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More Info Alchemist Academy: Book 2
by Matt Ryan

Out from under Verity’s thumb, Allie must navigate the streets of LA—a hotbed for dark alchemists—in search for a way to free those they left behind. With Mark and Jackie at her side, they must brave the real, but no less strange, Alchemist Academy.

Gaining a few friends, and even more enemies, the trio search for those whole can help them and at the top of the list is Allie’s missing mom, Cathy Norton. But will Cathy be anything like the mother she remembers from her childhood?

A war between Alchemists is brewing, but what side should even win.
More Info The Forsaken Crown (The Desolate Empire Book 0)
by Christina Ochs

In a deadly game of politics and power, the destinies of two unlikely heroes will combine to reclaim a kingdom--or see it laid to waste.

Scrappy, ambitious, and stubborn, Sonya’s career as a mercenary has all been part of her plan to eventually command her own army. After running afoul of the most powerful woman in the kingdom, however, Sonya’s dreams are dashed as she finds herself humiliated, condemned, and left struggling to survive.

High above her lowly state, another young soul struggles against the interior workings of a corrupt and heartless system. Prince Kendryk is at the threshold...
More Info Wind Runner
by Julie Wixom

High school is rarely easy, but it’s nothing compared to the other challenges in Sara Bennet’s life. The only daughter of a small-town deputy, she lives in the shadow of her mother’s disappearance ten years earlier. Now she has a new ability to contend with; the ability to harness the wind, among other things. Her quest will uncover hidden truths, dark family secrets and a Mother whom she can't trust, but is drawn to nevertheless. She never asked for any of it, but she can’t stop it, either.

Jack Bennet is the youngest single dad in town, and everyone knows it. But that pales in comparison...
More Info Eclipse: A Seven Stars Novel (Dark Tide Trilogy Book 2)
by Dayne Edmondson

The Federation burns.

We call them the Krai’kesh. They came from deep space. Creatures of claws, pincers and endless malice, they ravage the galaxy.

As the war flares, as planets crumble, Admiral Martin Rigsby and his fleet blast into battle. They won one battle at the edge of the galaxy. Their next battle must be fought against the dark tide of the enemy.

Marine Lieutenant Derek Jamison, along with his Eternal allies, must race against the clock to save as many human lives as possible and stop yet another planet from being obliterated.

Agent Kimberly Hague finds new allies on Crossroad Station...
More Info The Anderson Brothers Complete Series: New Adult Romance Boxed Set
by Kristin Coley

This is the complete Anderson Brothers series. Includes Finding Ford, Chasing Colt, and Loving Livie.

Finding Ford: A teen pregnancy knocks life off course for Hannah. When she decides not to tell her boyfriend about the pregnancy a chain of events are set in motion that no one could have predicted. The bond between brothers will be tested as secrets come to light and a new love is found.

Chasing Colt: It's been four years since Colt found out about his child. A successful career hasn't filled the emptiness that comes from past betrayals though. A chance encounter with a beautiful dreamer...
More Info Myth
by Erin Ritch

Shogun Saban dreams of becoming a woodsman like his grandfather; to fly between the trees and listen to their stories. But his father wants to keep him rooted on the ground and far away from his childhood friend, a girl of the sea named Madigan who can control the elements.

Beyond their little corner of the world, an evil has sprouted and is quietly spreading; corrupting its victims and marking them with eyes full of shadows. When it reaches their sleepy hometown of Shrunken Hollow, Shogun and Madigan search for the origin of the darkness – but the answer lies in an old myth about a place...
More Info Meta (The Meta Superhero Novel Series Book 1)
by Tom Reynolds

"A hard genre to pull off successfully, but Reynolds succeeds in giving the two-dimensional heroes of comics a more three-dimensional existence in prose." - The Guardian

"Meta was all the fun I expected. I will certainly be picking up the second in this series." - Boing Boing

It’s been ten years since Connor Connolly lost his parents in ‘The Battle’; a fight between The Governor and Jones, two of the world’s strongest metas. Before ‘The Battle’ the world had been full of metas, super-powered humans whose amazing abilities came from mysterious wristbands. Since that day one has never been...
More Info Unlikely Magic: A Cinderella Retelling (Girl Among Wolves Book 1)
by Lena Mae Hill

Devastated by her father’s sudden death, Stella barely protests being shipped off to live in a secluded forest encampment with the mother she never knew. Upon arrival, things go from bad to downright creepy. Everyone in the cultish community stares at her like she’s a mutant, including the two sisters her father failed to mention in her fourteen years, and her mother promptly locks her in the attic. Her only companions are a mouse and fantasies of befriending her own sisters.

Desperately lonely, Stella watches from the window as her family leaves for a night each month to attend mysterious...

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More Info Descendant (The Shift Chronicles Book 1)
by Eva Truesdale

Alexandra is having a hard enough time being human, dealing with the unexpected death of her father and a family that’s slowly unraveling in the wake of that death.

So she really, really didn’t need a werewolf attempting to kill her on top of everything else.

But hey, such is life sometimes, right? Sometimes it gives you lemons, and sometimes it gives you death and vicious werewolf attacks that leave you infected, confused, and surrounded by strangers who all claim they want to save and protect you.

Now all Alex has to do is decide who to trust. Which would be a lot easier if A.) Her life...