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More Info The Crimson Vault (The Traveler's Gate Trilogy Book 2)
by Will Wight

As the conflict between Enosh and Damasca builds to war, Simon finds himself caught in the middle.

Alin is bound by prophecy to the Grandmasters of Enosh, but he begins to doubt his fate when he discovers that their talk of freedom hides a darker agenda.

Leah has never questioned her loyalty to Damasca. Now, she finds that allegiance tested as she is forced to oppose her own rebellious brother.

With these two powers on the brink of open war, the land soon trembles in the face of an even greater threat.

Who can stand against the Wanderer?
More Info Soulsmith (Cradle Book 2)
by Will Wight

Outside Sacred Valley, ancient ruins rise from the earth, drawing sacred artists from miles around to fight for the treasures within.

Lindon has reached Copper, taking the first step on the road to power, but the warriors of the outside world are still far beyond him.

To advance, he turns to the arcane skills of the Soulsmiths, who craft weapons from the stuff of souls. With new powers come new enemies, and Lindon soon finds himself facing an entire sect of Golds.
More Info Alsselya's Heir (The Lost Kingdom of Alsselya Book 1)
by Rick Brown

An exciting and fun new fantasy series!

The series ‘The Lost Kingdom of Alsselya’ takes place in a world of magic, elves, dwarves, and dragons. Where the evil god Gorath maneuvers his priests in a game to take over the world. Having already vanquished the Kingdom of Alsselya, he looks towards the remaining kingdoms to fuel his need for conquest. With the balance of the gods no longer equal, the world itself is going through upheaval. In a battle between gods, can humans make a difference?

Lee was looking forward to a peaceful life after his guild commitments were completed, but the god...
More Info Hard Luck Hank: Robot Farts
by Steven Campbell

Sometimes it’s not easy being a mutant thug.

The space station Belvaille, once the center of civilization, is nearly deserted because of the new government’s policies. Hank makes do by working odd jobs, but he isn’t sure how long those, or the city, can last.

However, there are still some people trying to scratch out a (dis)honest living on Belvaille. Hank concocts a plan to save the city: steal from the countless transports and freighters that pass through the System.

In the meantime, Hank falls in with a tough crowd of freedom fighters who seem determined to overthrow the government. The...
More Info Flight Risk Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 - 3
by Susan Harper

Traveling the world looking for adventure has never been so deadly
A cozy mystery boxed set from #1 Best Selling Author Susan Harper

Newfound friends Kendell and Pauline are traveling the world looking for adventure. At every stop they make, they have a knack for finding trouble. Whether it’s an actor dying on stage or a hunter becoming the hunted, the girls are forced to solve mysteries that no one else seems able to. Can they stay one step ahead or are they destined to become the victims in the next murder mystery?

This Flight RiskCozy Mystery Boxed Set contains the first three books in...
More Info The Haunting (Seacliff High Book 7)
by Kathi Daley

Alyson Prescott moves to Cutters Cove, Oregon, after being placed, along with her mother, in the witness protection program. In her previous life, Alyson was an A-list heiress with the excitement of a trend setting lifestyle and the security of old money. After witnessing a murder she is forced to leave her old life behind and become a middle class girl, living in a middle class town. Alyson struggles with the duplicity in her life as she strives to reconcile her new life with the old.

In this seventh book in the series, the gang from Seacliff High are busy planning their annual Haunted...
More Info Ghostwater (Cradle Book 5)
by Will Wight

Long ago, the Monarch Northstrider created a world of his own.

This world, known as Ghostwater, housed some of his most valuable experiments. Now, it has been damaged by the attack of the Bleeding Phoenix, and a team of Skysworn have been sent to recover whatever they can from the dying world.

Now, Lindon must brave the depths of this new dimension, scavenging treasures and pushing his skills to new heights to compete with new enemies.

Because Ghostwater is not as empty as it seems.
More Info Key to the Journey: A Magical Adventure (The Chronicles of Hawthorn Book 2)
by Rue

Maybe the gift Flynn hoped for is a curse after all…. Young Flynn Hawthorn anxiously awaits the return of the initiates to Moa Bend. Normally she doesn’t look forward to her training sessions, but she’ll do anything to end her endless afternoons trapped in Mistress Tamsin’s Herb Hut. Without warning, Flynn’s world turns upside down. Her best friend is missing and could be lost in Dreamwood Forest. Her mother, the High Priestess, finally tells Flynn the truth about her father— a truth that comes with more questions than answers. And somehow, the falcon she chose to train is triggering...
More Info Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver
by Michele Brouder

In a sleepy, little village in the west of Ireland, Claire Daly is learning how to deal with her newly discovered supernatural powers. But she isn’t the only one interested in her powers. An Unholy has Claire in his sights. She has something he wants and he’ll stop at nothing to get it with terrifying consequences.

In order to protect everything she loves: her family, her home, and the boy next door, Claire must turn her back on them and leave. She goes into isolation with a mentor to learn the ways of the Illuminata.

But the new ways bring with it more questions than answers and also the...
More Info Hidden Moon (The Keeper Saga Book 1)
by K.R. Thompson

A secret legend.
Six Guardians sworn to protect it.
One girl will change it all.
My name is Nikki Harmon. When my family moved to Bland, I expected it to be exactly what the name meant. Boring.
I was so wrong.
Everything isn't as it seems. The forest holdssecrets - one of them being a centuries-old Indian legend, carefully guarded by Adam Black Water, the leader of a pack known as the Keepers.
I am drawn to him and the closer I get to uncovering hissecret, I discover somethingdarker.
The forest holdsmore magic and danger than I ever dreamed possible. Luckily, I have a bit of magic of...