we hear in our mind?
What internal dynamic produces depression, panic attacks, and addiction? How can learning what is inside bring back the love and wonder of childhood?
Mastering Ego State Therapy can foster an improved psychological and physical experience of life. Emmerson s innovative book presents the theory and practice of working with ego states, helping to understand them, recognize and use them. Working directly with the state that needs assistance provides the shortest distance between the goal and the...
More Info A Visual Introduction to the Fourth Dimension (Rectangular 4D Geometry)
by Chris McMullen

This colorful, visual introduction to the fourth dimension provides a clear explanation of the concepts and numerous illustrations. It is written with a touch of personality that makes this an engaging read instead of a dry math text. The content is very accessible, yet at the same time detailed enough to satisfy the interests of advanced readers. This book is devoted to geometry; there are no spiritual or religious components to this book. May you enjoy your journey into the fascinating world of the fourth dimension!

Introduction Chapter 0: What Is a Dimension? Chapter 1:...
More Info Raven Neurology Review: For the Medical Student Clerkship
by Paul Johnson

The complete guide to clinical neurology for the medical student clerkship. This easy to read guide not only prepares you for the wards, but provides everything you need for the NBME neurology shelf exam. This book provides a solid foundation in the neurologic exam, neuroimaging and neuroanatomy, and then walks you through a topical and cased based review of every key area in neurology, including stroke, headache, movement disorders and other areas with clinical cases and review questions, sprinkled with plenty of high yield clinical and testable facts. It also includes an imaging atlas...
More Info Investing in Medical and Recreational Cannabis: Buy in Before, During and After Legalization
by Mickey Dee

States on top of states and countries on top of countries are pursuing marijuana legislation. What does this mean for pot stocks? What does this mean for cannabis investments? What does that mean for you?

A blind man can see that they are going higher and higher in the long run!

As liquor stores and pharmaceutical companies scramble to team up with cannabis companies, informed investors like you will have the opportunity to pick the best of the best and purchase them for pennies on the dollar. After reading, Investing in Medical and Recreational Cannabis, you may scratch your head and...
More Info CBD And Hemp Oils Natural Cure Ultimate Beginners Guide: For Relieving Pain And Anxiety: Discover The Truth And Enhance YOUR Health and Reverse Diseases
by Charles Fuchs

CBD Oil And Hemp Oil Natural Cure Ultimate Beginners Guide

CBD and Hemp Oils are taking the health/nutrition industry by storm!

This is not another "health fad", but a worldwide medicinal revolution..

Discover the TRUTH behind the "forbidden" herb (marijuana) and its powerful medicinal healing properties when extracted properly as "oils". All claims are backed up by scientific facts and new research.

This is your no fluff guide to CBD and Hemp Oils. This book will provide in depth quality content with premium medical grade illustrations.

A lot of books published on CBD or hemp oils as...