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More Info London Travel Guide: Typical Costs, First-Time Visitor Tips, Accommodation, Day Trips, Nightlife, Cuisine, Museums and Galleries, Pubs and Bars, Shopping, ... Harry Potter Experiences and more
by Edgar Rodgers

Are you planning a trip to London?
Always been in love with the capital of England?
Simply browsing and dreaming of an English holiday?
Then this book is for you!
This book will put your doubts of whether going to London is worth it. This amazing city has so much to offer for visitors in terms of activities, food, drinks, sightseeing, entertainment, sports, nightlife, adventures and more. Plan your holiday with this clever extensive London travel guide. Or, if you were unsure of where to go for your holiday - allow me to introduce you to London and convince you to visit this magical city.

More Info Wicked F*cked: Tales of a Boston Uber Driver
by Jay Keefe

Ever wonder what goes through the mind of your Uber driver as he zips around the city, picking people up here and dropping them off there?

Ever wonder what he thinks about you, the Rider?

Now’s your chance.

With humor and heart, Jay Keefe presents his unique insight on human behavior, how dating apps are destroying civilization, and why Bostonians are a breed all their own.

So sit back, relax, and buckle up-Wicked F*cked: Tales of a Boston Uber Driver, is going to take you on one hell of a ride.
More Info Goat In The Meze: A farcical look at Greek life (The Greek Meze Series Book 1)
by Katerina Nikolas

A hapless American couple who are stranded in the bonkers backwater Greek village of Astakos are befuddled and bemused by the antics of the villagers who charm and outrage them with their quirky ways.
The elusive underwear thief is busy plundering the local washing lines hoping his identity will never be revealed, whilst the Pappas is up to his neck in nefarious schemes. Mail order Russian bride Masha is indulged by that old fool Vasilis in her passion for plastic surgery, and Stavroula plots to extricate herself from her marriage to the supposedly dead Toothless Tasos.
Not a day goes by in...
More Info Old Calabria
by Norman Douglas

At the time when southern Italy was an isolated and underdeveloped region, Douglas wrote this 1915 travel guide to bring the beauty that he found in Calabria to the reading public. Inspired by the landscape, unique cultural traditions, and proximity to history, he found even traveling on long mule trails to be an enjoyable part of the journey rather than an inconvenience.

Written in a chatty, conversational tone, Old Calabria will be of interest to armchair travelers and to anyone who enjoys stories of everyday adventure.

British writer NORMAN DOUGLAS (1868-1952) wrote a number of books,...
More Info Illegal Among Us: A Stateless Woman's Quest for Citizenship
by Martine Kalaw

Martine is forced to make a choice in an immigration courtroom. Her decision catapults her into a tumultuous and seven-year battle with immigration and a personal struggle to discover her identity. Ten years later, at age thirty-three, a social media message reconnects Martine with the father she thought dead for twenty years. Here begins the story of a prep-school illegal immigrant’s return to her birthland of Zambia. She travels to Africa to unlock the key to her past but what she discovers is unimaginable and will never leave her the same.

A typical American college girl by all...
More Info Poop, Booze, and Bikinis
by Ed Robinson

Ed Robinson’s first book, Leap of Faith / Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat, was an Amazon best seller in multiple categories. Now he’s back with this hilarious look at the nautical lifestyle. From Poop to Booze to Bikinis, he covers the funnier side of the issues encountered by boaters all of types. With chapters like Signs You Live on a Boat, Stupid People on Rental Equipment, and Zombies Can’t Swim, you’ll find plenty of laughs. There’s even a chapter for Tim Dorsey fans.
If you are a liveaboard, cruiser, weekender, wannabe boater, have boating friends, or are just a fan of Ed Robinson’s...
More Info Fat Dogs and French Estates, Part 1
by Beth Haslam

Buying a country estate in France seemed such a simple thing to accomplish. When Beth, her irascible husband Jack, and their two fat dogs set off, little do they know that it will become such an extraordinary adventure. Surviving near-death experiences, they drive thousands of kilometres around French estates steeped in history and crazy aristocrats.
Will they find their dream home, or return to Britain defeated?
This is the hilarious first instalment in the Fat Dogs series.
More Info Hungry for Miles: Cycling across Europe on One Pound a Day
by Steven Primrose-Smith

The latest book from Steven Primrose-Smith, the author of Amazon Bestseller, No Place Like Home, Thank God.

After blowing all his cash on his previous long-distance bike ride (No Place Like Home, Thank God), Steven Primrose-Smith wants to go cycling again. Without the necessary funds, he decides to see if it's possible to travel thousands of miles on a budget of just 1 a day.

Against advice, he puts together a team of complete strangers, including a fresh-faced student, a Hungarian chef, and a man with the world's worst bike, the beard of a goblin and a fetish for goats.

While cycling from...
More Info Under the Desert Moon: Romance Travel Thriller based on true events
by Jane Knights

Lara has quit her 9-5 job for the allure of the mysteries of the Middle East. At Petra, one of the World's Seven Wonders, she encounters unexpected yet intense passion with a local Bedouin. But things aren't quite as they seem in this fast paced novella...based on a real life experience of a Bedouin romance scam.

"A romance with a DARK TWIST."

"If you enjoy adventure, travel and new experiences, you will surely identify with Lara who throws herself into her travels, and as a consequence has a romance in the mountains that is surely too good to be true..."

"A romantic THRILLER, filled with...
More Info Dogging Steinbeck: Discovering America and Exposing the Truth about 'Travels With Charley'
by Bill Steigerwald

"Steinbeck falsified his trip. I am delighted that you went deep into this.” -- Paul Theroux, Author of “Deep South" and "The Tao of Travel"

"No book gave me more of a kick this year than Bill Steigerwald's investigative travelogue 'Dogging Steinbeck.'" -- Nick Gillespie, editor-in-chief of

"I still believe John Steinbeck is one of America's greatest writers and I still love 'Travels With Charley,' be it fact or fiction or, as Bill Steigerwald doggedly proved, both. While I disagree with a number of Steigerwald's conclusions, I don't dispute his facts. He greatly broadened my...