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More Info Old Calabria
by Norman Douglas

At the time when southern Italy was an isolated and underdeveloped region, Douglas wrote this 1915 travel guide to bring the beauty that he found in Calabria to the reading public. Inspired by the landscape, unique cultural traditions, and proximity to history, he found even traveling on long mule trails to be an enjoyable part of the journey rather than an inconvenience.

Written in a chatty, conversational tone, Old Calabria will be of interest to armchair travelers and to anyone who enjoys stories of everyday adventure.

British writer NORMAN DOUGLAS (1868-1952) wrote a number of books,...
More Info Faring to France on a Shoe
by Valerie Poore

A travelogue about a dream come true. After seven years of owning their barge, Hennie-Ha, seven years involving catastrophe and crisis, Val and her partner finally go 'faring' to France for the first time. This travelogue is about the places they visit and the people they meet along the canals on their route from the Netherlands, through Belgium and into northern France. It tells a gentle story about how they experience their life on board during the four weeks they spend cruising. Written as a journal, the reader joins them on their travels through rain and shine and reveals how day by...
More Info Geek's Guide to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando: An Unofficial Guide for Muggles and Wizards 2018 Edition
by Mary deSilva

What happens when Wizards and Muggles come together? You can find out at Universal Orlando with this guide, narrated by Marianna Blackwater, Chief Witch of Muggle Relations at MACUSA. Both Muggles and Wizards will learn the best tips, touring guides and Wizard Trivia! In this 2018 edition, learn the best way to experience the same wonder Harry felt upon his first sight of Diagon Alley, Hogwarts Express and Hogwarts Castle. Marianna shows Muggles where to find Harry's favorite sweets, Ron's favorite brooms and helps Muggles learn to cast spells like Hermione! Muggles be warned, entering the...
More Info An Olive Grove at the Edge of the World: How two American city boys built a new life in rural New Zealand
by Jared Gulian

Discover the hilarious and endearing true story of how two American city boys learned to become olive farmers in rural New Zealand.

For Jared Gulian, leaving the United States and coming to tiny Wellington, New Zealand, was a big enough switch from the bright lights of big cities. So when his partner CJ decided they just had to buy a rundown olive grove out in the Wairarapa valley, it was almost too much to bear.

First they would have to drive over the treacherous Rimutaka ranges to get there, and Jared was terrified of heights. Then they would have to figure out what on earth you do with...
More Info Secret Providence & Newport: The Unique Guidebook to Providence & Newport's Hidden Sites, Sounds & Tastes (Secret Guides)
by Barbara Radcliffe RogersJuliette Rogers

The Unique Guidebook to Providence & Newport's Hidden Sites, Sounds & Tastes The Unique Guidebook to Providence & Newport's Hidden Sites, Sounds & Tastes
More Info A Disney World Combo Book! - A Short and Sweet Introduction to Walt Disney World Resort: 2018 AND 250 Tips and Tricks for Walt Disney World Resort (Short and Sweet Introductions)
by Joe Dodridge

NOW YOU CAN GET 2 BOOKS IN 1! (like buying the first book and getting the second one over 80% OFF!)
"A Short and Sweet Introduction to Walt Disney World Resort: 2018"
"250 Tips and Tricks for Walt Disney World Resort"

This book is the best of both worlds - an introduction to Disney World and a lot of tips to help you out.


About "A Short and Sweet Introduction to Walt Disney World Resort: 2018":

Check the dates of most Disney World 2018 guide books: they were written in 2017! My new, 2018 guide book was written in 2018 and includes:
*2018 ticket prices
More Info Where the Pavement Ends: One Woman's Bicycle Trip Through Mongolia, China & Vietnam
by Erika Warmbrunn

"In the middle of the night I crawled out of my tent into a silvery vastness truly unchanged since Genghis Khan and his hordes loped west more than half a millennium ago. There was no glow of city lights on the horizon, no ranger station at the edge of the next valley, no quaint general store, no paved road. There was nothing but space, unbounded and untamed. A brilliant moon lit the blackness crystal clear. Moonshadows of every blade of grass danced silently in the wildness. It was the emptiest, quietest place I had ever been. I threw my arms out wide and spun slowly around and around in...
More Info Walking Ireland for the Craic
by Jennifer M Rooks

This is a personal account of a walk through Ireland to remember four men with Cancer, a dream that took fifteen months to pull together and finally the courage and determination to complete it
More Info 250 Tips and Tricks for Walt Disney World Resort
by Joe Dodridge

OK, there are a lot of Disney World tips books, tips websites, friends with tips, tips magazine articles, and tips blogs articles. So why another Disney World tip book?

The problem with Disney World tips books is that they aren't full of that many tips.

Some of the tips books are one tip per page, with lots of explanation about why that tip is great.

Some books are full of stories about why they decided to share certain tips.

Some tips books are just about dining; some are about money; and some are about taking kids.

And, some tips are found in the midst of an 800-page guide book. Ouch!

More Info Homer's Where The Heart Is: Two journalists, one crazy dog and a love affair with Greece
by Marjory McGinn

Book 2 of the Peloponnese series

"Expat book of the year, 2015." Chosen by expat site The Displaced Nation

HOMER’S Where the Heart Is continues the story where the acclaimed first memoir left off. Two journalists and their crazy terrier Wallace are in their second year of their amazing adventure, living in the Mani, southern Greece, sharing an olive grove with their new Greek landlords as the country veers towards bankruptcy and social upheaval.

Soon enough, the couple are pulled into the chaos of the economic crisis with some of the original village characters from Marjory's first memoir,...