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More Info The Ice Cave: A Woman’s Adventures from the Mojave to the Antarctic
by Lucy Jane Bledsoe

For Lucy Jane Bledsoe, wilderness had always been a source of peace. But during one disastrous solo trip in the wintry High Sierra she came face to face with a crisis: the wilderness no longer felt like home. The Ice Cave recounts Bledsoe’s wilderness journeys as she recovers her connection with the wild and discovers the meanings of fear and grace.

These are Bledsoe’s gripping tales of fending off wolves in Alaska, encountering UFOs in the Colorado Desert, and searching for mountain lions in Berkeley. Her memorable story “The Breath of Seals” takes readers to Antarctica, the wildest...
More Info Gridiron Gauntlet: The Story of the Men Who Integrated Pro Football, In Their Own Words
by Andy Piascik

One year before Jackie Robinson broke the color line in major league baseball in 1947, four black players joined the Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams to become the first professional football players of African-American descent in the modern era. While blacks had played on professional teams in the early days of pro football, none had joined a team since 1934. In this book twelve players who began their careers from 1946 to 1955 not only reminisce about the violence they faced on and off the field, the segregated hotels and restaurants, and general hostility that comes with being a...
More Info Baseball before We Knew It: A Search for the Roots of the Game
by David Block

It may be America’s game, but no one seems to know how or when baseball really started. Theories abound, myths proliferate, but reliable information has been in short supply—until now, when Baseball before We Knew It brings fresh new evidence of baseball’s origins into play. David Block looks into the early history of the game and of the 150-year-old debate about its beginnings. He tackles one stubborn misconception after another, debunking the enduring belief that baseball descended from the English game of rounders and revealing a surprising new explanation for the most notorious myth of...
More Info Resistance Bands: Learn to Use Resistance Bands to Maximize Your Workout and Improve Your Cardiovascular Health
by NV Elite

Resistance Band Training

Learn to Use Resistance Bands to Maximize Your Workout and Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

BONUS: 5 Free Fitness Books Included With Purchase

Many people believe that resistance band training is only a fad piece of equipment that will come and go, but resistance bands have been around for quite awhile and are now growing in popularity even more. The reasons why have to do with the ability to perform multiple types of training programs; the convenience of storage and transportation; and because they have actually been proven to work no matter how long they are...
More Info Dare to Tenkan: Thoughts on Aikido Training
by Mary C. Eastland

The first day of Aikido training is important only because it is the first day. You will probably remember nothing that you did that day. You have entered a foreign territory. It feels foreign because you have been separated from your correct feeling by many years of being taught to win at any cost, be the best at something, or to do things counter intuitively but in socially accepted ways.

Welcome. Stay with us. You will grow to love this strange practice. How can quiet movements, falling, rolling, turning, entering and blending change how you are in the world? Just hold on loosely and...
More Info Run: A Complete Beginners Guide (Learn How To Start Running)
by Michael Thomas

Learn How To Start Running NOW!

Have you ever seen someone running down the street, and thought, “If only I could do that, I could be healthier and skinnier?” This book shows you how to become that runner no matter your existing ability. Anyone can become a runner with proper training and motivation, and I’m going to show you how.

Learn the first steps to becoming a runner
Taking your first steps as a runner can be challenging and frustrating without a solid plan. Too many books push you too hard and too fast which can lead to failure. In this book, I show you proven techniques that changed me...
More Info Over The Hill And Around The World: A Baby Boomer's Ride To The End Of The Earth
by Darby Roach

There’s something about starting the day on a bike. There’s a feeling of optimism and adventure and the sense that anything’s possible and nothing’s for sure. It’s quiet, and the air is pure like scentless perfume. The dust hasn’t kicked up yet, and it’s so clear that you can see forever. Whizzing past in a car, you get a rough idea of what it’s like but you’re separated from the world by so many layers that you never get a real feel for the landscape. Cycling lets you tap into the true nature of a place and experience it with your soul. The sun on your face, the beckoning horizon and the...
More Info Qigong for Health & Martial Arts: Exercises and Meditation (Qigong, Health and Healing)
by Yang Jwing-Ming

Increase your strength, improve your health, and discover greater martial power with ten separate sets of Qigong exercises. A special chapter discusses the application and uses of Qi and Qigong for enhancing martial arts ability as well as a section on soothing massage techniques to help recover quickly from various injuries.
More Info This is Africa: A Dream Chaser's Odyssey
by Dashiel Douglas

The True Tale of 7 Countries, 4 Arrests, 3 Name Changes, 2 Escapes, 1 War, a Terrorist Attack and … an Entertainment Pimp.

For years, the call of Africa has echoed in Dashiel’s heart. Finally, he can deny it no longer. He and his wife decide to sell everything, pack up the kids, and follow his dream to Africa. But before the move, he realizes that emotionally he wants—no, needs—his father to understand his reasons for leaving. Just as he is about to broach the subject, his father launches into the story of his own dream, as a teenager in Jamaica, of becoming an American. His father’s...
More Info The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Positions - Learn How to Succeed on any Soccer Position
by Mirsad Hasic

DISCOVER:: How to Learn The Secrets of any Soccer Position and Play The Best Game of Your Life!
Desperate to improve your striking skills but lack the inside knowledge on how to do so? Want to know how to imitate the world’s best professional strikers? There are a few straightforward procedures you can undertake to achieve top striking ability.

Read my book to find out how what they are and how to implement them. With the secrets contained within its pages, you will be equipped to become the amazing goal-scorer you always wanted to be!

Success in soccer is not always down to having the...