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More Info Where the Pavement Ends: One Woman's Bicycle Trip Through Mongolia, China & Vietnam
by Erika Warmbrunn

Erika Warmbrunn's amazing 8,000 kilometer cycling journey through Asia. Winner of the Barbara Savage Miles From Nowhere Memorial Award.Living in Seattle and failing to make her mark as an actress, Erika Warmbrunn decides to chuck it all and go traveling. Her resulting novel, Where the Pavement Ends, is an absorbing account of her ambitious eight-month solo bicycle trip through the countries of Mongolia, China, and Vietnam. While Warmbrunn's accounts of the travails of traveling in far-off lands doesn't necessarily break new ground, she writes with humor and candor. If you have even a twinge...
More Info BOXING : MODERN METHODS OF INCREASING FORCE OF THE PUNCH: Increase the strength of your punch by performing appropriate exercises and using the maximum organism regeneration (+ 7 days training plan)
by Professor John

Your benefit from this guide ?

The source of knowledge, which you are reading tells you how to adjust the biology of the human body to practical boxing exercises in order to ensure a strong impact. Guide is a set of exercises and activities of daily living that will develop your muscles responsible for the strength of the punch. You'll know what to do to reach the maximum of training. If you train boxing or mixed martial arts or even go to the gym, you can use this guide as a supplement to your current trainings - just focusing on a strong punch is not everything. I give you the knowledge...
More Info Learn Soccer Positions, Rules & Plays in 24 Hours
by Mirsad Hasic

Stop Being Confused about The Game of Soccer...

...Discover How Easy it is to Learn The Basics and Understand This Simple Game, Today!

Are you confused about the different positions in soccer and are not able to understand how they work in practice?

There are 13 different positions in soccer and each of them required different players with specific skills and traits.

Learn once for all where a winger, left fullback, striker or attacking midfielder is located and finally understand the game you are watching.

How to Understand Different Soccer Rules?

There are countless of soccer rules but...
More Info Soccer Dribbling Master - The Step by Step Blueprint
by Mirsad Hasic

LEARN:: How to Become a True Dribbling Master
Do you fear your opponents approaching, knowing that you don’t have what it takes to dribble past them? Don’t you wish you had someone that already made all the classic mistakes, so they could teach you how it’s really done? Becoming a dribbling master is far from easy, but if you have the right tools, anything is possible.

I’ve been in your shoes many times in my soccer adventures, struggling to figure out why my skills were weaker than everyone else’s. When things don’t go your way, you’ll start getting super disappointed, which sets off a...
More Info Gym-Free Fat Blast - No Gym Blueprint for Busy People
by Mirsad Hasić

DISCOVER:: How to Break Free of the Gym and STILL Carve Out the Body You Crave
Life is too short to not have the body you want. Does that sound familiar? It is the silent declaration of just about every gym in the country, let alone around the world.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have time to go to the gym, you might feel like you’re stuck. You want to get a better body. You want to look good everywhere you go. And why lie?

You like the way a well toned body gets plenty of attention and compliments. It’s not illegal to admit you have to have a better body. In fact, you can have a better body...
More Info Francis and Eddie
by Brad Herzog

A century ago, in 1913, the world's finest golfers gathered at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts, to compete in golf's national championship, the U.S. Open. Joining them was a little-known amateur, 20-year-old Francis Ouimet, who lived across the street from the course and taught himself to play by sneaking onto the fairways with the only golf club he owned. His caddie? Ten-year-old Eddie Lowery, who stood only four feet tall. Together, against their idols and in front of a crowd that grew from a handful of spectators to a horde of thousands, they attempted to pull off the...
More Info The Soccer Fitness Guide - Learn How to Become a Faster, Stronger and More Flexible Soccer Player
by Mirsad Hasic

Become a Dynamo on The Soccer Field With our Comprehensive Step-by-Step Soccer Fitness Guide...

...Featuring Tips on all Aspects of Soccer Fitness Training, Including:

Improve Your Stamina
Do you suffer from fatigue late on in games? By following my personal regimes you will never again miss that late-shooting opportunity or fail to perform that last-minute sliding challenge because of a lack of energy. I will help you to improve your stamina so that you can maintain your performance right through to the final whistle.

Become an Indestructible Soccer Force
Using my personal regimes you...
More Info 44 Secrets for Great Soccer Goalie Skills
by Mirsad Hasic

Discover How To Become a Successful Soccer Goalkeeper, Today

Stop The Opponents From Scoring on Your Game After Game…

...Discover Secrets That Will Take Your Goalkeeping Skills from Average to Superior, Today

How to Improve Your Goalie Intelligence

There is a highly efficient method for improving your intelligence as a goalie that you can adapt immediately to your game.

There is nothing advanced about it, but I assure you that it will do wonders for your game because most keepers are not taking advantage of it.

How to Save a Penalty Kick More Often

Being able to save penalties is worth...
More Info Poker: Everything You Need To Know About Poker From Beginner To Expert (2017 Ultimiate Poker Book)
by Ian Dunross

Master the Mental Game of Poker and Win It With Dunross's Ultimate 4th Edition!

Are you the one who plays poker for fun? Somebody who earns a living out of it? Either way, you need the right skill and basic strategies to fully wrap your head around this tricky game.

Poker: Everything You Need To Know About Poker From Beginner To Expert is guaranteed to get you to the top!

This book contains 12 helpful basic ideas that will allow you to be more dominant and own the match!

Here’s What You’ll Learn Further in this Book:

•Learn the Different Poker Hand Ratings
•Learn the Personalities of...
More Info 44 Secrets for Playing Great Soccer
by Mirsad Hasic

DISCOVER:: 44 Ultra-Powerful Secrets That Will Unleash Your Full Soccer Potential, Today!
Have you ever wanted to learn how to score more goals but felt there was always something that was missing in your skills? I bet that you have watched other players scoring goals and wondered; how are they doing it? Well, there are a few secrets that will make or break your goal scoring.

In this book I will reveal exactly each of them and give you examples on how I used them in my career to score more goals. I wager that without these secrets you will never score more goals during your career!

The key...