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More Info Old Calabria
by Norman Douglas

At the time when southern Italy was an isolated and underdeveloped region, Douglas wrote this 1915 travel guide to bring the beauty that he found in Calabria to the reading public. Inspired by the landscape, unique cultural traditions, and proximity to history, he found even traveling on long mule trails to be an enjoyable part of the journey rather than an inconvenience.

Written in a chatty, conversational tone, Old Calabria will be of interest to armchair travelers and to anyone who enjoys stories of everyday adventure.

British writer NORMAN DOUGLAS (1868-1952) wrote a number of books,...



This is a life-changing true story of drug-running across the Pacific. A young girl, with a passion for sailing and adventure, gets approached to transport an illegal cargo from Colombia to the US. She battles with storms, snakes, and interminable days at sea whilst facing deprivations barely imaginable, before finally being intercepted by a Mexican gunboat in waters infested with Great White Sharks.
Her subsequent incarceration in Mexico’s most infamous prison, La Mesa, is almost more surprising: the...
More Info But you are in France, Madame
by Catherine Berry

At the collège for a parent-teacher interview, I met my daughter outside in the courtyard and she showed me up to her classroom. Her teacher was busy chatting, so we waited patiently in the corridor. When he did come out, he indicated that the meeting would take place downstairs and headed off with us in tow.

Before sitting down, I introduced myself using my first name, and put out my hand to be shaken. He mumbled back his full name as he took my hand, although I suspect he would have been shocked if I had actually dared use it. By this stage, I had already understood that teachers did not...
More Info In Movement There Is Peace: Stumbling 500 Miles Along the Way to the Spirit
by Elaine Orabona FosterJoseph Wilbred Foster III

An Amazon #1 Best Seller on Walking the Camino de Santiago.
This journey along the Camino Frances will rock your beliefs about fear, security and taking risks. In Movement There is Peace is a powerful tale of travel, adventure and unexpected faith while backpacking the Camino de Santiago. Stepping onto the Way of Saint James begins with a doctor who walks away from her practice to cure her own paralyzing anxiety. Once free, she discovers that leaving is really only fleeing if there's no new direction. Could this be the reason for her husband’s sudden inspiration? "I want us to walk the Way...
More Info Africa Bites: Scrapes and escapes in the African Bush
by Lloyd Camp

Africa can be scary. And thrilling. Often, that's the same thing!
Lloyd Camp takes you on an evocative journey through some of the wildest places in Africa as he re-lives colourful vignettes from his adventurous childhood and long career as a safari guide.
This is a charming, funny, thoughtful and often hair-raising series of short stories that illustrate Lloyd's enthusiastic delight in leading his clients into the wilderness areas of Africa. Forthright yet light-hearted, Lloyd's suspenseful narrative emphasises both his love of the African bush and the courage and resilience of the Africans...
More Info This is Africa: A Dream Chaser's Odyssey
by Dashiel Douglas

The True Tale of 7 Countries, 4 Arrests, 3 Name Changes, 2 Escapes, 1 War, a Terrorist Attack and … an Entertainment Pimp.

For years, the call of Africa has echoed in Dashiel’s heart. Finally, he can deny it no longer. He and his wife decide to sell everything, pack up the kids, and follow his dream to Africa. But before the move, he realizes that emotionally he wants—no, needs—his father to understand his reasons for leaving. Just as he is about to broach the subject, his father launches into the story of his own dream, as a teenager in Jamaica, of becoming an American. His father’s...
More Info Drive-Thru USA: A tale of two road trips
by Rich Bradwell

Join Rich Bradwell on his epic journey across the US as he travels the length and breadth of the country, from the Florida Keys to Death Valley to the Rocky Mountains. Accompanied on the drive by his long-suffering wife and haunted by a shambolic cross-country trip with his idiotic friend ten years earlier, he covers over 10,000 miles and follows the famous Route 66. He also goes looking for the very best food that this amazing country has to offer. From feasting on lobster on the rocky shores of Maine, to tracking down America's first pizzeria, no culinary stone goes unturned. On his...
More Info The Appalachian Trail, Step by Step: How to Prepare for a Thru or Long Distance Section Hike
by Tommy Bailey

The Appalachian Trail, Step by Step provides valuable information you will need to plan and prepare for a Thru or long distance section hike on the AT. Whether you have questions about:
- Gear
- Food
- Transportation
- Trail Guides

this book will help paint a clearer picture of what it takes to set out on a long-distance backpacking trip.
More Info The Freedom of Naturism: A Guide for the How and Why of Adopting a Naturist Lifestyle
by Augustine Rae

If you're considering adopting a naturist lifestyle, then this book is for you!
Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

This book is designed to provide you with a complete introduction to the naturist lifestyle. I hope to challenge any misconceptions you may have about naturism and nudity by presenting an insider’s point of view. As you read, you will learn how naturism is different from nudity, and why those who embrace the naturist lifestyle find it to be a freeing and empowering choice. Naturism is a culture that doesn't conform to modesty by any definition of the...
More Info The Carry-On Traveller: The Ultimate Guide to Packing Light
by Erin McNeaney

Save money, time, and stress by never checking a bag again
Have you ever struggled with packing for a trip? You can’t decide what you’ll need, so you pack for every scenario and take far too much. You struggle to fit everything in your bag, you get stressed lugging it around, and you pay a fortune in airline luggage fees.

The Carry-On Traveller will teach you not only how to lighten your load, but how to pack everything you need into a single carry-on-size bag. You can apply these strategies to any trip, whether you are travelling for a week or a year, to hot or cold climates, alone or with...