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More Info Slow Cooker: 100% Vegan Indian - Tantalizing and Super Nutritious Vegan Recipes for Optimal Health (Nutrition, Vegan Diet, Plant Based)
by Karen Greenvang

Vegan diet spiced up! Delicious and nutritious 100% vegan Indian recipes for slow cooker (perfect for busy people!). You will never get bored with’ em… If you’re like me, you have probably heard many of your family and friends say: “Oh vegan diet is boring, all you can eat is lettuce with potatoes and it’s got no taste!”. Or maybe you want to cook a kick ass vegan meal to show your loved ones how much variety we can enjoy on a vegan diet? Or perhaps you just enjoy vegan Indian food and experimenting with your slow cooker? Whatever your reasons are, I welcome all of you! Here’s is exactly...
More Info Digital Division Flash Cards in Color (1-9 Shuffled Twice)
by Chris McMullenCarolyn Kivett

This eBook includes 162 digital division flash cards in color (where color is available). Each flash card is decorated with smiley faces and looks just like the flash cards depicted on the thumbnail image for the cover of this eBook.

The 162 division flash cards include two sets of 11 thru 819. All of the flash cards are shuffled.

The reason that all of the flash cards are shuffled (unlike our matching multiplication flash cards book, where the first set is in order and the second set is shuffled) is that kids who have already tried to memorize their multiplication facts should be able to...
More Info Digital Multiplication Flash Cards in Color (Ordered and Shuffled 1-9)
by Chris McMullenCarolyn Kivett

This eBook includes 162 digital multiplication flash cards in color (where color is available). Each flash card is decorated with smiley faces and looks just like the flash cards depicted on the thumbnail image for the cover of this eBook.

The first set of 81 flash cards has the problems 1x1 thru 9x9 in order. The first half of this eBook is designed for kids who are still memorizing their times tables.

The second set of 81 flash cards has the problems 1x1 thru 9x9 shuffled. The second half of this eBook is designed for kids who have tried to memorize their times tables, and who need to test...
More Info An Unchanged Mind: The Problem of Immaturity in Adolescence
by John A. McKinnon MD

An Unchanged Mind begins with a clinical riddle: Why are American teenagers failing to develop normally through adolescence? We are presented with case studies from a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers: All new students had been deemed treatment "failures" after conventional psychiatric care. All were bright teenagers, full of promise, not obviously "ill." Yet they found themselves unprepared for the challenges of modern adolescence and inevitably failed—at school, at home, and among their peers socially.

An Unchanged Mind is the discovery of the essence of this problem—...
More Info Nondual Perspectives on Quantum Physics: A Guide to the Yoga of Knowledge
by Tomaj Javidtash

Nonduality and Quantum Physics

What are the metaphysical truths hidden in quantum physics ?
Why are there astonishing similarities between the world of mystics and the world of modern physics ?
Where does the illusion of separation come from?
How is consciousness behind everything?

For thousands of years, mystical and religious traditions such as Advaita Vedanta have taught the concept of a nondual reality . In nondualism there is no mental, no physical—no separation between creator and creation. There is only one universe comprising variations of the same substance.
But what do...
More Info Weird Ireland: A History of Ancient Mysteries, Fantastic Folklore, and Urban Legends Across the Emerald Isle
by Charles River EditorsSean McLachlan

*Includes pictures
*Includes excerpts of contemporary accounts and newspaper reports
*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading
*Includes a table of contents

Ireland has a rich folklore. Everyone knows about the fairy folk and leprechauns and many have heard of the fearsome banshee. There are also the usual ghost stories found in every old land. The stranger side of the Emerald Isle goes much deeper than that, however, with tales of phantom armies marching through the sky, sea monsters swimming in the waters around the island, and stories of strange powers and dark magic....
More Info Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed
by C. Thomas CorriherSarah Cain Corriher

Without any fear of repercussion or rejection, Thomas and Sarah lead you through a compelling, never-before-seen exposure of widespread fraud in mainstream and alternative medicine in Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed. This book is meant to be more than just an investigation of fraudulent medicine -- it's intended to save your life. It's sure to be provocative as you'll learn much of what you're told or sold by medical 'authorities' and the media can be reduced to cleverly devised narratives or pathways for profiteering. As you learn the ins-and-outs, you'll be given the tools and knowledge to...
More Info Medical Terminology: The Best and Most Effective Way to Memorize, Pronounce and Understand Medical Terms: Second Edition
by David Andersson

Medical Terminology - 2nd Edition
This new edition has been revised and updated so thatYOUcan learn the Medical Terminology in the fastest and easiest way possible! It is now more thanDOUBLEits previous size and containes all the tools you need such as:

How to break down Medical Words and learn Root Words, Suffixes and Prefixes
How to correctly pronunciate every Medical Termthanks to our simple rules
How to memorize Medical Terms using the best strategies
How to build Medical Terms Plurals
Lists of all the most important Medical Antonyms and Synonyms
Lists of all the Eponyms,...
More Info Kid Docs: The Story of a School that Teaches Kids to be Doctors
by J.W. Lynne


A perfect gift for kids and teens who want to be doctors (and for adults who wanted be a doctor when they were a kid)!

What if you could be a doctor by the time you were fourteen years old?

Fourteen-year-old Connor Hansen became a doctor two days ago--along with all of his friends. They are child prodigies who were selected at just three years old to undergo intensive medical training as part of a controversial experiment called Kid Docs.

KID DOCS tells the story of Connor's first days as an emergency room doctor. Connor experiences his first pangs of love (toward...
More Info Managing Chronic Pain: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach Workbook (Treatments That Work)
by John Otis

Chronic pain has a multitude of causes, many of which are not well understood or effectively treated by medical therapies. Individuals with chronic pain often report that pain interferes with their ability to engage in occupational, social, or recreational activities. Sufferers' inability to engage in these everyday activities may contribute to increased isolation, negative mood and physical deconditioning, which in turn can contribute to their experience of pain.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been proven effective at managing various chronic pain conditions, including rheumatoid...