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More Info Already Gone
by Bridget E. Baker

Lacy Shelton and her sister Hope couldn't be more different, despite being less than a year apart in age. Lacy is captain of the debate team, poised to be Valedictorian of the high school and waiting for an admission letter from Yale any day. Hope is captain of the swim team, but will be happy if she gets into community college.

Hope has taken everything Lacy ever wanted, from pacifiers to high heels. But Lacy won't let that happen again, not this time. She won't let Hope take the new guy in school, and she sure as heck won’t let Hope ruin her chances with Yale. Until a shocking death...
More Info The Second Death Supernatural Thriller Series: Books 1-3 and Prequel Novella (The Second Death Supernatural Thriller Series Box Sets)
by Brian Rella

Fallen angels were sent to kill Frank when he was a boy.

He’s been killing them ever since.
When a Watcher is gruesomely murdered, the Order suspects it’s one of the Fallen and tasks Frank with apprehending the killer. But nothing could prepare Frank or the Order for what he finds during the investigation:
Someone has used stolen magic to free the demon Arraziel. Frank needs to stop Arraziel and find the killer before more of the Fallen are freed.
If he fails, the human race may not survive.
This box set includes the prequel and books 1 - 3 of the Second Death Supernatural Thriller...
More Info The Things Our Fathers Saw—The Untold Stories of the World War II Generation-Volume IV: Up the Bloody Boot—The War in Italy
by Matthew Rozell

"For all of us to be free, a few of us must be brave, and that is the history of America". Read how a generation of young Americans saved the world. Because dying for freedom isn’t the worst that could happen. Being forgotten is.
~VOLUME 4 IN THE BEST SELLING 'The Things Our Fathers Saw' SERIES~
This book brings you more of the previously untold firsthand accounts of combat and brotherhood, of captivity and redemption, and the aftermath of a war that left no American community unscathed.
(Up the Bloody Boot—The War in Italy) From the deserts of North Africa to the mountains of Italy, the...
More Info 50 Challenging Algebra Problems (Fully Solved)
by Chris McMullen

These 50 challenging algebra problems involve applying a variety of algebra skills. The exercises come with a good range of difficulty from milder challenges to very hard problems. On the page following each problem you can find the full solution with explanations. Test or review your algebra skills. Challenge advanced or gifted students. Learn by comparing your answers to the full solutions. See how fluent you are with algebra. Apply algebra skills outside of the usual context.
More Info The Maxwell Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3)
by S.B. Alexander

Tragedy has a way of bringing people together.

Meet Kade and Kelton Maxwell as they fight for their happily ever after.

The Maxwell brothers are every girl's dream --sexy, brilliant, and unavailable to any woman but each brother's one true love.

This special boxed set includes three full-length novels--Dare to Kiss, Dare to Dream, and Dare to Love each with an escalating love story that is heart-warming, passionate, and suspenseful.

These three stories will have you swooning, cheering, and turning pages to the end. So grab your copy and be prepared to fall in love with the Maxwell...
More Info Outage 5: The Change (Outage Horror Suspense Series)
by T.W. Piperbrook

**For a few days only, the OUTAGE Boxed Set (Books 1-3) is FREE, and Books 4, 5, and Outage Control are on sale for $0.99!**

Survival is just the beginning...

Having escaped the hospital, Tom must face a new enemy: himself. New questions arise as he travels through the white wasteland. Will he survive the remainder of The Great Storm?

More importantly, does he want to?
More Info Polyglot: NPC REVOLUTION: A LitRPG and Gamelit Novel
by D Richardson


Alex finds herself on the shore of a distant place - a world unfamiliar.
A world of fantasy and magic. A world that is a game.

NPCs and players all insist she is an NPC, a part of the world. A part of the code of the game. A part of the fantasy to entertain the players. She rejects the idea, for her memories can't just be lies. Could they?

Alex sets out to establish herself in the sandbox fantasy world, to find her identity, and to weather the storm between the coming players and the inhabitants of the new world.

On the litRPG spectrum, this would be considered a soft...
More Info Mistress of Thieves (Chronicles of a Cutpurse Book 1)
by Carrie Summers

A dark-alley murder, a web of lies, and an underworld romance.

Myrrh is an up-and-coming freelance thief who's lost her only true friend. The city guards finally captured her mentor, an aging rogue and the closest thing she had to a family. He's dead now. She'll be next if she doesn't figure out who betrayed him.

As she begins her search, she's double-crossed by a fellow freelancer and sold out to a shadowy new crime syndicate. With a sack over her head and wrists tightly bound, she's delivered to the lair of the syndicate's boss, a man named Glint. Certain he intends to kill her, Myrrh is...
More Info Outage 4: The Reckoning (Outage Horror Suspense Series)
by T.W. Piperbrook

**For a few days only, the OUTAGE Boxed Set (Books 1-3) is FREE, and Books 4, 5, and Outage: Control are on sale for $0.99!**

I'm at the's over.

When Tom awakens, he is greeted by law enforcement, medical treatment, and a sense of normalcy--all the things that have been missing for the last day.

What Tom doesn't know is that some nightmares are meant to be relived, and The Great Storm is far from finished...
More Info Gods of Magic (Dragon's Gift: The Amazon Book 1)
by Linsey Hall

Rules for Living: Lay low. Kick butt. Hide my magic.

The magical world thinks I’m normal. They're wrong. I’m demon touched—filled with dark, deadly magic. Hiding my power is the only way to survive. Problem is, I’m about to start my first term at the best Academy of Magic in the world. But how long can I keep my secret?

When demons attack, the Academy calls on the leathally sexy gladiator Maximus. As the best tracker, I'm forced to work with Maximus to defend the Institute. Too bad his mage powers are strong, and he senses there’s something wrong with my magic. He's powerful as hell, and...