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More Info Does it Yurt?: Travels in Central Asia Or How I Came to Love the Stans
by Stephen Bland

Conjuring images of nomadic horsemen, spectacular monuments, breathtaking scenery and crippling poverty, Central Asia remains an enigma. Home to the descendants of Jenghiz Khan’s Great Horde, in the nineteenth century the once powerful Silk Road states became a pawn in the ‘Great Game’ of expansion and espionage between Britain and Russia, disappearing behind what would become known as the ‘Iron Curtain’. With the collapse of the USSR, the nations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan were born. Since independence, Central Asia has seen one civil war, two...
More Info An Eastern Odyssey: The Early Adventures of Edward Enfield
by Edward Enfield

A charming and humorous book about a boy becoming a man in the Far East during the 1950s.

When Edward Enfield was a lad, he was put on a ship and sent to Canada to avoid the Blitz.

After three years in Ottawa, he returned to England and was sent off to boarding school.

From there he entered Oxford and began his National Service.

While vowing he did not want to work a job that took him away from England, he was hired by a shipping company and sent to Asia, where he got married, became an avid horseman, and discovered a hatred for sailing.

Not bad for a man famous among his service friends...
More Info White Roads and Red Wine: A couple's journey through Italy (Travel Journal Book 1)
by David Gardner

White Roads and Red Wine: A couple on their second marriage and very much in love, escape to Italy for months of travelling bliss. This is a story about how they fell in love with the country, its people, its passion, and its culture. From Rome and Florence to Tuscany and Sicily, this journey of wonder and exploration, of passion and humour provides the reader with an evocative portrait of a truly unique country. Compelling reading for those who want to escape the tourist route and gain insight into the magic of Italy.
More Info Route Britannia, the Journey North: A Spontaneous Bicycle Ride through Every County in Britain
by Steven Primrose-Smith

Tired of seeing Britain attacked from all sides, and after twenty years abroad, Steven Primrose-Smith wants to revisit it – all 97 counties – and in the only way he knows how – by bicycle. Surely it can't be as bad as everyone tells him.

In the irreverent style of his bestseller No Place Like Home, Thank God, Steven seeks out the quirky, in people, places and food. Can his initial positivity survive the traffic, weather and his British, vegetable-free diet of beer, pies and pork scratchings?

In this, Book 2, Steven travels through East Anglia, the East Midlands, Yorkshire, the North East of...
More Info NEPAL: Guide to Independent Trekking and Travel
by Kevin Hampton

Nepal: Guide to Independent Trekking and Travel
This book was written by the author who traveled to Nepal and visited its most interesting, famous and beautiful places! The book describes the possibility of an independent trip to Nepal (without a travel agency and guides). This book will help you in planning a personal trip to Nepal or simply be a fascinating tale of the highest mountain country in the world (unless you have decided to visit Nepal for the time being). This Book with colorful photos!
5 Reasons to Buy This Book
Simple Guide to Trekking and Travel
Your Trip planning...
More Info Walloon Ways: Three years as a weekend Belgian
by Valerie Poore

In 2003, Val Poore bought her dream: a barge with a garden in Brussels. With her partner, Koos, she embarked on a life of weekend residency in Belgium. For three years, they explored the lovely Walloon countryside as well as the Belgian river and canal network while they made their floating home habitable.

This collection of recollections, anecdotes and observations focuses mostly on Wallonia: its waterways, towns and rural areas, not to mention their encounters with the charming French-speaking Walloons. However, it also includes the areas around Brussels and a few not-to-be-forgotten...
More Info Old Calabria
by Norman Douglas

At the time when southern Italy was an isolated and underdeveloped region, Douglas wrote this 1915 travel guide to bring the beauty that he found in Calabria to the reading public. Inspired by the landscape, unique cultural traditions, and proximity to history, he found even traveling on long mule trails to be an enjoyable part of the journey rather than an inconvenience.

Written in a chatty, conversational tone, Old Calabria will be of interest to armchair travelers and to anyone who enjoys stories of everyday adventure.

British writer NORMAN DOUGLAS (1868-1952) wrote a number of books,...
More Info The Carry-On Traveller: The Ultimate Guide to Packing Light
by Erin McNeaney

Save money, time, and stress by never checking a bag again
Have you ever struggled with packing for a trip? You can’t decide what you’ll need, so you pack for every scenario and take far too much. You struggle to fit everything in your bag, you get stressed lugging it around, and you pay a fortune in airline luggage fees.

The Carry-On Traveller will teach you not only how to lighten your load, but how to pack everything you need into a single carry-on-size bag. You can apply these strategies to any trip, whether you are travelling for a week or a year, to hot or cold climates, alone or with...
by Jen Beck Seymour

Fed up with the “more, more, more” mentality of North America, Jen and her husband Greg make the unusual choice of quitting their jobs in their early 40’s, selling everything, and moving to Costa Rica with just 9 suitcases.

Find out what made them consider this in the first place, how they did it, and why they have no regrets!

Bonus chapters include Jen’s special recipe for making bite-sized éclairs and a packing list for YOUR move to Costa Rica!
More Info African Ways
by Valerie Poore

This is the story of a young woman’s first encounters with rural South Africa. Coming from the all-mod-cons society of Britain at the beginning of the 1980’s, the author is literally transplanted to a farm in the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains in what is now Kwazulu Natal.

Once there, she finds her feet in the ways of Africa
with the help of a charming, elderly Dutch couple,
an appealing but wily African farm hand, his practical and motherly daughter and a wise and fascinating neighbour who has a fund of local knowledge.

These are tales of a different kind of life, which
include living...