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More Info Exercise Motivation, Determination, and Discipline: How to Get into a Regular Exercise Routine, Stay Focused, and See Results Fast
by Kameron B. Bryon

If you already realize you need to exercise regularly, and you’re looking to find the right workout routine and some strategies to stay disciplined and motivated, then this book is for you!
Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Tremendous physical change in your body and appearance can be achieved through exercise. Whether you’re overweight looking to trim down, or if you’re already in decent shape but looking to maintain or improve your figure; Exercise is for everyone!

But the...
More Info The Way of Achievers: How to Live a Successful Life, Gain Financial Freedom, and Create your own Business
by Maitha Alshamsi

It is time to leave your fears and doubts behind and embrace the way of achievers. If you are looking to become financially free, succeed and achieve your goals, and/or start your own business, then this book is for you. Throughout your life, you constantly have choices to make, and what you choose, what you believe, and how you spend your time determines whether you are an achiever. In The Way of Achievers, Al Shamsi candidly shares her own failures, successes, and the lessons she learned to help you become an achiever.
Learn how to achieve more in your life by:
•Embracing child-like...
More Info Empath: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Developing your Gift as a Highly Sensitive Person (Empath Series Book 1)
by Jeremy Bolton

Are your senses highly tuned? Do you find that you have a huge amount of empathy for others? Would you like to be able to develop it even more, so that you can use it effectively in any situation?
In this illuminating and fascinating new book, Empath: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Developing your Gift as a Highly Sensitive Person, you are about to discover how doing this can help you to become stronger, more sensible and more emotionally mature, with chapters that concentrate on:
Defining the meaning of empathy
Differentiating the types of empathy
The importance of empathy and...
More Info Does Your Bag Have Holes? 24 Truths That Lead to Financial and Spiritual Freedom
by Cameron C. Taylor

This original and ground breaking book beautifully blends principles, parables, and stories into an entertaining and inspirational read. This book has been endorsed by legendary football coach Lou Holtz, bestselling author Brian Tracy, 4-time Olympian Henry Marsh, billionaire Jon Huntsman, Stephen R. Covey, author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," Dr. William Danko, author of "The Millionaire Next Door" and many others.

You will learn principles every parent must know to raise productive, self-sufficient children, insights on prayer and becoming a good receiver, why bad...
More Info The Quiet Zone: Mindful Stress Management for Everyday People
by Susan Petang

Stress. In a world where technology is speeding everything up, it's become harder and harder to manage it. There are so many little tips and tricks out there that we use to cope, but they're like putting a tiny bandage on a gunshot wound. What's needed is a radical change in our thinking, a change in our base mindset. "How in the world will I find time to do that?" you ask. The Quiet Zone is a short, to-the-point workbook designed to help you take ownership of your life experience and find a better way to manage the stresses of everyday life. Written in easy to understand language, it's...
More Info The Eating Disorder Handbook: 4 Manuscripts in 1 Book: A Feast for All Seasons, Overcoming Eating Disorders, Eating Disorders and Surviving Eating Disorders
by Jason B. Tiller

Eating disorders are linked with a warped sense of self and how an individual relates to close ones and the community as a whole. Most situations and factors that are taken as normal play a crucial role in the life of one suffering from an eating disorder. This disorder is often cloaked in secrecy by the sufferers and the family due to the stigma the society has tagged it with. The information contained within the pages of this book will efficiently guide you on surmounting the obstacle you have tried time and time again to overcome.
Are you a parent or a loved one with a family member...
More Info Kabbalah, Magic & the Great Work of Self Transformation: A Complete Course
by Lyam Thomas Christopher

Advancing to higher levels of ritual magic with purpose and power requires an exaltation of consciousness-a spiritual transformation that can serve as an antitode to the seeming banality of modern life. Based on Kabbalistic techniques, the teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and an Hermetic tradition spanning nearly two thousand years, this innovative new work introduces the history of the Golden Dawn and its mythology, the Tree of Life, Deities, demons, rules for practicing magic, and components of effective ritual. A comprehensive course of self-initiation using Israel...
More Info Emotional Intelligence: A Step by Step Guide On How To Master Your Emotions, Raise Your Self Awareness, And Improve Your EQ (Book 1)
by Jeremy Bolton

Do you want to be able to control your emotions? Are you someone who isn’t as self-aware as you should be?

Your emotional intelligence is a vital component in who you are and what you do. With this helpful guide, Emotional Intelligence: A Step by Step Guide on How to Master Your Emotions, Raise Your Self Awareness and Improve Your EQ, you can learn the basic steps you need to take to ensure that your emotional intelligence is functioning at its peak.
Inside, you will find 9 in-depth chapters which go a long way to helping you achieve you goal and include:

An understanding of what emotional...
More Info Empath: A Complete Guide for Developing Your Gift and Finding Your Sense of Self
by Judy Dyer

Have you ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders?
Do you live through your every day feeling waves of others’ emotions crashing into you?
You may or may not have realized – but you carry the great blessing and power of being an Empath.

Often, Empaths who are new to the understanding of their gift, find it difficult to control the sources of overwhelming feelings. The constant reception of other people’s emotions can cause a roller coaster of stress and anxiety. Due to the high sensitivity of feelings of those around them, an Empath can end up caring for the needs of everyone...
More Info Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny
by Suze Orman

Why is it that women, who are so competent in all other areas of their lives, cannot find the same competence when it comes to matters of money?

Suze Orman investigates the complicated, dysfunctional relationship women have with money in this groundbreaking new book. With her signature mix of insight, compassion, and soul-deep recognition, she equips women with the financial knowledge and emotional awareness to overcome the blocks that have kept them from making more out of the money they make. At the center of the book is The Save Yourself Plan—a streamlined, five-month program that...