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More Info The 5000 most commonly used German Words - Vocabulary Training: Learn the Vocabulary you need to know to improve you Writing, Speaking and Comprehension Skills
by David Serge

T Learn German Vocabulary through 5000 common words
This book has been prepared to help you boost your German skills.Whether you prepare for an important exam, contemplate a move to a German-speaking country, or simply wants to brush up your skills, we have selected the 1500 words that you will encounter the most often.

Real German as it is Spoken
Based on newspapers, books and verbal interactions, these words are indeed enough to understand about 90% of any material in German you can put your hands on.

More Straightforward than flashcards
While learning big volumes of vocabulary can be a...
More Info Tales From Teaching in China: Anecdotes About Life as an ESL Teacher
by Restless Nomad

This is a collection of short stories about my life in Beijing during 2016 as an English teacher.

I interacted with some interesting characters in 2016 including a crazy Canadian woman, an Australian neighbor obsessed with 9/11 conspiracy theories, a colleague trying to grow marijuana in his apartment, a suicidal student, a colleague with a passion for massages and a sour Serbian woman.

I also traveled around China outside of Beijing and explored Xi'an, Luoyang, Guilin, Feng Huang Ancient Town and Zhang Jia Jie, also known as the Avatar Mountains. This book contains over 100 photos all taken...
More Info Adriatic Road Trip: Discover Croatia and Slovenia by Car 2017
by Toni Krasnic


The new 2nd edition of Adriatic Road Trip has been fully updated and is the only full-length guide to the Adriatic coast spanning across Croatia and Slovenia. Take a road trip of a lifetime to experience amazing destinations in Croatia and Slovenia on the beautiful Adriatic with the guidance of a professional travel guide and local expert.

Changed fixed layout to flexible layout that allows font changes (as requested by readers) All recommendations have been expanded and updated. All places are linked to Google Maps so you can easily find them on Google Maps and read...
More Info Old Calabria
by Norman Douglas

At the time when southern Italy was an isolated and underdeveloped region, Douglas wrote this 1915 travel guide to bring the beauty that he found in Calabria to the reading public. Inspired by the landscape, unique cultural traditions, and proximity to history, he found even traveling on long mule trails to be an enjoyable part of the journey rather than an inconvenience.

Written in a chatty, conversational tone, Old Calabria will be of interest to armchair travelers and to anyone who enjoys stories of everyday adventure.

British writer NORMAN DOUGLAS (1868-1952) wrote a number of books,...
More Info Learn Spanish by Telling Stories: Not for Beginners, Not Quick and Easy, but Really Effective
by John Del Gaudio

A Proven Plan for Increasing Your Fluency in Spanish by Telling Stories
Learning How to Speak Spanish Fluently Can Be Fun and Simple. Here's how.

If you want to become fluent in Spanish, this book is for you! You will learn:

How to Become Fluent in Spanish by Telling Stories
In this book, John Del Gaudio explains how he learned children’s stories by heart to tell to his friends’ kids when he lived in Mexico and Colombia. In doing so, even though he was already fluent, he greatly enhanced his communication skills in Spanish and became an instant hit with the kids and their parents. He...
More Info The Drums Of Kathmandu: A Journal Of The Himalaya - 1990
by Charles Schiereck

April 1990: We’d come to hike among the Himalaya, photograph the scenery and experience the mountain cultures as we made our way to the Everest Region. However, the start of the Nepalese Civil War would take us all by surprise, and like more intrepid explorers before us, we were unprepared for what we’d find.
Scrambling to get out of a city that was quickly burning its bridges, our new destination was the Langtang Valley – Nepal’s first National Park. Remote and rarely visited, we were well compensated by the staggering beauty, empty trails, and the cultural isolation as we climbed up into...
More Info Italy Travel Guide: The ultimate traveler's Italy guidebook, history, tour book and everything Italian
by Alex Pitt

Are you planning a trip to Italy?
Always been in love with Italy and everything Italian?
Simply browsing and dreaming of a Southern Europe holiday?
Then this book is for you!
This book will put your doubts of whether going to Italy is worth it. The magical country of Italia has so much to offer for holiday visitors in terms of activities, food, wine, sightseeing and more. Plan your holiday with this clever extensive Italian travel guide. Or, if you were unsure of where to go for your European holiday - allow me to introduce you to Italy and convince you to visit this wonderful, beautiful...
More Info Alone In The Wind: A Journal of Discovery in 'The Summer of 88'
by Charles Schiereck

In the long hot 'Summer of 88', the author packed up his motorcycle and pulled out of the garage with no destination or return date in mind. 1988 would prove to be the worst drought since the ‘dustbowl’ of the 1930’s. Yellowstone would burn, Ronald Reagan would shake his fist at the 'Evil Empire', and the author, oblivious to itall, hit the road and never looked back.That trip would consume the entire summer, logging over twelve thousand miles from sea to sea and back. “Alone In The Wind” is the account of that trip, with pictures, maps, historical & geographical notes, and rolling...
More Info Don’t Go There: From Chernobyl to North Korea—one man’s quest to lose himself and find everyone else in the world’s strangest places
by Adam Fletcher

How much would you risk to change your life?

After Spiegel bestselling-author Adam Fletcher is accidentally tear-gassed in street protests in Istanbul, he goes on a journey to some of the strangest places in the world, taking his eccentric German girlfriend, Annett, along with him. Their quest to better understand themselves (and everyone else) threatens their world view, sanity, and relationship.

Whether freezing in a blizzard in China, ruining a mass dance in North Korea, experiencing the corruption of Soviet-breakaway Transnistria, pondering the apocalypse in Chernobyl, getting stopped...
More Info USA Travel Guide: United States of America Travel Guide, Geography, History, Culture, Travel Basics, Visas, Traveling, Sightseeing and a Travel Guide for Each State
by Alex Pitt

Are you planning a trip to the USA?
Always been in love with the United States of America and everything American?
Or are you an American and looking to make the best out of your holiday?
Then this book is for you!
This book will put your doubts of whether visiting the USA is worth it. The country has much to offer for natives and foreigners alike - nature parks, history, culture, architecture, museums, road trips, music, beaches, mountains and a lot more. Plan your holiday with this clever extensive USA travel guide. You can read about American history, typical costs and how to save...